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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 43 # mocked

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

This epi is so emotional..dil se kamzor log sirf comment krke ja sakte hai..

Guys i am unable to reply to your comments but i read them all..and i am sooo happy 😍…

Few of readers were not liking the all i can say is have patience guys.. I can’t reveal everything in one go.. just trust your author and i will serve u best

Lets start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

It’s been night and Mr.latenight raisinghania didn’t come yet..

Hufff!! I am sleeping now..

Pulling duvet over me i lay down on bed but sleep was far away from my eyes..

Suddenly i felt some movements in my duvet .

My brain cells who were resting in peace few minutes ago got alerted ..

Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar…bhut pishach nikat nahi aave..jai bajrang bali..

I chanted whatever hymns came in my mind

I felt hot breath on my neck..

“Sweet-heart” a whisper came from my back and shouted jumping on bed

Bhoot bhoot..bappa bachao..bhoot agya..

“Riddhima..riddhima relex..its me.
Vansh” vansh said pulling me in his lap

Realisation hit me hard and i passed an instant glare to him…

“What was that..u scared me..Mr.ghost raisinghania ” i said almost shouting at him

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I was laughing obviously in my mind..

How my little Fierce kitten got scared..

I just wanted to bite her chubby cheeks..

Sbr vansh..sbr..first u have to pacify her..

“Sweetheart i was missing i came to see u ” i said with innocence dripping from my voice

“Wow vansh..u should get an national award for lying that too on my face” she said getting down from my lap

“Riddhima i am not lying” i said trying to calm her down

“Why didn’t u come since morning ” she said and i left speechless

What should i say to her now..

Where was i..and what i was doing..

“Riddhima.. listen to me jaan” i tried not to shout on her

Pov ends

Riddhima – You know think that i am dumb.. I can’t understand things that’s why u keep hidding everything from me..

And what were u saying u were missing me..

You come to me when u feel like..u don’t bother to know about my feelings

Vansh – Sweetheart..i ..

Riddhiima (shouting)- Don’t u dare… don’t u dare to call me sweetheart ..

Sometimes  i really wonder you are my Vanshu or not

Vansh- Jaan..i m your vansh only..

Riddhima (crying)- Nooo…you are not my are The great VR..

The god of mumbai..who keeps bossing around everyone

My vanshu was loving caring..he used to love me..but u ..u just keep hurting me..

Its not like i don’t understand u..its like u don’t want me to understand u..

U can’t be my vansh…u can’t 😭

She broke down in front of him

Vansh – we love each other na jaan..

Riddhima (chuckling sadly)- Love…where that came from ..

Sometimes i really wonder do we really loved each other or not .

How could i not recognise your true colors..

Vansh (shouting)- oh yes…u don’t love me right.. that’s why u left me on our date night..hena ridhima

Vansh’s pov

My blood boiled listening her bullshit..

How could she doubt our love so easily..

Whatever i did i had my own reasons..she just can’t simply disrespect our love like this..

I shouted cluthching her shoulders tightly but seems like she is in something else mood today

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“You want to know na why i left u that day ” i said shouting on him

” Yes i want to ” he said with equal intensity

” I got to know that day that the person the VR  to whom my father sold in shimla..

He is searching for me..i was worried for u..

I was not worried for my life but for u..

I couldn’t let them harm u..

To save u i ran away..but i didn’t know that the danger to which i was running was with me only..

I ran to save u from yourself only..

And see what destiny gave me..The VR..the god mafia abducted me..he abducted his own girlfriend..” i said all in one go..

He left speechless seeing my misery..

“You used me vansh ..u simply used me.. tell me how much price u paid for me..kitne me kharida tha mujhe vansh did u just buy a whore for urself “i said and i broke down turning my face..

Not getting any response from backside i turned only to see the room empty..

He left..again he left without answering my questions..

Whatelse can i expect more from him..

I said too much today but that was necessary..

He has to break this shell..

Just open up once vansh..i promise i won’t leave u ever..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“Kitne me khrida tha mujhe vansh” her words keep echoing in my mind..

I left without saying anything to her.. because first time in my life i felt i ran out of words..

She considered herself a could she.. seriously i will pay for my love..i will pay for that love i was finding since ages..

“Boss” angre said passing a glass of water to me..

I threw the glass in frustration and collapsed on the floor

“Why always me angre..why..why my loved ones misunderstand me..

Don’t i deserve some love..

She ran away to save me and what i did..hurted her..but i was forced na angre.. u know tell her na..i love her..i love her so much..”i said hugging angre who was consoling me..

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

The person who protected me like a shield whole life is lying on floor..

Why god!! Why are u so cruel towards him..

He didn’t cope up with one wound and u gave another

“Boss plz shant ho jayeye..bhabhi is just angry right now but she loves u alot” i said trying to soothe him

” I also love her alot angre..apni jaan se zada pyar krta hu me riddhima se.. you know na who is she..what she meants for me😭” he said and passed out in my arms

Tucking him to bed i left the room to do an important work…

Pov ends

Scene 2

Riddhima’s room

Riddhima’s pov

I was crying clutching the pillow cursing myself for hurting my vanshu..

No matter how wrong he is..he is mine..i love him..

Suddenly i felt the door of my room opened

“Vanshu” i whisperd happily thinking he must have come to see me..

“Angre ” i said in disappointment as i saw him standing on door with tears

“May i come in bhabhi” he said and i nodded in yes giving him permission

“I don’t have any right to say anything in your personal matter..

But once i was cupid in your relationship and its my duty to tell u guys that you are doing wrong

You know bhabhi some stories remain incomplete because they don’t have love in them..

But just look at your both love  each  other immensely

And what u both are doing.. hurting each other..” he said looking at me

“What do u think i hurt him only” i said averting my gaze

” I am not saying you are wrong and he is right .

But just think for once..what your heart felt for him can be false..

The love the care u saw in his eyes can be false ..

I was like a baby to him..he protected me like a father..

And right now i witnessed the same strong person breaking down in front of my eyes

You are his world bhabhi.. don’t shatter his only happiness ” he said wiping his tears

“Why is he doing this” i said in hope that i will get some answer

“All i can say is..there is much more in the story which u don’t know..

Don’t hurt him plz..he needs u..and he won’t be able to stand this time if he falls” angre said and left the room

Did i do wrong by hurting him..

Shittt!! Why this things are getting so much complicated day by day..

I slept hugging his picture close to my heart thinking about him..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it.

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