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Battle Scars….- RiAnsh Chapter 13 ‘Acceptance’

Hii everyone!! Thanks for your lovely response! I am very glad to know you are liking it. 

Recap: Vansh tells the truth and everything sorts out. Ridbir finalises the mutual decision of taking the divorce.

4 months later

Riddhima came down the train, and smiled taking her bags off. She was standing at the platform, rolling her bags out alone.

“Riddhima stop!” Kabir’s voice ringed her ears and she stopped, turned to see him standing.

“Kabir?” Riddhima asked in surprise.

“I got a 4 day holiday. And you forgot that your stuff is at my home” Kabir said.

“Oh yeah… I really forgot. It’s fine come lets go.” Riddhima said and they both went through.


Riddhima stopped listening to the voice, she turned to see his brother. Standing infront of him, his eyes getting peace seeing his sister after so long.

The bags were on the floor and Riddhima ran to Rishi and they both hugged each other.

BhaiiRiddhima sobbed in happiness.

“How are you Princess?” Rishi asked.

“I am totally fine..” Riddhima smiled at him.

“Hi…Bhai” Kabir said being a little hesitant.

“Hmm” Rishi replied coldly.

” Bhai.. don’t be so serious. He knows we are getting divorce and he is agreed and we are good friends and he loves Siya and ..”

“Ok ok fine..I will not be. Happy?” Rishi cutted her and said.

Riddhima jumped and hugged him tightly, after a casual talk, Kabir Riddhima along with Rishi reached Kabir’s home.

“Kabir! My son… house feels complete. Hi Riddhima” Anupriya came and hugged Kabir.

“” Riddhima said hesitantly.

“Rishika get your stuff we ar leaving” Rishi said and Riddhima nodded entering inside.

“Why where is she going?” Anupriya asked looking at Kabir.

“Ma..we are getting divorced” Kabir said and sighed.

“What!? Have you both gone mad? At least give a chance to this! You both haven’t even spend a month together properly.” Anupriya being shocked started scolding.

“Ma I love someone else! Then what’s the problem?” Kabir said and Anupriya fell silent.

“Stay with her, feelings will gradually…

“No ma. I won’t. Even she was forced to marry me. I can’t let her feel that she is just a burden. And I have signed the papers  too.” Kabir stopped her in between.

Riddhima return back with a small bag and a teddy bear in her hand. Anupriya just glared at her and Riddhima bowed her head down.

“Couldn’t you stop him!? Even you are running away!” Anupriya screamed.

“I am sorry. But I can’t destroy someone’s love life.” Riddhima said softly and went ahead.

“You are spoiling your life Riddhima. Just wait and watch” Anupriya stomped her foot and went inside.

“Don’t take her words Riddhima. She is just surprised and shocked by sudden things. I will pacify her. Have a great life ahead.” Kabir wished and they both shared a casual hug.

Riddhima left alone with Rishi, she was so happy. Her life was back at normal. Near the society gates, Rishi stopped the car.

“Rishika actually I have to go for ward rounds. You go I will come soon”

“Sure bhai!” Riddhima came down the car and entered the gates of her colony.

She was smiling seeing her home after so many days, but her eyes fell on the neighbours who were glaring at her gossiping something.

“She couldn’t make up her husband. That’s why he left her and loved someone else.”

She heard and realised, it was high time she needs to be strong. She slowly walked towards her home and rang the bell, in hope that her parents will at least talk to her. The door opened, and her step mother was standing, throwing daggers from eyes.

“Who are you? You are no one to us. Get lost.” She said.

“Ma please…2 mins…Papa!” Riddhima called her father.

“Your father is dead! You are dead for us! Leave the house right now!” He shouted from inside.

The door closed on her face, she knew she can’t to anything. Just wait for her brother to come and make her parents understand. She turned back, knowing where she had to go now.

“Couldn’t keep her husband happy, that’s why he loved someone else and left her.” A woman taunted.

“Aree I have heard she was cheating on him! With some old lover. That’s why he left him” Another woman said and all ladies gasped.

“Yuck..such characterless girl, never listened to her father and joined a far away job. Chi.. even cheated. Ruined their name ” A lady said.

“Look at this picture!!”

This, caught Riddhima’s attention. These talks weren’t enough now that they have a picture? Riddhima turned to see, her colleague, Ahaana standing with them showing a picture.

All the ladies circled around her and one of them slapped Riddhima hard and she hugged the floor.

“These girls are black spot on woman and womanhood!”

They all started slapping and kicking her, while Riddhima could only do was shout and wince in pain begging them to stop. While the neighbours were busy beating and cursing her, there was a sudden push and the ladies scattered all around.

Riddhima could do nothing, just wince in pain and cry, she passed out.

Kabir pushed all the ladies and picked up Riddhima taking into his car and led to the hospital.

The doctor checked her up, and adviced her to rest gave some pain-soothing gels to apply on her wounds. Riddhima’s body was full of mud stains, and black and blue marks. Her forehead was swollen due to falling and a stone stabbed in it.

Here they were, her only people to remember.

“Oh my god Riddhima beta..” Uma rushed and caressed Riddhima’s face and she smiled a little.

“How..are you .ma?” Riddhima asked her.

“Leave me, look at yourself! You will stay with us only. I have told Rishi. He was busy with some surgery so he will meet you soon.” Uma said in a scolding manner.

Ohk ma” Riddhima smiled at her lovely scolding. “I love you ma” she said making Uma’s eyes fill with tears.

“I love you too. Ek baar Vansh aa jaye tum dono ki seedhe shaadi kr dungi” Uma said and chuckled.

(Once Vansh comes you both will directly get married)

“Koi zaroorat nhi hai. Abhi toh aapki bypass surgery hui hai. Thoda rest kr lijiye. Shadi toh aapke theek hone ke baad bhi kr skte hain.”  Riddhima said shyly

(No need to do so. You just had a bypass surgery. You should have rest. We can aslo get married after you get well)

Ishani entered with a small packet in her hands.

“Hi Ishani! How are you? Got chocolates for me?” Riddhima said and smile sheepishly.

“Yes yes I got chocolates for us. I am totally fine. Just started my art gallery.” Ishani said handing a chocolate to her.

Riddhima opened the chocolate fastly and took a bite of it, drooling in its taste.  She suddenly remembered she was talking to Ishani.

“What about your business?” Riddhima asked.

“Textiles are going good, boutique is on top. And factories are doing well” Ishani smiled and answered.

Ajay, when was on rest after the first wars, came up with many ideas and opened up with business. He knew, that his pension would be never enough to run his house, he did pretty well. Vansh did his usual serving the nation, what his family always did. And Ishani, handled the business becoming the top businesswoman of the year 2020.


Riddhima’s thought were broken, when she saw Vansh standing infront of him. She came down the bed but miserably failed felling back on the bed. She turned to see, Vansh was not there.

A sad chuckle escaped, why she always dreamt of him? Of course, because she loves him. And he loves her too. Soon they will be united, for the next 7 births. Conforming that he was hers…

PrecapThe Final Divorce

Sorry for a little short episode, but hope you all liked it!! Well, Riddhima didn’t react to whatever happened. Your views?

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