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Balika Vadhu Season 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ratan gets skeptical about Anandi’s child marriage

Balika Vadhu Season 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi and Dhingli coming to Kadvi Baa’s home. Kadvi Baa says you have earned so much money. Dhingri says this happened due to Anandi. She asks them to have kulfi. Anandi says they want to go to school. Bhavan ties Kalpesh to his chest and rides with him on the bike. He sees Khim ji coming from the opposite side and changes the side. He stops his bike and gets inside someone’s house. He hides behind the gate. Khim ji comes there and gets inside the house. He looks inside and goes. Bhavan comes out and thinks it is good, he got himself saved.

Diwari asks Jigar what is he doing? Jigar says he has kept two pens for his exam, and has prepared well. She asks if he is not going to Dewgarh with his father, as he is going to meet Anandi. Jigar comes out and tells Prem ji that he will come with him to Devgarh today. Prem ji says you have exam today, I will take you later. Jigar sits down and insists to go to Devgarh with him. He falls down. Diwari comes there and asks him to come with her and have kulfi. Jigar says I want to go with Pappa. Diwari asks him to go. Sejal asks Prem ji to take out time for his kids as well, as they need them. Prem ji says ok, I will not go today and asks Jigar if he is happy.

Khim ji calls Prem ji and asks if he left or not. Anandi takes the call and asks why he didn’t leave until now. Prem ji says he got some work and had packed his bag too. He apologizes to Anandi. Anandi says I will forgive you this time, but not next time. Sejal asks how are you? Anandi says somewhat better and asks her to pull Kaka’s ears from her side. Khim ji says you will talk to Kaku like this. Anandi says I was teasing him. Ratan comes to Kalpesh and asks him to have food. Kalpesh says I want to sleep for sometime and goes out. Khim ji asks Ratan, what happened to Kalpesh. Ratan says don’t know what happened to him. Khim ji says he wants everyone’s attention and asks Ratan not to worry.

Anandi and Dhingli come to kadvi Baa’s house. Anandi says we shall practice to sell. She says she will wear the dupatta like Anandi of Balika Vadhu and asks Dhingli to act like Dadisaa. Anandi tries to sell her bangles, while Dhingli poses as customer buys it. She says we got new ways to sell the stuff to customer. Prem ji comes to Anandi’s house and says I couldn’t come yesterday. Anandi gets happy and wears dupatta. Prem ji then gives gifts to Kalpesh. Anandi says Kaku loves me more. Prem ji tells that he will buy more gifts for him next time. Anandi wears the dupatta and dances. Prem ji says he got unique idea for business and takes her pics. He says he will make such dupattas and will add few things, so that girls can wear dupatta like you. Khim ji says it is good that you came. Prem ji says I think of chances to come and meet you all, especially my Anandi. Anandi asks him to stay. He says I have to go as customers will be waiting for me. Anandi asks him to come and stay here for 2-3 days else she will tell that her Kaku is betrayal. Khim ji says you say anything. Prem ji thinks he waits for the day when she comes to his house.

Later Anandi watches Balika Vadhu season 1 and says Dadi saa is bad to lock Anandi in the room. Ratan says she has a question in mind and asks if we did wrong by doing Anandi’s child marriage. She asks if this will not happen with our Anandi, and if her smile will be snatched from her face. Khim ji says it is not necessary that same thing will happen with our Anandi. He says we shall not think as it is story. He says she will not go in this childhood, she will go to her sasural as the understanding and matured girl. He says everything will be fine with her, and Maa Ashapura got this marriage done, we have to accept it as her prasad.

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