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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shivi gets engaged to Sid

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya leaving their different ways. Ram says put on the radio. He hears Bade acchhe….song. Shivi gets Akshay’s message. The guests congratulate Shivi’s mum Nandini. Shivina/Shivi comes in the engagement. She gets compliments. Her in-laws come. She goes to meet him. Vedika compliments Shivi and says Sid is really lucky. Priya comes home. She sees the shoes kept aside. She rings the bell. Her mum says Sara said you left the shop in rains, Maithili came to meet us. Priya sees Maithili and her husband. She says I will clean this dirt and come. She goes and shuts the door. Ram is on the way. He says we got late for Shivi’s engagement, they would have stopped the function.

He sees Shivi and Sid exchanging rings. Adi says they didn’t wait, we came from so far. Shivi says I would like to raise a toast for my brother, Shubham, this engagement is happening because of him, I always listen to him and my mom, and last, but not the least, my two besties, Richa and Maira. Ram gets sad. Shivi says finally, my friends, cheers to all of you. Vedika says Shivi, Ram has come. Shivi goes to Ram and says where are my cupcakes. He says I got it. She says Ram is Ram for me, my biggest support. Ram says I will always be there. He hugs Sid. Sid says I would like to say something, I would like to raise a toast for my brother and Bhabhi, Shashi and Vedika. Ram sees Vedika.

Ram’s friend says Ram needs a solid girl who secures him among these people. Priya asks Akki to keep foot down. Akki asks how did you feel when you learnt that Maithili married you ex. She says nothing, weak people get hurt, we don’t need anyone to stay happy, go out now. He goes. Ram and Priya see the rains. She says I don’t need anyone, I m fine. Ram says you know why I like rains, it has someone’s pain, someone’s heart and the song. Bade acche…plays… Maithili says we will go now, Neeraj doesn’t look well. Her mum says Akshay will get medicines. Priya acts like her mum. Maithili and Neeraj leave. Priya talks to her sister. She says relax, bet on it, I will give you headphones.

Sid and Shubham have a drink. Adi says I had walked a lot today. He goes with Vrinda. Vedika comes to Ram. Shubham asks do you think Ram likes Vedika. Vedika asks who comes late in sister’s engagement. Ram says my car broke down, auto was there but… Shashi joins them. Ram says I was telling her, that we did good to get Shivi and Sid engaged. Shashi says Vedika is still amazing, but she would have some secrets, love is all about knowing each other. Ram says you know each other well, there should be no confusion, cheers to both of you. He leaves. Adi and Vrinda see Ram. Vrinda goes to Ram. She asks what’s happening. He wipes his tears. He says its raining. She asks yes, what’s falling from your eyes, you need somebody who really loves you. He says no, I don’t want anyone, who will I get, Vedika loves him a lot. She says I thought you are the most intelligent, but you are the big idiot, real couples argue and fight, its their love, look at them, they talk formally and fake praise, stop crying, no one can think Ram will cry for a girl who left him 6-7 years ago. Ram says the power of one sided love, and… my sister didn’t get married yet, stop crying. He asks mom did you have food. His mum says Vedika made dinner plan, I said yes. Ram says of course, we will go.

Priya talks to her sisters. Her sister asks don’t you get angry. Priya says because he left me and married Maithili. Sara says he dated you for four years and married Maithili overnight. Priya says it happened right, I m happy, see mum, she had four daughters, our dad married someone else, I m very happy to live for family. Sara says I agree, but you got arrogant. Sandy says you won’t get any guy like this. She shows Maithili and Neeraj’s pic. She says I told you, they have a party plan, I won, I don’t want headphones, you have to go on a date. Priya says no.

Ram comes to office. Adi asks him to talk to Vrinda. Vrinda asks Ram to go on a date, her friend is rude, but she is good. He says that cupcake lady was also rude, I m busy, anyway. Adi says I cleared his schedule. She asks Adi to get on work. Ram says keep AC down. Adi says you should have not cried seeing Vedika, go on date now, I m there to give company. Sara asks Priya to keep her hair open. Priya says I m not interested to go on a date. Sara asks her to wear earrings. Priya says I m not interested in that guy if he is interested in my looks, I know I m average, I m happy. Sara says you have a beautiful face, you rejects the guys always. She tells about the place. Priya says its a costly place. Sara says I got a free voucher. Sara gets a call. She says he didn’t pay bakery EMI. Priya says I will meet him first and then go for date, I will have a meeting with him first. She leaves.

She thinks I don’t need to get tensed. She goes to meet her dad. Her stepmum opens the door. She meets her dad. She says you didn’t pay the EMI for Sara’s bakery. He says my son handles everything, this isn’t any time for this, we have to go for dinner. She says I m also going on dinner, if you can’t pay the EMI, then give me the bakery. The lady says that property is of my son. Her dad scolds her. He says your mum has half share and I also have half share, you pay the EMI. Her dad asks why did Sara marry such a guy who can’t run her house. Priya says she went on her mum, you aren’t my dad, my mum did my mum and dad’s role, pay the EMI. He says you and your sisters are doing a fraud, why didn’t you mention the cupcakes order. She says payment was in cash. He scolds her and asks her to make some junk belonging to her mum. Priya says thanks, her signs would be with her daughters, not with her husband, who left her because she didn’t give birth to a son. She cries and leaves in the taxi. She thinks my sisters want me to have someone in life, that I get married, how shall I get courage to marry someone.

The guy insults Priya. She cries. Ram talks to someone. Priya hears him. Nandini gets Ram’s alliance for Priya. Priya asks who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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