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Anirudh and Bondita hold their hands tightly.

Ksj and Thakuma look at them angrily, they are about to press the trigger.


Anirudh comes in front of Ksj and Bondita comes in front of Thakuma, they are still holding each other’s hand.

Ksj- Anirudh don’t be mad. Did you forget all the things this girl did with us?

Anirudh- Kaka you forgot all the things. How can you be so cruel to your Bahurani?

Thakuma- she is my granddaughter not anyone’s bahurani. She will marry to whom I will choose.

Bondita- No thakuma, you are wrong. I was married to sakha babu. We got separated because we wanted to make a new rule in society. We want to stop the child marriages. But we are together by heart. I can’t love anyone other than my sakha babu.

Thakuma- Did you sell your brain? Did you forget that they put bomb in gifts? They killed your kaka-kaki.

Ksj- Kalindi… Don’t put blame on us.Anirudh was naive that he went to start a new relationship between two families. But what you did… You mixed poison in our foods.

Thakuma- Trilochan Roy Choudhury… By shouting your sins will not be less. We didn’t do anything.

Ksj- wah… You are fearing to hear the truth? You got me arrested and tired to kill my brother.

Thakuma- what? I got you arrested but I never tried to kill your brother.

Bondita- Please stop shouting please. I know what happened actually.

Anirudh- Bondita, we don’t have proof till now.

Thakuma and Ksj- What do you know? You was not here then.

Bondita- I was not here but still I am most affected one by this enmity.

(Bondita sobs) I lost the blessing which my Kaka used to give me. I lost the love, I lost the support, I lost the chance to touch your feet, I don’t hear that bahurani word. Now no ones call me Bondita Boudi.

Sakha babu and I lost the dream we dreamt together.

Anirudh- Bondita they are blind by enmity they will not hear you.

Bondita- But sakha babu I will tell them the truth.

You wanted to know who mixed poision? You wanted to know who put bombs? You wanted to know who attached Sasurji?

Chandrachur is behind all these.

Sumati- Bondita….(slaps her) How dare you to say all this. You became blind in love. Even you broke the promise you gave to me?

Anirudh- But Sumati maa…

Sumati- ✋I don’t want to hear anything from you. You are behind all this.

Bondita- Maa but you supported me when Tupur said you about us.

Thakuma- How many lies will you tell bondita?

Bondita- I am saying truth… Believe me.

(Chandrachur, tupur, tapur, somnath and sampoorna come)

Chandrachur-  Thakuma thakuma thakuma…Be calm. I know how to handle it.

(Ksj, Anirudh, Bondita and Somnath angrily looks at him)

Bondita what are you saying? Why will tupur support you to elope you with a enemy?

Bondita- Because she knows your real face Chandrachur. She knows everything what you did with us.

CC- clapping… Now you want to make her like you i.e chaotic?

Anirudh-  shouts Chandrachur… One more bad words about Bondita and you will not be able to say anymore.

CC- Re Barrister Babu calm calm… Bondita what proof do you have?

Thakuma, ksj, sumati- say bondita what proofs do you have?

You are a barrister right?

CC- Aah.. she just got the degree of barrister, did she even go to court? She went to tulsipur as a spy…(laughs)

Ksj- Did you hear Anirudh what he said?

Somnath- Kaka just give me order, I will kill them.

Anirudh- Angrily… Som… Are you a doctor? Do you have any qualities of being a doctor? You…

Bondita-  I don’t have proof but I have witness.

(Everyone look at her shockingly)


CC- Tupur will not say anything. She is my wife, she will do what I will say her.

Bondita- You call yourself a man and don’t know to respect your wife 👏

CC- Bondita just because I love you, don’t cross your limits…

(Everyone stare at him)

I mean you are my family, my wife’s sister.

Bondita- Accha jamaibabu , everyone should learn how to change a statement.

Ksj- Girl stop your nonsense. Solve your House problems in your house only.

Thakuma- shut up Trilochan, say your son to stay in limit. For him only our simple Bondita is answering everyone.

Bondita- Thakuma you said right, he’s sakha babu who gave me the power to talk without fear.

And now I will proof my sayings too.

(She goes to tupur)

Tupur say everyone what is truth please.

(CC nods no to tupur, Anirudh and som check it)

Tupur- (Shakes Bondita’s hand hardly) What are you saying bondita? To marry Anirudh you want to destroy my married life. My husband can never do such things.

CC- so you got your answers barrister Bondita?

Bondita- ok tupur. If you don’t want to punish your parents murderer, if you don’t want to punish the man who tortured you everyday, if you don’t want to punish the man who snatch your every happiness then it’s okay.

Thakuma- Bondita now stop your drama. Just go home we will forget what you did. Just go home and stay away from Roy choudhurys.

Bondita- one can stay away from strangers but how will I stay away from my own family? Sakha babu and RC family is my own family.

I have hired a private detective to know CC’s truth. He will give us every proof.

CC- What? You were spying behind me? If any other person was here then I would have killed him.

Bondita- Then why this is not applicable for me, because you want to get me right?

Tupur- (shouts) Bondita… Don’t dare to look at my husband. How many things I do to keep him away from you. But in vein. Why you came back without marrying?(cries)

(Everyone look at her)

Thakuma- Tupur what are you blabbering? Problems between husbunds and wifes should be solved in rooms only.

CC- Tupur how dare you…(he goes to slap her)

Bondita holds his hand and slaps him tightly then Anirudh punches him.

(CC’s men take guns)

Thakuma- (shouts) Anirudh… Points her gun.

(Ksj also takes his gun) he comes in front of Anirudh.

Ksj- No one can touch my son and bahurani untill I am alive.

(Everyone get shock)

Somnath- Kaka what are you saying? How can you do this?

Tupur- I want to say something….(everyone look at her) everything that happened between two villages just because of this man.

(Das family look shockingly)

Thakuma- Are you in sense?

Tupur- Yes thakuma, he did all these because he wanted to marry bondita. He created rift between two villages because he wants to separate Anirudh and Bondita.

We never consumed our marriage. He always tortured me. He said that I am infertile so that he can marry Bondita. Actually he never gave me a chance to become a mother.( She started to cry loudly)

CC takes his gun and captures tupur…

CC- If anyone try to catch me I will kill her. You all know what I can do.

Thakuma- Jamaibabu, I know tupur is lying. We don’t believe her. Let her go and stand beside me, we will end that RCs’ today.

Tupur- but thakuma…

Thakuma-ssshhh… I believe my jamaibabu more than anyone else.

CC- Are you saying truth thakuma? You believe me?

Thakuma- Yes come here.

(CC goes to thakuma, ksj and his men guard Anirudh-Bondita)

(When CC comes near Thakuma, she snatches his gun and slaps him)

CC- Old woman, you played with me? I will kill you.

(He grabs her neck)

Anirudh kicks him badly, CC tries to protect himself but couldn’t resist in front of Anirudh.

Anirudh beats him continuously and handover him to his men.

Anirudh-  Take him to police station I will talk to inspector. Barrister Babu Bondita will fight her first case against this cheater.

CC- Thakuma if anything happens with me what will happen to tupur? Who will marry her?  Her face is scratched, you can’t even sell her. No one will come even satisfy their pleasure to her. So save….

(Tupur slaps him tightly)

Tupur- Bondita give him a punishment so that no can dare to do the same thing again.

(Bondita hugs her)

Anirudh and bondita folded their hands in front of everyone.

Anirudh and Bondita- Now you all know what was the real reason for all these now please stop this enmity.

Ksj- Sampoorna bahu do the preparations to welcome our bahurani. Whole Calcutta will know that Anirudh Roy Choudhury is going to marry Barrister Babu Bondita.

(Sampoorna gets happy and nods her head)

Thakuma- Anirudh I can treat your baba by my medicines.

(Everyone look happy)

Som- Bondita boudi forgive me if possible for what I did with you.

Bondita holds his hands and says Som dada can you treat my sister, tupur.

Som- Boudi my friend is famous dermatologist, if everyone say I can fix appointments with him.

Thakuma- Yes you can treat her ( She caress tupur’s face) Sorry Tupur, I am responsible for your sadness. But I promise I will bring happiness in your life though I can’t return your parents.

(Tapur joins them and they three hug)

Tapur- You are our parents. Since birth only you are taking our cares. Now stop crying. Its Anirudh dada and Bondita Didi’s happy moment.

Anirudh and Bondita goes towards Sumati maa.

Anirudh- Sumati maa Bondita didn’t break her promise intentionally. Its all misunderstanding. Will you give me the right to call you maa once again?

Sumati stares at them and leaves the place without talking to anyone.

Everyone get shocked….





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