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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh and Balraj fight

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prisha asking Rudra to get roses for her next time. Vasu and Mishka ask Prisha to have food. Rudra says doctor said just liquids are allowed for Prisha, I will have it. Mishka says we will go out for breakfast. Rudra says we will have it together here, I will call Saransh here. Mishka says I m on diet, I can’t have it, I will go and check in the canteen, won’t you come with me. He says no. She gets angry.

Ahana gets breakfast for Balraj. She says thanks, you didn’t make Mishka and me out of this house, dad did wrong. He says its not your fault, you don’t think about it. She says but Rudra thought wrong about you. He asks how. She says he blamed you for Saransh, you don’t like him, but it doesn’t mean you will kidnap him and that Prisha… Balraj says that was just a coincidence, you can’t blame them. She says you were playing lucky, Prisha got to know truth on time, else you would be in jail instead my dad, Prisha accused you, Rudra is so innocent, I m sure Prisha trapped him, else he can never go against you, stop Prisha before she ruins everything. He asks her not to worry, he will have control on the house. She thinks I will be the winner. Rudra takes care of Prisha. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays….

Days pass. Rudra finishes formalities. Nurse says you can take them home. Rudra gets Mr. Ahuja’s call and says I m busy right now, I can’t do the concert, not even for double fees, I will call later. Prisha says you refused for concert, Balraj will get angry. Rudra says let him get angry, concert isn’t happy than your health. He thinks Rajeev would have done this if he was here. They leave from the hospital and come home. Saransh says we will serve you. Prisha asks for water. Rudra asks do you really want water or just having fun. She says both. Balraj comes and scolds him. He says Ahuja was giving us double money, even then you refused. Rudra says I can’t leave Prisha and Saransh now, career won’t end if I leave one concert. They argue a lot. Prisha and Sharda worry. Balraj says you have to do the concert. Rudra says I won’t, don’t call, it will be your insult. Balraj says you have to do this, else you won’t stay in this house.

Rudra hugs Saransh. Balraj asks him to leave the house. Yuvraj comes to meet Prisha. He sees the empty ward. He says Rudra said he will be here, but he isn’t here. He asks nurse about Prisha. Nurse says Rudra’s wife. He says yes. She say she got discharged in the morning. He asks where is Saransh. She says Rudra took them together. Yuvraj gets angry. Ahana and Mishka come. Balraj asks Rudra to decide it now, will he do concert or leave the house. Rudra says I won’t do the concert, even if I have to leave this house right now. Balraj says I knew you will leave all of us, we don’t matter to you, I mean nothing to you, right, I made you a big rockstar, you blamed me for Saransh’s kidnapping, you think I m a devil, you have this respect for your dad. Ahana says its actually me saying this. Mishka asks what, you did this. Ahana says yes.

Balraj asks who made this image in my heart for you, you were shouting on Saransh, so I doubted you. Balraj says you were sure that I was wrong, think my life would have got ruined, I m your big enemy, right, you didn’t give me a chance to prove my innocence, he doesn’t care for me, I also don’t care for him now, he is also nothing for me. Prisha worries and thinks Sharda will get hurt in their fight. Balraj says tell Rudra that I will forget everything, I have one condition, he will obey me and he will do the concert, he can stay here. Rudra says you want a son on your conditions, you say that I hate you. Prisha says I m feeling low. Rudra goes to her. She says I just need rest. She thinks it was imp to stop the fight. Rudra lifts her. Ahana says Balraj isn’t bad hearted, take Prisha. Rudra takes her to the room.

Yuvraj says Prisha and Saransh aren’t safe here, they should come with us. He argues with Rudra. Niketan attacks Prisha and Saransh again. He shoots her.

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