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Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update – Gajasoor is ultimately killed by durga mata.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Brahman telling both of them to divide these coins equally & take but gajasoor says how equally as I have to get more that ganeshji then ganesh asks gajasoor how you should get more as I have also shared my puri’s too but he refuses ganesh & ganesh advises mata to take out the solution then mata says ganesh should get only one coin & rest 7 coins to gajasoor then ganesh asks mata how can this be justified & mata explains him that you shared half part of puri with Brahman while gajasoor shared his 3/4th part with Brahman so he has to get 7 coins & you only one coin hence mata tells Brahman to distribute the coins & he does accordingly.
Gajasoor is happy but then too he becomes adamant on his powers having huge than you both, tells them so he tries to instigate mata & mata gets angry on him saying to get ready for fight then & they start their fight with him as gajasoor is creating his powers to attack both of them but mata tries to retaliate him & ganesh signs mata to wait & he creates his huge powers to face gajasoor’s attack & they are fighting with him together. All gods are watching ganesh & mata fighting with gajasoor strongly but he is trying to bring his other powers in him to face.
Gajasoor challenges both of them saying you both can’t do anything to me then mata throws her trishul towards him as he is hit on his chest making him go deep down in sea water killing him instantly. All gods & goddesses are delighted & happy with ganesh & mata for killing such a huge evil asoor so smartly & Brahman too praises mata & mata tells them this day will be known by the whole world to pray for ganesh & ganesh too says also mata will be praised by her powerful killing of this asoor which will also be know by this world as mata chamundi. All are praying mata’s name & praising her.
Kartik asks blessings from mata for his war to fight with evil soorasahi & soorapadman & she blesses him by saying to be the winner in this war.
Soorasahi is watching killing of gajasoor & now plans to bring bhanugopan to fight with kartik & gods army telling soorapadman to get ready.
Bahugopan is practicing with all weapons in his bhawan saying now I will get ready to fight with the world while his devi thinks saying how should I explain you to not to do this but soorasahi comes to call him to inform to go immediately to fight with gods & kartik & immediately leaves but forgets the trishul given to him by mahadev.
Devsena is praying mahadev & paravati for well-being of kartik to fight this war & they bless her & as she finishes her prayers as she finds some woman standing with bow & arrow is her hands & as she sees her closely she finds her very strongly holding the weapons & also getting surprised about it.
Kartik, ganesh & all gods with army are moving towards evils place for war but in-between storm mata immerges to praise kartik saying I am happy you are fighting for justice & she conveys her support for his good deeds to fight this war & kartik praises mata for her help.
Kartik is using his powers & jumps on a huge rock & then jumps down on the land to shake the earth while all evils are shaken.

Precap : Soorapadman comes to challenge kartik saying now our actual fight will start & he shoots his sword towards kartik as kartik changes his form while all gods are shocked watching & wondering if the sword has hit kartik it seems?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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