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Shubharambh 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update

Shubharambh 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Raja tells Rani that yes I am your Raja. Rani cries looking at the shoes. She looks at Kritida and recalls how she was trying to tear the shoes and Rani ran to save them, this is how she fell from the stairs and lost her memory. Rani asks Kritida what you wanted to do with these shoes that day.. she goes to her but the light goes off. Raja looks around for Rani and doesn’t find her. Electricity come back but Rani is gone. Raja says where did Rani and Kritida go? He searches for her. Asha looks around for her too. Raja says she is not even upstairs. Asha says where did she go? Kritida comes there and says you are looking for Rani? Raja says yes, where is she? Kritida says look around. She points at a door. Raja rushes there. Gunvant asks him to come to the window. Raja sees from the window. Gunvant ties Rani to a chair and pours kerosene around her. Raja is outside the window and pleads him to open the door. Gunvant says she is your queen? Look at her throne now. Asha says what are you doing Gunvant? Raja tries to open the door and says says I never thought you would do such a cheap act. Gunvant says right. Kritida says ask Asha about cheapness, she wanted to marry you again for 3 crores, she sent property papers to your table. Asha says I am sorry. Gunvant tells Raja that if you had signed the papers then I wouldn’t have to do this. This Rani forgot everything but had to stop my trick, she stopped Kritida that day and suffered a memory loss. He tells Rani that you tied me that day and threatened me to bring the truth out of me. I am using your trick on you. Raja says talk to me, stop threatening Rani. Gunvant says I am angry on her so let me take it out. Raja says leave her alone. Gunvant tells Raja to sign the papers if he wants to save Rani. Raja is tensed. Rani silently pleads him to not sign. Gunvant says I will kill her if you don’t sign the papers. Raja says no, please! Rani asks Raja to not sign, they are just threatening and can’t do anything. Gunvant says no, we are not good people like you, sign otherwise.. Kritida tells Asha that Gunvant can do anything so ask Raja to sign. Asha tells Raja that they can’t do anything, just break the door and save her. Raja says I am coming inside. Gunvant says don’t you try, I will kill her if you try to come inside. Raja says no, Gunvant asks him to sign if he wants to save her, if I don’t get the shop then this Rani is not going to be yours. He lights a matchstick and asks him to sign. Kritida says a shop is more important than Rani? Gunvant says I will kill her in front of you. He lights fire to a rope and says I will throw it at her, sign the papers now. Raja gets worried and signs the papers. Rani is screaming and crying. Gunvant comes out of the room and sees the signatures. He leaves with Kritida. Raja rushes to Rani and saves her. He asks if she is fine? Rani cries and says why did you do it Raja? Why did you sign those papers? You have the right to that shop, only you. Raja says you said that rich and poor can’t be together so I have removed that gap between us. Now you can ask me anything as my wife, steal money from me. You said that you wouldn’t be able to ask me for anything as a wife so I have removed that gap. Rani says why did you give up everything for me? Raja says to look in my eyes, a shop is not more than your life, you are most important to me, if you are with me then I can win anything. I love you. Rani is surprised and cries. Raja tells Rani that there is one more thing remaining. Rani says what now? Raja says new start (shubharambh), Rani cries and says I can’t believe that God still makes people like you, I was a fool to break it off with you. Raja says yes you are a fool. Rani laughs through her tears and says why didn’t you make me remember everything? What new dream were you trying to fulfill? Raja says it was my old dream to get my love back. Rani says is that done now? Raja says yes but one thing is left, you get ready, I will take you somewhere. Rani nods and leaves. Asha is stunned to see all that, she says God what was I about to do? I was so greedy for money that I wanted to separate them, they love each other so much, I am so sorry God.

Scene 2
Raja brings Rani to a place and covers her eyes. Raja says I am bringing you to your house as our life is starting from here again. Rani opens her eyes to see a video montage of their pictures, their wedding moments, their haldi, their wedding ceremony moments. She cries looking at them and says these are the most beautiful moments of our lives. I want this video only but how did you do all that? Raja says I wanted to show all this at my house but didn’t get a chance so asked Utsav to shift here, I want to say sorry for all the things. Rani says you have already said sorry. Raja says sorry to Rani’s family and says I couldn’t fulfill my promise that I made at the wedding. Rani cries and says you have said enough sorry, forget about the past and our relationship has a new start (Shubharambh) now. Raja smiles at her. Raja says get ready to be mine again, I am not a rich man anymore but I promise to keep Rani always happy. Rani smiles. Raja says earlier our elders made this relationship possible but this time we are making this relationship work. He goes down on knees in front of Rani and asks if she will marry him? Rani weeps and says yes.

Rani and Raja take pheras together and says you will be my queen. Rani says I don’t care about money, my love is with you. Raja says I will keep your smile intact. Rani says I will be with you always. Raja says we will always tell truth to each other. Rani says we will fight but we will become friends by the end of the day. Raja says we will always be together through thick and thin. They complete their pheras. Raja brings out the mangalsutra. Rani recalls how she gave it back to him. Raja smiles and makes her wear that. He fills her forehead with sindoor. The wedding is complete. All family members dance with them to celebrate. Raja embraces Rani. ,,

Raja, Rani and Asha come back to Reshamiya mansion. Rani glares at Kritida. ,,

Precap- Kritida brings a bowl to Raja and his family. She says you people will pay the rent at the end of the month but till then if you need anything, you will have to beg for it and get it in this bowl. Raja glares at them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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