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Shakti 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Daljeet threatens Gurwinder to show the fake report

Shakti 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat calling mom and dad. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come to his room. Parmeet asks what happened? They see Jharna there. Virat asks them to make Jharna understand that it is late night and asks her to go. Jharna says she was worried for him and that’s why came, but he wants to make her go. Virat says it is 11:30 pm. Sant Baksh asks Virat to drop Jharna home and talk to her on the way. Virat says ok. Jharna recalls Sant Baksh coming to his house and telling that he likes Jharna and wants to make her bahu. He tells that Virat came on the right track and asks Jharna to come to his house and handle Virat. He says Jharna will get Virat and we will get our bahu. Jharna’s father tells that we have brought her up with much care and love and says that if Jharna feels that she couldn’t forget Virat then she shall decide. Sant Baksh tells Jharna that he knows that she loves him and guarantees that Virat will be hers and she will be happy. Jharna thinks Virat has to become mine this time. fb ends. Sant Baksh asks Jharna to handle Virat and come to their house as bahu. Jharna says ok and goes.

Daljeet asks Gurwinder to take the fake report and tells that nobody shall know that I know about this. Gurwinder cries. Parmeet asks what is Gurwinder doing in room? Daljeet says she was searching something. Gurwinder comes out and shows the medical report, tells that doctor said that I can’t become a mother. Parmeet and Sant Baksh get shocked. Gurwinder says I can become mother after 2-3 years of treatment. Parmeet says she was doubtful before. Daljeet says we will get the treatment done and tells that he is with her. Parmeet asks them to hurry up else she will get Daljeet remarried and says she wants heir. Gurwinder cries. Daljeet says you have done your wife’s duty. A fb is shown, Daljeet shows original report to Gurwinder which she tears. He takes out the fake report and tells that it is written that you can’t become a mother. She shouts Daljeet ji. Daljeet threatens to divorce her. fb ends. He tells Gurwinder that he will not divorce her. Virat’s friends take him to the decorated room and Heer and Virat’s pictures all around in the room. Heer’s friends push her in the room. They lock the room. Virat knocks on the door and asks them to open the door. Heer says they will open the door in sometime and says idiots, what do they think that we will get back together in locked room. He says this will not happen.

Heer tells the decoration is lifeless, it looks good when the love happens with good person, but it seems to be nonsense for her. Virat says yes. Heer hurts her hand trying to take ouit the poster. Virat gets worried for her, but controls his feelings. He gets angry recalling preeto’s words and hits on the flower vase. He injures his hand. Heer rushes to him and holds his hands. Tu hi mera khuda plays……Virat brushes off her hand and turns his face. Heer also turns her face. Their friends think that they would have patched up by now and must have hugged each other. Jharna asks them to open the door. They ask who is she? Jharna says she is DIG’s daughter and can ruin everyone’s character. They leave from there hearing her threat. Jharna opens the door and gets inside. Heer recalls everything. Jharna holds Virat’s hand and asks him to come. She asks Heer to tear all the photos and says what she will do with it. She takes Virat from there. Heer hugs their photo and cries.

Jharna tells Heer that she was very humiliated when she got her engagement cancelled. She tells that she is back in Virat’s life and will be with him in college also. Heer says she is not crying for Virat and tells that she is sad to waste her emotions on wrong person. She asks her to take care of herself and tells that she has no interest in her Virat and throws the poster/photo. Virat waits for Jharna and sees Heer coming out of college. He closes his eyes and thinks why did God make kinnars? Heer is going from there and looks at him as her dupatta get stuck with the bike clutch. Heer frees her dupatta and going from there. Virat says they wouldn’t have come in someone’s life by mistake and wouldn’t have ruined someone’s life. Heer asks him to make her fiancé or friend understand not to roam around her, else she will break her mouth. Virat thinks she showed me attitude being a ……..Jharna comes and sits on his bike. He raises the clutch and makes the dirty water fall on Heer’s face and clothes. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Virat stops the bike and asks her not to come near her next time. Heer shouts asking him to stop and says I won’t let you be clean if you splash muddy water on me. She cleans her face and sprinkle muddy water on him. Virat gets angry. Jharna asks her not to argue with downmarket girl.

Precap will be added after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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