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Mere Sai 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sumitra Takes Krishna Home

Mere Sai 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sumitra tells Krishna that she is like her mother, so she can tell her ordeal to her. Krishna reveals her whole story, how Vaishnavi used to torture her each day, how she threw her out of house, how Sai didn’t want to speak to her, etc. In Dwarkamayi, Tatya asks Sai if he would like to have food. Sai says there is still time for that and sits feeding pigeons. Sumitra tells Krishna that she can understand her situation, what will she do alone now. Krishna says she will work hard and earn a living for herself. Sumitra says then she can work in her house as she needs someone for household chores and dye clothes. Krishna asks why is she showing so much concern for her. Sumitra says they are new in Shirdi and need people for work, so she should not reject her offer. Krishna nods yes. Sumitra pampers her. Sai smiles seeing that via his superpowers.

Sumitra takes Krishna to her home. Her husband asks if Sai had food. She says yes and asks who is this girl. Sumitra reminisces Sai’s advice that she shouldn’t tell whoever she helps, says she is Krishna and will help us in work. Husband asks Krishna what all she knows, if she knows about colors. Krishna says he knows to dra Rangoli. He rings pooja thali and colors with flowers and asks to decorate thali. Krishna decorates thali. Man praises her skills and asks how does she know so much about colors. Krishna reminisces asking Sai how to identify which color looks good wit which color. Sai says she should observe nature for that; look at flowers in tree, sky during sunset, etc. Out of flashback, she says someone taught her. Man says he will take her to his Adinath who will teach her dying colors. He takes her to his workshop and calls Adinath. Adinath walks in with color on his face. Krishna laughs. Man asks if he was coloring clothes or himself and introducing Krishna asks him to teach coloring to her. Adinath gets angry seeing Krishna still laughing and says she shouldn’t laugh during work. She says okay. Sumitra calls them for food and asks Krishna to freshen up and join them. Krishna says whom she trusted didn’t help her, but unknown people are helping her.

Sai asks Tatya to bring food now. Krishna sits for food and thinks when she trusted Sai, she was in trouble, but when she disconnected herself from him, she is getting feast. Sai smiles hearing that. Tatya thinks Sai is helping someone for sure, but the person doesn’t know he thinks. A man enters and thanking Sai for helping him get a job as mill’s supervisor. Sai says he should thank god and asks why he looks tensed. Man says he is a farmer’s son and how will he get adjusted to Mumbai’s environment. Sai asks Tatya to bring a pot and milk. Tatya does same. Sai asks him to fill the pot with water. Sai drops oil in water and asks what is he seeing. Man says oil is floating in water. Sai then adds milk in water and asks what is he seeing now. Man says milk is dissolving in water. Sai says oil doesn’t mix as its oil’s nature and milk does as it has different nature. He explains that water is new environment, some people can’t mingle in new environment like oil and some like milk who get mixed in new environment and he has to decide if he wants to be like oil or milk. Man asks how? Sai says he has to decide if he wants to live in fear in new environment or consider it as opportunity to connect with new people. Man nods okay.

Precap: Sumitra says she wants to make Krishna as her bahu.
Krishna says she cannot accept her proposal.

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