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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia feels heart break knowing Kabir and Swara’s relationship

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia teling Kabir that they day he was saying something to her. Swara comes there and hugs Kabir. She kisses on his cheeks and says we are not partner in game but partner in life, baby. Kabir thanks her. Swara says you don’t like baby, but you know me. Nia looks at Swara and Kabir as they talk. Swara tells Nia that this is sudden, but we have to say it. Nia gets sad seeing their closeness. Swara tells that Kabir and I are seeing each other and are together now. Shri and Kajal get shocked hearing this. Shri says you would have told me, but I was doubtful. Nia says I have some work, will be back. Shri says let’s celebrate. Nia cries. Kabir looks at Nia. Tumhe basa lungi dil me plays…..Nia cries. Rishi Burman comes home and tells Pandey to give money to Guneet in the morning. He asks him to tell that when they meet again, they will meet as strangers. Rishi hears him. Nia is leaving from the office. Kabir calls her and asks if she is going home. Nia says yes, workshop is over. Kabir asks can we talk? Nia says what? Kabir says you know that. He says I was about to tell you that Swara and I…but I was wondering how to tell you on phone. He says I am sorry that you came to know this way. Nia tells that she likes surprises. Kabir says you know that I tell you first. Nia says last time when we talked, you had said that there is nothing between you and Swara. Kabir says I didn’t lie. I had not decided then. He says Swara told me about her feelings, but I didn’t answer as I…Nia says as….

Kabir says I wanted a life partner who is committed to me, and tells that Swara is good and we are good friends, loves me so much, adores me. I thought that he shall give some time to Swara and his relation. He says he will not get life partner more good than Swara. Nia says obviously, you both make such a good pair. Swara comes there and thanks Nia. We are perfect match. She says friendship changing into partnership, it is hard to get. Nia gets upset and drops her charger. Kabir comes behind her and asks if she is fine. He says he don’t want their friendship to get affected. Nia says why my thoughts will affect you. Kabir says we are true friends and will come for each other. He says if I murder someone, then you will hide the body, we are such friends. Kabir says you are special part of my life, with whom I can never get separated. Nia says I am fine, I am leaving. She says I will hide the body, but don’t murder someone. She leaves.

She cries. Kabir comes to Swara and tells that he went to see Nia, if she is fine. Swara asks if she felt bad that we are in a relationship. Kabir says she must have felt something as she is my best friend. Swara asks if he has any feelings for Nia even now and says if he had then it would be unfair to all three of them. She asks him to be with her 100 percent or don’t be with her. She refuses to share him with Nia. Kabir asks if she doesn’t know him and tells that he has decided and that’s why committed to her. He asks what to do, to convince you. Shall I play the song or bring the rain. He kisses and hugs her.

Amber checks the fuse. Rishi tells Amber that he is a good man and repairs the fuse. He says your strings are very complicated, if you don’t touch it then it will never be fine. He tells that there are many people who wants to hit axe on their feet. Nia brings pastry and gives to Amber. She asks Rishi to eat it. Rishi says I have no sadness in my life to forget. Amber tells that he has to increase his immunity and to forget the sad thing. Nia asks if Guneet did something. Amber says no and tells that he was talking about tinde. Amber tells Nia that they don’t need life partner. Nia says you are right and think about Kabir moving in with Swara. Amber thinks of Guneet’s take on love during the radio show.

Later Nia feels pain in her stomach due to the pastries which she had. Amber tells Nia that even he is feeling pain and can’t give her water now. He holds his stomach. Nia thinks why she fell in love with her bestfriend, after refusing his proposals three times. Amber calls Dr. Pandey and asks him to tell something to Guneet. Guneet sees Kabir’s message on the pillow asking her to chase the dream until it gets fulfilled. She says I never realized that my dream is with me, until I identified my love, he became of someone else.

Precap: Guneet tells on radio show that people doesn’t understand that there is a difference between help and insult. Amber calls Radio show and insists to talk to Guneet sikkha. Guneet takes the call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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