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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita’s Unusual Demand

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shravan gets ready for class early morning and tries to leave house when Kavita stops him and warns him to dare not attend class as Vijay’s family insulted their family, they called her loud speaker, insulted Rajender chachu, etc. Shravan tries to justify, but Kanchan, Rajender and chachi start emotional blackmail; Chachi says Kavita didn’t have dinner last night and is waiting here to stop him from attending class. Shravan gives up. Class starts at Suman’s house. Kanchan asks Suman if her Ranveer Singh is coming. Suman asks her to shut up. Daddu says if everyone has come, let us start the class. Suman says Shravan hasn’t yet come. Daddu rejoices. Kavita continues emotionally blackmailing Shravan. Suman calls Shravan to ask if he will attend class or not. Shravan doesn’t pick call. Suman calls Bunty who is sound asleep and wakes up hurriedly and asks where is Shravan. He says he must be sitting somewhere in class. She scolds him and asks to go and send him to class. Bunty walks down and supports Shravan that army family likes Shravan a lot and they would start class here if Shravan doesn’t go there. Kavita says let her if they really respect Shravan. Chachi says if they come here, she will make their seating arrangements and will respect them. Bunty requests to let Shravan attend class now. Kavita agrees.

Shravan rushes to class and asks Daddu if he can attend class. Daddu says he will not permit as he missed half class. Suman requests. Daddu gives him math problem to solve and orders to join class only if he solves it. Shravan hurriedly tries to solve problem when Suman walks to him and asks why is he late again. He says let him finish problem and speak to her after class. He solves problem with Bunty’s help via mobile earphones. Daddu warns him he cannot move until he solves problem. Shravan returns him papers amazing daddu. Daddu walks away saying good. Suman insists Shravan again why is he late and praises his shirt. Shravan gets happy. She says he forgot to remove tag and herself removes it. Shravan enjoys attention. He then tells her how Kavita ordered him no to attend class and if he wants to, then class should happen at his home tomorrow; he loves his mother and cannot disobey her. Suman says that is impossible. Shravan requests to make it happen somehow.

Shravan returns home. Kavita asks if his class will happen tomorrow here. He says no as its holiday tomorrow. She says then day after tomorrow. Shravan gets nervous. Suman informs whole situation to Kanchan and says she really wants to help him. Kanchan suggests to seek idea from Shravan himself.

Precap: Suman asks Shravan to attend class today, they will plan something for tomorrow. He asks if her house’s power goes off, will she bring class to his house.
She says yes. He with Bunty disconnects electricity. Daddu with Anish enters to check and shouts someone stole fuse purposefully. Shravan and Bunty hide.

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