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Choti Sardarni 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Harleen accepts the baby

Choti Sardarni 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says to the baby you will be named today. Your big brother will be with you in your function all the time. Phone rings. Param picks Yuvi’s call. He says I am taking care of the baby, Yuvi says show me the baby. Param shows him the baby. Yuvi says he is so cute. Param says so busy I have to take care of him all the time. Yuvi says papa isn’t home so I have a lot of responsibilities as well. Meher says you are actually super big brother. always take care of him. Param says I will always take care of him.

Jeeto is mopping. Kulwant says clean it very well. She asks Bitu to arrange the picture. Rana says what should I do? I cleaned the ground. Kulwant slaps him and says Meher and Sarab are coming. Where is your Ginni? Rana says she has nail paint of. She can’t work. It would be ruined. Kulwant says bring her here.

Param says how do I look papa? Sarab says like a hero. Sarab says where is your mama? He says she’s getting ready and said no one should disturb her. Sarab says this is the best time to make her wear the necklace. Sarab looks at Meher getting ready. Their theme song plays. Sarab smiles. Meher ties her bouse. Sarab walks in. Meher sees him and smiles. She turns her back towards him so he can tie the blouse. Sarab comes close and ties her blouse.

Scene 2
Ginni cries on call and says how do I not cry? My MIL hits me. Are you coming? Rana comes and says mummy ji is calling you to clean. Please come for once. She says let’s go. I will show her who I am. Kulwant says come on clean this floor. Ginni walks there. Kulwant has left soap water on the floor but Ginni doesn’t fall and Kulwant falls. Ginni says what happened? How did you fall? Everyone picks her. Kulwant takes out her slipper and says I won’t leave her today.

Aditi recalls Meher inviting her. Meemsingh comes and says you said you will think if you would go there? She says I thought about it the entire night. She says get me flowers. It’s time to do something I couldn’t for year.

Meher says Sarab, I spoke to Aditi. She would be coming. But Harleen.. Would she come? Meher says she hasn’t stepped out of her room. I really wanted Harleen to give her blessings. Sarab says this day won’t end without Harleen’s blessings. We will get our baby her blessings with the right. Come with me. Sarab comes outside Harleen’s room. Servant says she’s downstairs. Harleen and Robbie give Meher a gift and say congrats. Harleen says Meher this is for chota baby from his bua. He will wear these clothes today. Meher smiles in tears and takes it. Harleen says let’s forget what happened. I can’t stay away from your two. Your happiness is mine. Sarab you can be his father so I can be his bua. Sarab says thank you so much. Now you will name him like you named Param. She hugs him and says of course. I am his bua.

Scene 3
Kulwant hits Ginni. Lady inspector comes in and says we are here to arrest you for domestic violence. Kulwant laughs and says is there a proof? I will get you suspended. You can’t arrest me without a proof. Get lost now. They leave. Kulwant hits Ginni and says how dare you? How will you get me arrested? Ginni says you shut the door but didn’t shut the camera. I have made a video. She plays it and says I will see who stops me from getting you behind the bars.

Sarab says to Meher see everything is fine now. Meher says let me get ready. Sarab says aren’t you ready enough? Meher says do I look over? He says you look really good already. Meher says tell me which necklace should I wear? Sarab says close your eyes then I will tell. Sarab takes out the necklace. He is about to make her wear. Amrita calls Meher. Sarab steps back. Meher says one minute. Meher says why didn’t you call me? I am so happy. Harleen has given her blessings to the baby. She gave him gifts and arranged everything. Meher says are you crying? Amrita says no I am fine. I am very happy. I wanted to ask when will you come here? Meher says in the evening. Harleen calls Sarab. He goes downstairs. Jeeto and Amrita are in tears. Jeeto says why didn’t you tell her? Amrita says she’s very happy. I can’t ruin her happiness. We have to fix it all before she comes.

Someone calls Aditi. She says yeah Neha? When will this news be on the channels? I am waiting. She looks at her mom’s photo and says today is a big day. After that day I will enter Gill mention today. Pray that I ruin Sarab and his entire family. Media breaks the news. Sarab says papa you’re on TV. Reporter says Sarab’s name is being taken in corruption of 2000 crores. Everyone is shocked.
Precap-Sarab says to Harleen I beg you don’t tell Meher about this news till naamkaran. Param says mama, papa is on TV.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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