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Barister Babu 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh refuses to Maa

Barister Babu 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with bondita asking are you testing me, you taught me to never leave the house, will I not listen to you, why shall we leave now. Maa recalls Trilochan’s words and says its my test, we have to go back to our village. Bondita asks do you have any problem there. Maa says yes, you will get the solution on going to village with me, will listen to me and come with me. Bondita agrees. She says I won’t live in this haveli without you, I m ready to go with you, I will ask Anirudh to let me go with you, don’t get sad. Maa feels sorry to cheat her. She thinks of Trilochan.

Sampoorna asks why did dad go to haveli, why did you let him go. Mami says none will know, don’t worry. Mama comes to the haveli. He says its a big haveli, I just told Bondita and she really got it. He slaps himself. Binoy cleans the cycle. He asks who are you, are you a thief. Mama asks him to talk to him well. He says I m the owner of this haveli. Binoy gets angry. Mama scolds him.

Mama laughs at him. Binoy shouts to the watchman. Munshi comes and asks what happened Sir. Mama thinks he is Bondita’s Sasur. Binoy asks who is this beggar, what is he doing here, he is saying he is the owner of this haveli, call the police. Munshi asks police? Mama says I was joking, I m bondita’s Mama, Munshi’s Samdhi. Binoy asks him to handle his relative. He warns Munshi and goes. Munshi scolds Mama for getting him insulted. He asks Mama to take his daughter and go forever. He says Sampoorna and Saurabh’s relation ends now.

Trilochan asks Anirudh to leave his madness, have some food, else he will also fall on the bed, who will look after his life then. Bondita comes and says I thought of the gift, you promised to give me gift. Anirudh says yes. She asks him if he will refuse. He says no. She smiles. He asks what do you want, tell me. She says I want you to allow me to go to the village with my mum. He gets shocked. Trilochan smiles. Anirudh asks you want this gift, I know its not your choice, tell me who asked you to ask this gift. She says no one told me, I just want to go to my village, you promised me, you can’t refuse. He says no, you won’t go anywhere, you won’t say a word now, matter ends. She says fine, if you don’t agree to send me to village, then I will stop my breath. He asks who taught this, you want to hurt yourself and make me agree. Bondita says I have learnt this from you, did you forget, you have hurt yourself to make them agree. Trilochan thinks Bondita’s maa played a good move, now Anirudh will agree to send her. Bondita stops her breath. Anirudh worries and asks her to stop it. Trilochan looks on and gets worried. Anirudh shouts out Maa. He asks her to come down. Binoy comes and says what’s this widow doing in our haveli. Anirudh asks Maa to explain Bondita. Maa asks Bondita to stop it, just breathe. She cries and says you just breathe for my sake. Bondita stops her madness. Anirudh gets relieved. Maa asks what’s all this, if anything happened then, its so wrong. Trilochan nods. Bondita says its wrong to not fulfill promise. She asks her to tell Anirudh to fulfill his promise. Anirudh looks at Maa.

He says I didn’t expect this from you, I thought you also want her betterment, I explained you why I can’t let her go, what did you do, you took advantage of a girl’s emotions, Bondita loves you, you used that love, isn’t this a cheat with her. Binoy says what’s this drama, Trilochan is smiling, it means he did this to save puja from ruining, great. He smiles. Anirudh says you don’t trust me, you felt I m not doing anything for Bondita, I m using all my time to solve Bondita’s problem, I didn’t sleep since a week, I encourage myself and do everything alone, you ruined my efforts. Maa and bondita cry.

Maa says I know you are working hard, its like a tapasya, but what’s the use when there is no result, your madness has troubled her a lot, she can’t drink water and can’t eat sweets, I m afraid that she will die of hunger because of your madness. He says you are saying this, but someone else has put this in your heart. He looks at Trilochan and asks her to say if he right. Trilochan signs Maa not to say. Anirudh asks who is taking advantage of your helplessness, who is playing with our emotions, its imp for me to know. Maa says no one told me, its a mum’s decision, don’t I have a right to decide for her, who has bigger right, you or me. Binoy smiles. Anirudh says you are Maa, none can take your place, but I will decide for Bondita’s life from now, you gave her responsibility to me. Maa recalls her words and cries. He says now Bondita is my wife, I will decide for her life. Bondita cries and thinks whom shall I choose between Maa and Anirudh.

Bondita asks does my mum not have a right on me, I m upset, I will never talk to you. Trilochan says I named the land after Bondita and your name, I want her betterment, I made arrangements for your departure. Maa says it will happen as you want.

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