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You are my love (Riansh) Part 22

Today’s Episode starts…

The next day…

In VR mantion

Everyone was eating breakfast.

Vansh – so, tomorrow is my little princess’s birthday

Ishani- yes bhai , happy birthday in advance siya.

Siya- thank you bhai and ishani

Vansh-so party

Siya- ok

Then vansh goes to his office .

Vansh- angre , tomorrow is siya’s birthday so , we will do a party in VR mantion. So call our business partners.

Angre- ok boss.

Angre- boss woh MRS. RS

Vansh- angre tum unhe phone mat karna , mein unhe khud bulane jaunga

Then vansh goes to RS mantion.

He enters the mantion he sees that ridhima is talking with someone in phone.

Ridhima- you know na my mood swings , sometimes sweet or  tangy or spicy. I am just fed up from this mood Swings.

Vansh was shocked

Vansh-  what is ridhima is having mood swings it means ridhima is pregnant.

Vansh enters

Ridhima- you here , again

Vansh – ridhima pls answer me something

Ridhima- vansh pls I told na I don’t want to answer your questions.

Vansh- no ridhima you have to answer

Vansh – ridhima do you told veer about your pregnancy.

Ridhima was shocked to the core.

Ridhima- what , pregnant , what are you saying

Vansh- yes , you were saying na you ,re having mood swings.

Ridhima- wait , you were listening my talks

Vansh-, you just answer my question , are u pregnant and did you told this to veer.

Ridhima- what the hell are u saying , i am not pregnant. And about the mood swings, you know that I always have mood swings.

Vansh(thinking)- thank god, she is not pregnant.

Vansh- ok

Ridhima- so , why you came here and why were you listening my talks.

Vansh – oh , actually I came here to invite you to the birthday party.

Ridhima- whose birthday?

Vansh- siya’s birthday.

Ridhima- ok l”ll come

Vansh- ok bye

Then vansh goes from there.

The next day

In VR mantion

The birthday party

Guests were coming




The party was going well , then suddenly ridhima came

She was looking beautiful

Vansh was mesmerized by her beauty .

Ridhima comes and greets siya .

Ridhima- happy birthday siya 🎂🎂may your wishes come true this year .

Siya- thank you bhabhi

Ridhima- siya mein tumhari bhabhi nahi hoon .

Siya- apne ABHI kaha na ki meri sari wishes poori  ho toh meri yeh wish hai ki ap phirse meri bhabhi ban jaye ,phirse MRS. Vansh rai singhania ban jaye , phirse rai singhania’s ki bahu ban jaye .

Ridhima was in tears.  she gave a tight smile.

Then ridhima goes from there .

Ridhima was standing .

Vansh comes near her.

Vansh- you are looking beautiful sweetheart .

Ridhima- I am not your sweetheart

Vansh- but you are my sweetheart.

Ridhima- oh god

Then someone spills juice on ridhima . Then she goes to washroom .

Ridhima- you !!

vansh- yes , let me clean your dress

Ridhima- vansh pls don’t do these , by doing these things you cannot make me forget about your betrayal.

Vansh- which betrayal ridhima

Ridhima- don’t be so saint

Vansh – ridhima pls say something about that betrayal , pls , pls dammit . You know from 3 years I am living in a guilt that I hurted you but how , that u don’t know , Ridhima today i want tha answers pls .

Ridhima – ok you want to know right , then let me tell you .

She tells the truth to vansh . Vansh was shell shocked.

Vansh- what nonsense is this ridhima there is nothing like this between me and ahana. She is just my friend and nothing else.

Ridhima- oh really , then what i saw was wrong , huh? Do u think i am blind.

Vansh- ridhima , did you saw the face of that person

Ridhima(low)- no

Vansh- then how could you tell that it was me??

Ridhima- as he was wearing exactly same clothes as you , he was tall like you , he was exactly looking like you .

Vansh- ridhima tomorrow you will get to know about the truth…

Then they both went from there

To be continued…
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