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You are my love (Riansh) Part 21

Today’s Episode starts…

The same night…

Ridhima ate her dinner and was about to sleep . After a while she slept just then someone in a black hoodie came from the window .

He tried to wake up ridhima

Ridhima woke up

Ridhima was shocked seeing the person


Person- yes me

Ridhima- vansh what are u doing here at this time

Vansh- woh , actually I came here to meet you

Ridhima- why?

Vansh- I want to ask you something?

Ridhima- vansh pls , I am fed up from your questions. I don’t want to answer anything .

Vansh- ridhima pls.

Then they both hear some ones foot steps .

Ridhima- oh , no the servant is coming . If he will see you here then . Vansh you have to hide .

She takes vansh to the  washroom . Then somehow the shower starts . Then vansh held ridhima by waist . Ridhima didn’t stoped him as she was also craving for his touch , his presence , his love . They share an eyelock. Vansh was mesmerized seeing ridhima. Then they heard a servant’s voice .

Servant- mam , ridhima mam where are you?

Ridhima(whispering)- vansh pls be quiet


Servant- mam , where are you.

Ridhima- ya I am here , say

Servant-mam I am keeping your medicines here .

Ridhima- ya keep on the table.

Then the servant goes and riansh came out.

Vansh – ridhima which medicines are this?

Ridhima- that’s none of your business

Vansh – ok

Ridhima- now what are you waiting for go

Vansh- no i will not go

Ridhima- vansh pls go

Then after a while vansh goes.

The next day


Ridhima was not not well so she thought to do the meeting in home.

Then vansh and the dealer came.

The meeting starts

Today also vansh was staring ridhima continuously.

Then after a while the meeting ends.

Then the business man’s goes except vansh

Ridhima- why are u here

Vansh- woh , you have to sign a contract

Ridhima- ok give

Vansh was about to give the contract but just then a boy came

Boy-   ridhima mam

Ridhima- yes

Boy – there is a parcel for you

Ridhima- yes give

The boy gives it to ridhima.

Boy- mam pls sign here

Ridhima- yes, mrs Ridhima vansh…

Vansh listened this .

Ridhima – MRS. Ridhima  Rajveer Singh

Vansh was hurt by her words .

Then she comes to vansh.

Vansh- EK coffee milegi?? Tumhare haath ki

Ridhima- sure

Ridhima makes coffee for both of them.

Ridhima- take

Vansh takes it and drinks

Vansh- wah , 3 saal hogaye the esi coffee pite hue , aj bhi Sab kuch waise hi hai

Ridhima- bhale hi ye coffee same hai par baki sab kuch badal Chuka hai , 3 saal pehle mein MRS. Vansh rai singhania thi par ab mein MRS. Rajveer singh Hun . In 3 saal mein bohot kuch badal Chuka hai .

Vansh was hurt and was in tears by her words he drinks the coffee and goes from there .

To be continued…

Thank you





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