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The Twisted game of Destiny- Bonding ep.31 IMMJ2 Fanfic


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Episode starts

Vansh: Riddhima!! You have to wake up dammit!! For us and for our kids (looking at them) Angre!! Aryan, call the best doctors and let’s shift her to VR mansion. I’ll talk to her, she has to wake up! She’ll be treated here and she’ll wake up here! (tears) Riva and Rivan go prepare with dadi and Ishani, her room needs to be sorted out! No our room!

Aryan: (going inside the ambulance in tears) Riddhu!! (cupping her face) Riddhu what have you done to yourself? Why are you irresponsible towards yourself…in the hospital when we got to know that you were alive our happiness had no bounds then we realized all that happened to you. Why did God have to do that to you!!

Vansh: (in shock) You knew it back in the hospital?

Rivan: How?

Kabir: (coming in) The music box, we had gifted it to Riddhu! (crying)

Angre: Bhai I’ve called the doctors, till then let’s shift Bhabhi to the room.

The nurse and everyone else helped to take her in the room. Vansh carried her carefully and adjusted her on the bed. The nurse arranged all her machines in position and all waited for the doctor to come. Everyone was mum, no one spoke a word and just thought about how much Riddhima and the kids suffered. Thought about how much Riddhima went through that she was lying on the bed with machines supporting her. Thought about how much the kids had to struggle without their mother. The rest of the members were in the hall while Vansh and the kids were in the room with Riddhima.

The doctor arrived and told them to exit the room while he would check on her. Not willing to leave, Vansh fought with the doctor but the kids made him understand and took him outside where the rest were standing. Anisha and Shayne tried comforting the kids while Dadi and Angre were trying to comfort Vansh. The doctor took about 20 mins to check on her completely and arrived.

Doctor: Mr Vansh, how long has she been in coma for?

Riva and Rivan: 9 years

Doctor: Okay taking that in mind, she’s got some slight improvement.

Sejal: Yes doctor, doctors there were also monitoring her improvement in health and they had said there was not much improvement.

Doctor: Yea, these few days are really critical for her. In these days she may be able to wake up from coma or she may not be able to, in that case I’m sorry to say but she may die.

Vansh: (in shock) What!! No way doctor! (anger) You’ve got to save her! I’m warning you, if anything happens to her I’m going to sue you and your hospital!! (holding his collar)

Doctor: Mr Vansh, I understand your feelings, but I’m better at this field, I’m a neurologist. What she has gone through was difficult, her case is difficult. I have given some of the medicines do get them and inject them in the fluid bottle from time to time. (leaves)

Vansh: (crying) Why does this have to happen!! The day when I got two of my biggest happiness is the day that gives me the worst news!! If she goes then I will die too!  (he breaks down on the floor) She has to get better, for me, for our kids!! (realizing) Kids…kids. Rivan and Riva (murmuring, he got up and turned behind to see none of them there) Where are they?

Ishani: They were right here! (worried) I hope they don’t do anything wrong

Vansh: Shit!! No I know them, they wouldn’t give up on life so easily! (walking towards their room)

Dadi: (from behind) Vansh, don’t break down in front of them! You need to be strong in front of them (he nodded)

Vansh wiped off his tears and made up his mind to not break down. He needed to live for them at least. He had to be strong in front of them. He went towards their room, sensing they would be there. Before he entered, all the words kept running through his mind. From the point they entered, to the time when Riva refused to eat the dessert due to her allergy, him linking it with himself and Riddhima, them being so fierce, the similarities between him and them. He yearned for them to call him their father. He was proud being their father, they handled everything so perfectly.

his emotions here are softer

He entered the room and saw Riva and Rivan on the bed, both of them on the side of the bed. Their eyes were red from crying and they just sat still there.

All of the events were playing through their mind too, it was hard for them to accept that they got one parent and on the other hand they were on the verge of losing another. Vansh seeing them in such distress couldn’t hold back his tears, but to keep them going he needed to stop them. He went near them and climbed on to the bed and sat right in the middle of them. They felt some movement beside them but they didn’t bother checking, it was enough to sense that it was their father.

Vansh spread his arms across both their back and pulled them in to a hug. As soon as they came in contact with his chest, they broke down. It hurt him seeing his children like this but he simply just caressed their heads.

Rivan: Why did this have to happen to Mom? Everything was going fine! (crying)

Riva: exactly, she had improvement then why did the doctor say that the next 3 days are going to be critical for her? (crying)

Vansh: You both tell me, would your mom like it if she saw you like this?

Rivan and Riva: No

Vansh: Then why are you crying. You’ve been so strong all these years, handled everything so maturely then why not thing optimistic right now. She’ll be fine! She’s my Riddhima! She’s your mom! A tigress! She’ll make it! So stop crying okay! (he wiped their tears and hugged them again) Now promise me that you won’t cry

Rivan: Promise!

Riva: Promise!

Vansh: My good children! (he chuckled)

Rivan: We are sorry, we didn’t tell you everything about our truth in the first place.

Riva: Yea maybe if we told you then it might have not gotten worse

Vansh: Nothing’s gotten worse. You did what you felt was right according to you! You did nothing wrong. You just wanted to bring both your parents together, and unite them. You managed to do it but just that the situation doesn’t support it.

Riva: We never thought it would get this bad.

Vansh: Everything will fine, time is the greatest healer. It brought us together then why not your mom!

All this was observed by the family who were peeping from outside. They were in tears watching the kids and father talk so emotionally. It was like a heart to heart talk. They were surprised how Vansh handled and consoled himself to help his children. He was the father; Vansh Rai Singhania they saw in that room and not the husband and son; Vansh Rai Singhania that was with them. Kabir and Aryan were happy to see the bond they shared, it was as if all the enmity they had vanished. Dadi instructed everyone to leave and give them their time.

Vansh: It’s quite late now, I think you should take some rest. I’ll be with your mom, so don’t worry about her. (he tucked them in the duvet and turned to leave)

Rivan and Riva: Dad!

Vansh’s eyes welled up when they called him dad. He was longing for it since he got to know that they were his kids. His heart fluttered in happiness and joy when he heard the word “dad” from their mouth ad that too addressing him. He had missed it in their childhood, not able to experience them taking their first word. Even though it was late, they took it and it pleased him the most. He turned to face them.

Vansh: (smiled) Yea tell me

Rivan: Dad please come here (pleading)

Riva: and stay with us for tonight. (Pleading)

Vansh: (nodded and took his place in the middle) I missed all of this in your childhood!

Rivan: I know you must be feeling really happy when we called you dad….mom told us.

Vansh: What did she tell you?

Riva: She said that your dad would go completely crazy when you would call him dad, he would start doing his special and unique dance (smiling)

Vansh: She told you about the dance!! Well the first part is right but the second part umm…I left it. (embarrassed)

Rivan: Don’t get embarrassed dad, we’ve already seen a video of yours doing it! (chuckled)

Vansh: What!!

Riva: Dad please do it!! Once!! Pretty please!! (cute puppy face)

Vansh: Awww how can I resist that face of yours!! But okay fine.

Vansh stood up and started has special and weird joy dance. It was as if a chicken was dancing and trying to fly everywhere. No one could imagine that VR could do such a dance. The kids laughed which gave peace to Vansh. He smiled seeing them laugh and could do anything, much more than this to see them laughing always. He went back to them and settled himself down.

Riva: (laughing) What a dance dad!! The Great VR was doing that!

Vansh: (Adoring her laughing) Anything for you both! By the way, don’t tell anybody about this dance, it only stays between us four! Deal!

Rivan: Deal!! (laughing)

Riva: Dad I wanted to ask you something?

Vansh: Go on, you can ask anything now! You need something just order!

Riva: Dad I wanted the truth and your and mom’s past together. I know I might be asking for more but that’s the only way that will help us end our mission successfully.

Vansh: You’re not asking for more, you need to know everything now. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow and you will have to tell me your side of story too! (they both nodded) But in return for that dance I need a thing from you two.

Rivan and Riva: What’s that? (cute face)

Vansh: (pointing to his cheeks) A kiss

Rivan and Riva: (kissed him) Goodnight dad! Take care of mom!

Vansh: (kissing their foreheads) Goodnight princess! (to Riva) Goodnight champ! (to Rivan) I will (smiling)

Vansh cuddled up with them and soon they both drifted off to sleep leaving Vansh in deep thoughts.


The entire past

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