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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 37

Chapter : 37…” First Victory “…


Scene 1:

The episode starts with Vansh planing a susprise for Riddhima as she is angry.

Van:Please open the door sweetheart!!!

From inside:


Van:Please forgive me. I am really sorry. I will never ever repeat this mistake. Sorry sweetheart.

Rid:I said na no. You know how much I love them then how can you do that?


Hearing Vansh screaming, Riddhima comes out immediately. Vansh seeing Riddhima catches her.

Rid:You liar.!!

Van:Come with me.

Vansh somehow takes her with him.

Riddhima was amazed to see the suprise made by Vansh.

Rid:So many handis of rosogollas and chocolates also. Oh god ice-cream of all flavors.

Van:I don’t know which one you want for ice-cream so I brought the whole shop for you.

Rid:So much for me?

Van:I can even die for you sweetheart.

Riddhima puts her finger on his mouth.

Rid:Shh! Don’t say that. I am incomplete without. You are the reason of my life, the reason of my smile, The reason of my ecstasy.

Van:Now have those rosogollas. They are calling you.

Rid:They are also saying “Vansh come fast”.

Both of them laughs.

Scene 2:

P.A: Sir they have sent the images.


Raghav saw both the pictures.

Rag:Ok so they are not Riddhima and Vansh.

P.A:Yes sir.

Rag:Good job Armaan.

Arm:Thanks sir.

(So P.A’s name is Armaan ).

Scene 3:

Rid:Ishani call her.

Ishani calls Raj.

Ish:Hello Mr. Raj?

Raj:Yes Raj here. What do you want?

Ish:Sir we have called for an inquiry that someone withdrawal 10 crores from your bank account.


Ish:Yes sir.

Raj:But no message came in my phone about that.

Ish:May be server down problems. Please come fast.

Raj:Ok I coming.

Call ended.

Everyone:Plan successful.!!!

Scene 4:

Raj was rushing with his car in full speed to the bank. Who knows it was his last driving. Who knows he will never return his house again.

A truck came from the opposite side and hits his car.


His car is totally broken. His body was lying in the road. There was a pool of blood beside him. He was badly injured in his head. He tries to open his eyes. It was fully blur. He can only see a girl is coming. Slowly slowly her face is getting cleared. She came and sat down beside him.

Raj:Take.. m…e..to.. the..hospital… I d..o..n’t wa…nt t…o d..d..die. (writhing in pain).

Rid:Never!! I will leave you here only. Why I will take you when I am responsible for your death.

A horror came down on his face.

Rid:Yes. I am Riddhima Mukherjee not Nitiya. I am daughter of Late M.L.A Sudip Chakraborty. Hope you remember him. Well you may also remember the betrayal you had done with him. Crime never pays. Your death was in my hands.

She stands up and press her pencil heel in his hand.


Rid:You don’t deserve simple death also. But I have some pity for you.

She kept on pressing it more harder every seconds.

Finally, he died. Yes he died for his deeds. No can be happy giving pain to others.

Scene 5:

All are crying hugging Raj’s dead body. Riddhima and Vansh also went there.

Riddhima wears him a garland and smirks.

Neel:What happened suddenly!! We three are always together but suddenly he left us.

Rid:Now you have to be stay strong. Don’t breakdown. We have to accpet the truth.

Van:Yes, we can’t bring him back now.

After few mintutes they left with the body for the rites.


Riansh left from there.

Van:Nice warning.

Rid:Yupp darling.

Van:Someone is getting romantic. Do you remember about that night?

Rid:Shameless creature!!

Scene 6:

Both of them came back home. They all arranged a small victory party.

Ary:We got succeeded.

Tit:Yupp. Now it’s turn for Nikhil. (I forgot about her😂).


Vik:So I will follow him right?


Ang:Vansh please come here, I want to say you something.


Ang:We have a deal with Chang for diamonds.

Van:But how can we go now?

Ang:We have to go otherwise….

Precap:Nikhil:I will tell them that you two betrayed us. Vansh and Riddhima are scared. 

Today I complete 50 posts. Thanks to all of you for your love and support. Without you all I might have not completed it. 38 posts for ff including charater sketch, 3 posts of ff, 9 os in which one has 3 parts. I never expected this much love from you all. Stay by my side like this so that I can complete 50 episode of my ff also. Thanks a lot. ❤❤. Love you all ❤❤😍😍😘😘. 

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