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The inspirational book: Riansh (last) by Sweety

So hello guys, I know I am late but I hate my life for that. My confidence and everything is broken due to something so hence I decided to quit but due to some people I couldn’t and here’s me completing this. My ffs will be updated next month due to examinations but you can expect more os from me. Some emotional os are upcoming cause I am so emotional these days due to tension so emotional it will be. Happy endings will always not be there as life always doesn’t have an amazing end.

Riddhima was in her pool of blood while Vansh was also injured but less than her as vansh was pushed a bit by Riddhima but vansh could not be pushed that far. So they both got hit from the truck.

Both were on the ground unconscious with blood flowing and Ridhwik was staring at them. He was crying at his helplessness and at his parents’ plight but then he saw Vanya running towards him due to which he could hold back his tears.

Vanya’s POV

I was sleeping  peacefully after my mom’s singing but a crashing sound woke me up. I got up from the bed and went to the window,  it was a frightening sight but as VR’s daughter I was not scared. A truck had hit a couple and the couple was on the ground and people were rushing towards the accident spot.The faces of the couple weren’t clear as they were covered by the lady’s shawl and blood was on the shawl probably the lady was protecting that man. 

I was going to wait in my room but then I identified that my mom’s and the lady’s clothes matched. I remembered my mom saying that she goes on a night walk with dad when he comes from work with a video call with my brother so I got a bit frightened. I rushed down the staircase to the accident spot; I found mom’s phone on a bush with my brother crying. I knew something was wrong as he rarely cries and my eyes was  also in tears thinking about the possibilities.

Vanya’s POV ends..

She shouted: bro why are you crying? If you are here where is mom and dad? Why are you quiet say na?

He stopped crying and with a heavy heart pointed towards the couple who had been crowded by the people. Vanya understood and said stammering: nnnoo no ww…aaa..iii….ttt.. 

She went to the place crowded and saw the driver in the truck had also fallen unconscious. People didn’t allow her to go near but she being VR’s daughter was stubborn.

Vanya: aunts and uncles, listen I am Vansh’s and Riddhima’s daughter so you better let me go or face my wrath.

Everyone let her go after her warning and then she tip-toed to the accident spot. She moved closer and as she moved closer, she left her heart beating fast while her brother was crying silently.

She went closer and closer; then she saw the hands of them were as if they wanted to touch each other. She went towards the couple and slowly lifted the shawl to get the biggest shock of her life. Her parents were in a pool of blood in front of her.

She shouted: mom!! dad!!

She asked for one of the resident’s mobile and dialed Angrey’s number and told him to call an ambulance and reach here soon. She went and checked their breaths and they were alive.(expect it from her she is smart due to her parents. 😂)  She ran towards a person who was jogging and asked for a water bottle and sprinkled water on them. Riddhima didn’t get up but Vansh did but he was still bleeding and was dizzy. He hugged vanya. 

Vansh: Vanu don’t cry!!

He consoled both his kids and was analyzing what had happened that he didn’t notice Riddhima was still unconscious but was searching for her.

Vanya: dad look at mom.

He moved his focus and found Riddhima unconscious and bleeding. He took her in his arms and bandaged her head using the shawl.

He started crying and he kissed her forehead; and a miracle happened she woke up!!

Vanya/Vansh/Ridhwik: mom!! Riddhu

(Half-conscious) Riddhima: vanu I don’t have time. I am sorry vansh, I couldn’t save you atleast for them. I am a bad wife, sister and mother.

All: shut up!!

Ridhwik: don’t you get it mom we all love you. You know not all moms in the world would fight against cancer and complications during pregnancy. And not all moms would have to travel and fight with enemies. Not all moms would go to save her husband while dealing with cancer.Not all moms would surrender to death and ask her own love to save her child and let her go. 

Vanya: not all moms would take her children to battles and save them by getting hurt herself. Not all moms would be hospitalized each month for donating blood and saving her kids and her husband. Not all moms would suffer like this. Not all moms are selfless like you.

Vansh: yes no all moms and wives are like this Riddhu. Not everyone goes near death and comes back. Dare you say anything about our queen. (My friend always blackmails me by those words 😝) 

Riddhima: I don’t deserve all this, and on my birthday maybe I won’t be there but I want you all to enjoy for me.

All: shut up! We will enjoy together!!

Vansh: and you deserve all the happiness in the world our queen!!!

Vanya and Ridhwik: yes

They hugged Riddhima like there was not tomorrow. 

Riddhima: take c..care my life lines!! I…. lllooovvee yyou aalot!! 

Boom she fell unconscious in Vansh’s arms; then vansh seeing all this and his wounds made his world black too. Luckily, the ambulance arrived and both were rushed to the hospital. Both were taken to the operation theatre. 

Ridhwik had reached there after 4hours from his private jet. He was in Dubai but he rushed home as soon as he saw his parents on the road.He was consoling his sister and also was praying. 

The doctor came outside;

Ridhwik: how are them?

Doc: actually sir is ok but his wife is critical. Maybe today might be her last day.

Ridhwik was in tears and said both were ok to Vanya to console her.

After some hours, they were allowed to see them but as they went to Vansh’s room, vansh was missing. To see he had left to Riddhima’s room and was waking towards her room. They took him there and were waiting for her to get up.

After some time; she opened her eyes.

Riddhima: Vansh, Vanu, Ridhwi !!

Vanya/Vansh/Ridhwik: I am here 😊

She was surprised.

They went and hugged her. As soon as they did,  she removed the oxygen mask and she fell short of breath and was struggling to breath but she masked it and called them.

Riddhima: both of you go and lie down on the couch and vansh

Vansh: near you. I know!!

They agreed and left. Vansh had Riddhima near his chest and Vanya was near Ridhwik’s chest as the couch was small. Riddhima started singing and soon both her kids slept.

Riddhima: I don’t have time left. I love you all….

Vansh: no you won’t go alone. I will fulfill my promise too. 

Riddhima: but

Vansh: if we live we will together, if we die that also together. Ok leave that and remember our life.

Both knew either both were going to live or both were going to die as they are each other’s lives or else the worse one was going to die but were quiet as they wanted to live today.

They remembered their first meet full of bitterness, enmity turning to love, their marriage, the gunshots, mood-swings of Riddhima when she was pregnant. They remembered the naming ceremonies of their kids and many more events.

Vansh: can you remember your first day after me knowing your pregnancy?

Riddhima:who can forget that 😅

-flashback starts-

Riddhima was cooking in the kitchen while vansh was sleeping. When Vansh got up, he was searching for Riddhima. As he didn’t find her, he went for a bath and came to the hall. When he found Riddhima in the kitchen, he ran and lifted her up.

Riddhima: what are you doing?

Vansh: serving my wife

Riddhima: wow I didn’t know that people can serve their wives by lifting them up.

Vansh: jaan come on!

Riddhima: what 

Vansh: wait

He put her on the cooktop and asked her what she was doing..

Riddhima: I was making coffee, sago kheer, cheese buns, chocolate milk and pancakes with Nutella for breakfast. But you came and everything is halfway so let me complete.

Vansh: no now let me do it. You will sit here eating an apple 🍎 

Riddhima: what no

Vansh: yes 

And she was eating an apple after a lot of convincing while vansh cooked breakfast. He made her eat and himself ate too. They were very happy..

-Flashback ends-

Riddhima chuckled: that day when I came to your office.

Vansh:  😆 who would forget that?? Your anger while you being pregnant with Ridhwik!! That was the day I regretted keeping our marriage a secret!!

-Flashback starts-

Riddhima has reached VR industries as Vansh had forgotten his files and lunch due to his hurry. It was the first time she reached his office.

She went to the reception and asked for vansh.

Receptionist: wait ma’am we have no one called vansh 

Angry Riddhima: who is your boss??

Receptionist : you mean Vansh sir..

Riddhima: yes call him now!! 

Receptionist: sorry ma’am you need an appointment but you can ask his PA if you want.

Riddhima: fine

She was taken to a cabin where Ria( Vansh’s PA) was working on a file.

Ria: yes how may I help you?

Riddhima: I want to meet vansh 

Ria: who vansh

Riddhima: your boss

Ria: what!! You need an appointment. 

Riddhima(angrily): no I don’t either call angrey or vansh 

Ria:no ma’am I cannot call them as they are in an important meeting and get out from here before I call the security.

Riddhima: excuse you. One scream of me would make you land in trouble.

Ria: whatever ma’am pls leave.

She was angry but due to her health issues was feeling weak. She shouted Vansh and vansh could hear her so he asked angrey to call her as he needed to complete the meeting. Meanwhile,  she was being dragged out by Ria but she was adamant so she somehow pushed Ria and went towards Vansh’s cabin. 

She shouted Vansh with all her strength and Vansh heard it so left the meeting without ending it. He ran and found her fainting but before she could hit the ground, he caught her.

Vansh: Riddhima 

Ria came and shouted: sir am sorry but I was going to throw her out. She was going to meet you.

Vansh was angry and screamed: throw who out my Riddhima out huh!!

Ria was shocked and regretted her actions. Vansh moves his focus to Riddhima.

He fed her water which was brought by angrey after him seeing her state.

Angrey: what happened to bhabhi boss?

Vansh (calm and concerned voice): Riddhu did you have your medicine?!

Riddhima : perhaps 

Vansh (calm voice): oh no how could I forget to remind you and you are so forgetful.       

(Stern voice) Angrey go get some chocolates now!!And Ria go get some orange juice!!

Ria and Angrey: yes boss/sir

They left while everyone was in shock at VR’s behavior. He never behaved like this. He carried Riddhima in his arms and made her sit on  his chair. He fed her the medicines which he had as an emergency and was waiting for Ria  and Angrey as he knew how much she hated medicines so was hugging her(anyone who hates medicine)

 As soon as they arrived, Ria was shocked seeing Riddhima on Vansh’s chair and him hugging Riddhima. Next, she saw Riddhima being fed by Vansh and now understood that she was important to him so left. The employees were gossiping  along with Ria and the receptionist but then stopped as they saw Angrey coming.

Angrey: Ria do you know who you messed up with? She is Vansh Raisinghania’s wife and love. Her anger is more dangerous than VR so I hope you understand.

Everyone was in shock but then they saw Riddhima coming angrily and Vansh was following her. She came to Ria and said: hello Ria better not talk to me like that.

She was scolding her and then Vansh and then Angrey also. To make Ria stay for the job, she imposed rules and Vansh was told to bring red roses every day he comes or else no entry in his room. Although Vansh didn’t want it, he couldn’t refuse his sweetheart.

Everyone was witnessing an angel scolding the devil who never bowed down and then suddenly Vansh lifted her up in his arms.Her blabbering still went on and suddenly stopped to see; Riddhima had fallen asleep. Vansh smirked as he knew she would fall asleep,took her to the cabin and was careful to make sure no one broke her sleep. Everyone was adoring her and her love.

-Flashback ends-

Vansh: you were so cute. After scolding me, you slept peacefully..

Riddhima: it was your trick to make me sleep ok!

Vansh: maybe. Now let’s sleep..

They slept thinking of all the beautiful memories life had given them. 

Next morning when everyone had come to see; Riddhima was dead and then when the doctors went to separate Vansh from her as he was hugging they got to know he was dead too. Their love had won and that day 2 souls left the cruel world to live happily ever after.They found a letter which had to be given to the children so the doctor went and woke  up Ridhwik and gave him the letter. He woke up vanya and consoled her then read the letter together which was written that Riddhima’s and Vansh’s death was certain.They cried and did the last rites of them happily as they knew that Riansh will be happy together.


Vanya: wish that day never arrived 

Ridhwik: but we can’t do anything 

Vanya and Ridhwik: we love you mom and dad..

They left from there but unknown to them two souls were watching them who were Vansh and Riddhima.

Riansh: we love you too..

-12 years later-

It looked like an award ceremony. Yes it was the award ceremony for the best author and story.

Host: so the best story and author goes to VR

A man and a lady went to receive the award. 

Lady: thank you everyone for this award but this would happened without my brother Ridhwik. I  being Vanya Raisinghania, am really happy to get this award. [yes they were vanya and Ridhwik] This story is not fantasy but actually the real love story of Vansh and Riddhima who were my late parents which contained true love. It’s not only inspirational to me but for the whole world and that’s why I wrote this book for which I’m proud of and I know my parents will be as I completed their wish.

Ridhwik: well, no much to say but am proud to say that whatever awards we have received are due to our parents. Their love was true that it became an inspirational book that everyone reads. I loved the title the inspirational book: Riansh. 

They showed a portrait: (with a smile)this is our parents who will remain proud of us forever hopefully!!

Riansh from a distance (with tears) said: we are proud of you our children 

Actually Vanya and Ridhwik had completed their promise and wrote the books about Riansh. Riansh had become a famous couple around the country and was loved by all.Although they died that day, they were remembered forever. Riansh observed everything and were proud of how their kids succeeded in their lives with their names.

At last their love story was a inspirational book and why wouldn’t it be after all:

-A true love story never ends.-

Phew 😅 done ✅ and dusted!! I couldn’t find a ending so ended like this. Hope you all liked it and if it’s worthy then vote. Comment what you want. No pics due to no time.

Now I will be missing from today in updating. I have exams tomorrow and day after tomorrow..

Love you all! 

Bye sweethearts!!

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