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The handsome hunk: Our King Rrahul Sudhir aka Vansh Rai Singhania. #Rrarmy Part 12

Hello guys. Here is a new part about our hero Rrahul sir. I hope you like it and do comment for him not for me.

So let’s start. 

Before starting, I just want to to say that this one could be a short one and it could be a kind of emotional so please bear me.

This man isn’t a normal person guys.

He is a very strong, powerful, and special person.

He will always be that huge image of success, dignity, and hard work.

Even during the so many struggles that he has faced it because of the heath issues of his mom( before she pass way), he was still doing his best to entertain us.

This what we have noticed it when he has started shooting once again after the very short break that he has taken it to check on his mom.

He was still able to rock it so much even with his cracked voice, red eyes, and heartbroken soul.

It was very noticeable on him how he wasn’t in his best mood and he was still giving his best to make us enjoy the show.

He is always able to take our hearts by his lovely performance and his effort to be accurate on every detail so he could give us a perfect scene with all its perfect details.

You are really brilliant sir.

At Tuesday morning, there was a news that has broken the hearts of all RraAmry.

This was the news of the death of Sunita ma which is Rrahul’s mother.

This what has got confirmed from Meenakshi ma’am.

It was such a shocking news to all of us.

We were aware of how Rrahul sir will be that shocked, broken, and shattered.

We all have seen how he was so so attached to his mother which will never be easy on him to be apart of her after she has passed away.

We will never be able to know what he is passing through it now.

Yes we could try to imagine how he would be now super shocked and broken, but we will never completely feel what he is feeling it right now.

He has lost his precious person.

We know that it is so tough on him.

We really understand you sir and your pain.

We are all with you and we will keep supporting you.

Your sorrows is our sorrows sir.

I’m sure that till now all RraArmy are so broken as this what I’m still feeling it right now.

We are feeling as if we have also lost someone special.

Because we have lost your smiles and happiness with the lose of your mom.

May her soul could rest in peace now.

I’m sure that she will complete being so proud of you sir.

I’m sure that she is now feeling what is happening with you.

She will always be around you and feeling your emotions and what is going with you.

She will always be with you sir.

I just hope that you could be fine soon.

I hope that you could be able to overcome this sorrow soon.

I know that God will never leave you and he will always support you.

I know that very soon God will get you out from this situation.

We will keep being with you sir.

We will keep supporting you forever.

Your army will keep praying for you.

We will be waiting for you sir to return back with your lovely smile that takes our hearts.

Actually, not only the fans who were so broken from the news of the death of Rrahul’s mother.

But also so many of his co-actors have got so sad from this news.

This what was noticeable on the posts of Manseev sir and Nia ma’am.

Manseev sir has posted a very heartbreaking post that was observing on it how he was so upset and sad from the passing of Sunita ma.

Also Nia ma’am has posted another heartbreaking post.

It is very tough and hard on all of us so how could you imagine how it could be so so so so hard on Rrahul sir?!

We really understand that he is facing a very huge and tough breakdown.

We are really understanding that so much and we will leave him take his break as much as he want because he really need that quality of time.

Actually, all the pages and the people on instagram didn’t have mentioned him on anything or any post to not disturb him and this is a very lovely thing from everyone.

He needs to overcome this sorrow.

It will never be an easy thing, but I know that my hero will be able to pass it.

I know that you will return more stronger and more powerful.

I know how my hero is a very strong man who will be able to overcome this sorrow soon.

May God could cure all your pain soon sir.

All our prayers with you sir.

So let’s talk about some stuff about our hero that could get us out of the mood for some time:

The languages that he spoke it apart of Hindi and English: he speaks a little Punjabi and he speaks Kashmiri fluently.

When he has got asked does he like reading books or not, he has said that that he doesn’t like reading books.

As he has said that he doesn’t have interests in reading.

This what he has said it during one of his old interviews.

The most interesting thing that he has read it lately during that time: he has said that it was the script.

His favorite cuisine is mostly Kashmiri.

When he has got asked about the most turning point on his life, he has said that his life is so early in having a turning point.

I think that he now could be able to get his turning point as of course his mother’s death is the most turning point thing on his life.

A song that was sticking on his mind as that moment: Tum Mile

He isn’t that sweet lover, but he still enjoy it.

If a dessert will be offered to him at that moment, it must be blueberry cheesecake.

When he has got asked either he could travel and enjoy time with friends or be alone, he has said that sometimes you feel that you want to travel with group of people and sometimes you feel that you want to travel alone.

When he has got asked about a similarity between Rrahul and Vansh, he has said that I think that Vansh defence mechanism and Rrahul defence mechanism.

When he has got asked how he would describe Vansh in one word, his answer was enigmatic.

When he has got asked does he see the role of Vansh challenging, he has said that he doesn’t think that the role is challenging.

It is what is expected from you as an individual character what is challenging.

When he has got asked what he feels when someone calls him with a character’s name, he has said that it is a kind of weird feeling that there is a character’s name that got attached to you.

When he has got asked which scene was difficult on him, he has said that all the scenes are difficult for him.

As he has said that he always struggle with scenes.

But at the end, he comes up with amazing scenes man so even if he struggles like he has said he is still able to portray every shade in an brilliant way.

He is really a man with so amazing talents and so lovely personality.

He will always be able to amaze us with his unique attitudes.

His expressions are always able to impress us so much.

Oh God!

Such an outstanding and killing expression.

I hope that we could see you back again sir with happy soul and smiling face.

Will always keep praying for your happiness.

Will always love you and support you so much sir.

So bless your day with cute and lovely smile of our hero.

So let’s end this part on this point. I hope that you have liked it and enjoyed it. Do tell me your opinion on it. I will be waiting for all of yours comments on this part so I could be encouraged to update more parts. I hope that you all could break the previous comment record of mine by commenting so much comments here. Please guys comment for him not for me. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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