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The Destiny Of Three Dreamers #Ages (UDAARIYAAN)

Hi friends I am giving the ages of all the characters of my fanfiction. Now don’t get me wrong I am not delaying the fanfiction. I will be uploading the first episode of it on 1st June 2021. So don’t worry friends. I am still writing the first episode so I thought I can upload something else in the meanwhile that’s all 😊. So here are the ages of all the characters of my fanfiction:

Tejo: 24 years old

Jasmine: 20 years old

Fateh: 22 years old

Bebe: 76 years old

Satti: 46 years old

Rupi: 49 years old

Lovely:  50 years old

Harman: 52 years old

Abhiraaj: 25 years old

Navraj: 17 years old

Dilraj: 9 years old

Khushbeer: 55 years old

Gurpreet: 54 years old

Biji: 79 years old

Bauji: 79 years old

Nimmo: 48 years old

Balbir: 56 years old

Manjit: 55 years old

Pammi: 54 years old

Pawan: 53 years old

Amrik: 20 years old

Mahi: 19 years old

Simran: 24 years old

Buzo: 21 years old

So these are the ages and the … friends please do give me feedback and also please share your ideas in the comments section below I would love to know your ideas and I can probably take them as an inspiration for my fan fiction.

Thank you and stay tuned for 1st June’s 1st Episode.

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