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The days of friendship and love Season2 ArDeep,MayRa,SharDaa SS Part 7

The days of friendship and love Season2 Part 7

Rudra started depending on drinks.


3 months passed by…



He tried to put the button of his shirt.The button got removed and fell down.

Rudra:Oh no…

Maya came near him.

Maya:Still you can’t even manage your button.

Rudra:But you are there to manage it.

She smiled.

She took the needle and thread.Then she attached the button to his shirt.

He felt nice when Maya stood so close to him and cut the thread from the shirt with her teeth.

Suddenly Maya disappeared making him realize that it was only his imagination.

He shed tears:Maya!

He said in anger:I hate our destiny.

Rudra poured liquor into the glass and drank it angrily.



Amar and Raya were having dinner.

Raya felt uneasiness and went to the washroom to vomit.

Amar became upset seeing her vomit.He rubbed her back to make her feel better.

Amar:Did’nt you like  the food?

Raya:It’s not because of that Amar.I missed my date this month.So I doubt whether it’s due to pregnancy.

Amar got excited:Pregnancy?


Amar:Oh my God!

Raya:Wait wait..it’s not confirmed.First we will consult a doctor.

Amar:Ok.But I hope our doubt is true.

Raya:Why?Are you desperate to be a father so soon?We are still newly married.

Amar smiled:Till now I had not thought of it.But since you told me this,suddenly I feel thrilled to be a father.

She smiled.


Amar,Raya,Maya and Deep went to the hospital.

The doctor informed Raya and Deep:The report is positive.You both are going to be parents.

Raya and Amar became very happy.

Raya-Amar:Thank you doctor.

In that happiness Amar hugged Raya.

They both came out of the room.

Maya and Deep were eagerly waiting there to hear the good news.

Raya showed them thumbs up.

Maya-Deep got excited:Means we are becoming uncle and aunty?

Raya nodded with a smile.

Maya and Deep hugged Raya.


After a week….


Raya and Amar were shocked as Amar’s parents Faizal and Nafisa visited them.

Faizal:Are you still angry with us or will you allow us to come inside?

Raya:Come inside please.

They went inside.

Nafisa:We hurt both of you very much.Please forget everything and forgive us.

As Nafisa shed tears, Amar held her hands.


Faizal:Because of ego I did not care when Amar left us and married Raya.But I realized that when our first grand child is on the way,keeping this ego with us is unnecessary.Allah taught us to love,not to hate our own children.So please let us start a new life forgetting everything.

Raya and Amar became happy.

Amar hugged his parents.

Amar:But how did you know that Raya is pregnant?

Maya and Deep came inside.

Deep:We told them.

Raya and Amar could not believe it.

Maya:Raya..we know the pain of not having parents.You yourself know that Amar was incomplete without his parents.So we thought that your baby could unite Amar with his parents.When a baby comes with happiness there is no place for ego,but only relationships.

Raya and Amar became emotional.

Amar:I don’t know how to thank both of you.

Deep:Come on Amar.We are also friends.What’s the need of this formality?

Amar smiled.

Raya looked at Maya.

Raya:Maya…then Rudra and his parents..?

Maya:That’s why I decided to end my relationship with Rudra.Otherwise he will also leave his parents for me.Rudra should not lose his parents.

Raya was touched by her words.

Raya:Maya…you are so good.I wish Mrityunjay uncle had realized this.

Maya smiled in a pale manner.

After some time Deep and Maya left.

Raya served food to Amar’s parents.They were very happy.

Nafisa:Now since all the problems are over,you both come and stay with us.Raya needs care now.I will look after her.

Raya became dull.She went to her room.Amar followed her.

Amar:What happened Raya?

Raya:Amar,I can’t leave my friends.I want to be with Maya and Deep always.

Amar:So you want to stay in this house itself.Right?


Amar:Don’t worry.Your wish will be fulfilled.


Amar:I will handle my parents.

Raya was confused.

They both went out of the room.

Amar:Abbu…Ammi…since our office is near by,it’s convenient for us to stay here.Also travelling is not safe for Raya in this condition.So we will stay here itself.

Nafisa:But Raya needs care.

Amar:Don’t worry Ammi.I will take care of my Raya.

Faizal and Nafisa smiled.

Faizal:Then we will here during weekends to spend time with you both.

Raya and Amar became very happy.

Raya:Yes.We will wait for you both to come.

Faizal-Nafisa smiled.Nafisa caressed Raya’s belly and hugged her.Amar and Raya became very happy.



In the office…


Rudra came near Maya while she was walking.

Rudra:Maya,I need to talk to you.

Maya stared at him sensing alcohol’s smell from him.

Maya:You drank?

Rudra:Yes.Drinks give me relief.

Maya:Don’t try to gain sympathy by becoming Devdas.It’s not going to change my decision.

Rudra became upset.

Maya:Are you not ashamed to drink and come to office?Atleast don’t drink before you come to office.That’s basic manners and decency. Did’nt your parents teach you this?Atleast think about your colleagues in the office.How uncomfortable will they be if you come here drunk!Can’t you think of that?

Rudra was upset.

Rudra:You are right Maya.I will not drink anymore.

Maya was relieved and happy.But without showing that she faked anger.

Rudra:Ananya’s proposal has come again as they know the truth now.


Rudra:Does’nt it make any difference to you?

Maya suppressed her pain.

Maya:Why should I care?You proceed with the proposal.Marry her.She fits your family more than me.

Rudra became upset.

Rudra:You don’t care at all?Can you look at my eyes and say this?

Maya struggled hard to hide her pain and looked at his eyes.

Maya:I can.Go marry Ananya and leave me.

Maya walked away.Rudra was really upset.





Deep got ready to go to office.Maya was sitting on the sofa.

Deep:You did’nt get ready yet?

Maya:I have taken leave.

Deep was stunned:Leave?Why?

Maya:No reason.Actually I don’t feel nice.

Deep:I know why.You are upset about Rudra and Ananya’s wedding.Right?

Maya was silent.

Deep:Why are you asking him to marry Ananya when you don’t really want it to happen?Rudra too does’nt want it.

Maya:Deep…let us stop this conversation now.I am planning to do some shopping.So you go with Raya.


Deep went out.





In the evening Deep and Raya returned from the office.

Maya was sitting on the sofa.

Deep:How was the shopping Maya?


Deep:But you still don’t seem to be happy.

Maya was silent.

Raya:You can be happy only if you unite with Rudra.

Maya became dull.

Deep:Look at the coincidence.Like you,even Rudra was on leave.His dad met with an accident.He is lucky.If a stranger had not taken him to the hospital on time,he would’nt have been safe.

Maya became dull.

Maya:How is he now?Any idea?

Raya:We had called Rudra.He is out  of danger.

Maya was relieved.

Deep:Rudra is in his tough phase now.He needs your emotional support now.

Maya became upset.

Maya:I am helpless even though I wish to console him.If I do so again we will come closer.That should not happen.

Deep-Raya became upset.

Raya:But Maya…

Maya:Amar must be waiting for you.You go home.You are a lucky girl who can be with the person you love.

Raya looked at Maya emotionally.





Deep and Arohi went for an evening walk.

Deep:You are right Arohi.Evening walk makes us peaceful and healthy.Thanks for inviting me to walk with you.

Arohi smiled.

Arohi:Actually I have called you to discuss something.Evening walk was an excuse though I always go for evening walk.

Deep:What?So why was the excuse made for?

Arohi:As you know I was planning to look for NRI residents.

Deep became dull.

Arohi:But I have changed my plan.I am not looking for any NRI.I prefer to stay here itself.

Deep was relieved and happy.

Deep:Good decision.Why should we settle abroad when we have our beautiful India?

Arohi smiled.

Arohi:I changed my decision not because of that.I found an Indian guy for myself.I like him very much.

Deep became upset.He was really in shock.

Deep thought:Who did he find in between?Who is my enemy?

Arohi:I don’t know when I fell in love with him.I was confused about my feelings.But recently I became sure that I love him. I don’t know whether he loves me or not.So shall I ask him whether he also loves me?

Deep became upset.He nodded painfully.

Arohi looked at his face deeply and asked Deep:I love you Deep.Will you marry me?

Deep was so surprised that he did not know whether to believe it or not.

Arohi:Deep,do you love me?

Deep was numb because of this surprise.

Arohi was irritated as he was not responding.She tried to walk away.But suddenly he pulled her closer and looked at her with his romantic eyes.

Deep:I have been loving you since I met you for the first time.But I am spineless to open my heart to you.Thank God…You were bold enough to propose me first.I love you Arohi and I want to marry you.

Arohi was very happy.

They shared a romantic eye lock.




After 1 1/2 month….

Rudra went near Maya and gave her a card.

Maya:What is this?

Rudra:This is my wedding invitation card.

Maya was shocked.

Rudra:You are the one who  me to marry Ananya the most.Right?So the first invitation card has to be for you.

Maya’s heart got pricked.

Rudra:Since dad just recovered from the accident,the wedding will be simple in a temple.

Rudra extended his hand towards Maya and asked her:Won’t you wish me good luck to have a happy married life Maya?

Maya’s heart pained.

Slowly she held his hand and said:I wish you a happy married life Rudra.

Rudra:Thank you Maya for your lovely wish.

Rudra smirked and walked away.

Raya and Deep held Maya’s hands from both sides as they knew what Maya must be feeling now.She was in deep pain.

But Maya pretended to be strong and said:I am alright.

Raya and Deep were silent.

Manish smirked watching all this.Maya,Raya and Deep stared at him angrily seeing him smirk.

Manish went near Rudra and said:Guess now you also know what kind of dirty affair Maya has with Deep.That’s why you decided to marry someone else.Well done.

Rudra looked at him angrily.

Rudra:Some infected people like you can never be cured as poison has spread all over you internally.If you don’t want me to be violent don’t come in front of me.Get lost.

Manish was shocked.Manish remembered how Rudra got violent during the party and walked away.





Days passed by.


Rudra-Ananya’s wedding day arrived.

Deep,Raya,Arohi and Amar got ready.

Maya also got ready in a simple salwar suit.She was gloomy.

Raya:You look so simple Maya.It’s a wedding function.

Maya:I am not interested to wear any party wear.

Deep:How can Maya dress up grandly for her Rudra’s wedding?

Everyone became dull.

Raya:If you were that sad why did you leave Rudra?

Maya could not bear it anymore.

Maya:Enough.Let us go.

They all started from there to attend Rudra’s wedding.

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