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Hi everyone!! Short updates from Didi ka phone chheen ke😂 phone is gone for repair kaash mera haath bhi ho jaata😂

At VR Mansion
Ajay, Uma, Riddhima and Vansh reach home.
Uma: Riddhima, don’t be an overthinker. Just call me if you need anything. Vansh will show you your room.
Riddhima (smiling a little): Ok.
Ajay: Yes beta. You are a part of this family now.
Dadi: Riddhima, you are really welcome to this house.
Riddhima: Thank you Dadi.
Dadi: How do you know me?
Riddhima: Vansh has told me everything about each one of you. He loves all of you very much.
Kabir: Including me? Huh.
Vansh: I will show you your room. Come.
Vansh takes Riddhima upstairs. Siya and Ishani were in their room when they saw Vansh with Riddhima.
Ishani: Wow Bhai? Aren’t you too fast?
Vansh: What? Oh by the way. She is Riddhima.
Riddhima: Hi Ishani. Hi Siya.
Ishani and Siya: Hi!
Vansh: You talk to them I will be back. Ishani. Come with me please.
Siya: Come.
Riddhima and Siya sit on the bed and have a normal introduction to each other.
Siya: I am very happy. You are a living with us.
Riddhima: Yes..
Vansh and Ishani come back.
Ishani: Siya come let’s go. Let her have rest. We will talk to her in the morning.
Siya: Ok. Good Night Riddhima.
Riddhima: Good Night.
Siya and Ishani leave the room. Vansh comes and sits next to her. Riddhima rests her head on his shoulder.
Riddhima: I don’t know who did this. But I will find him soon. Sorry. WE.
Vansh: How do you know it’s Him?
Riddhima: The voice was of a man. But look how clever he is. He took our picture and showed it in a really intimated way. I am regretting on wearing an off shoulder dress.
Vansh: Uff Riddhima. Why do you think and regret so much? We will find him. And he will regret. Not you.
Riddhima: I know. When you are with me all the problems just vanish. I love you.
Vansh: Love you too. Now you should sleep you are really tired.
Riddhima: Good night
Vansh: Good night
Precap- Midnight in kitchen….

Hope you all liked it. I am glad you all liked Vansh’s parents being supportive 😊 Comment your reviews. 

Tanvi 🌠

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