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Santoshi Maa 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update – The Child’s father Manoj’s rice grains become red in colour.

Santoshi Maa 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Dev Rishi warning everybody to keep the eyes closed & also to tightly hold the rice grains in their hands or will face trouble because it’ll become red of that person whoever is the culprit.
Mata Santoshi intimates Dev Rishi that it’s time to disclose the truth it seems but he asks her the second step is about to begin & she intimates him to chant for Prabhu Mahadev’s name & he’ll give the way for solution hence Dev Rishi chants name of Prabhu Mahadev accordingly.
Mata Paravati gets up while Prabhu Mahadev asks her that is there any trouble & she tells him that I am happy to see Devi Santoshi keeping faith on her devotee who is really great to support for her good cause to create in human’s while he explains her about human’s behaviour changes at times.
Dev Rishi gets up telling everybody that this step is also finished & now all of you can open your eyes slowly while everybody opens their eyes & Dev Rishi checks everybody’s hands one by one but & all their rice grains are found white in colour except the child’s father, Manoj hence all of them feel relaxed but Rinky curses Dev Rishi of fooling them but he shouts her & one more hand was to be checked that was of Manoj but when he opens it the grains are found to be Red by which Manoj gets scared. Dev Rishi is shouting Manoj to disclose the truth but he is blaming him for fooling with them. Dev Rishi is watching him in anger while Manoj is scared & shouts saying that I haven’t killed anybody but Dev Rishi tells him that I never said you killed instead you are only saying of killing hence disclose immediately but he screams saying that I am leaving from here & goes to call his wife but a sound is heard by everybody.
Manoj’s wife is in swimming pool held by the hotel staff on gun point holding her child in the pool hence everybody shouts him to stop all this but he is holding the child on ransom & warning everybody that he’ll kill the child if he is not given way to go from there.
Devi Polomi is addressing Mata Santoshi says that if you stop one of my devotee then another comes up which will keep this happening until I do not destroy all your base.
Manoj is shouting him to leave his child & will give everything what he has while Dev Rishi intimates Mata that the person who is criminal is now pleading for his child & Mata says that this is natural that human’s evil deeds bad effects are faced by his family. Dev Rishi shouts Manoj to disclose the truth or his family might face trouble while Manoj’s wife moves ahead to grab her child but the staff is warning her then too she is moving & he shoots her while she gets injured on stomach. All get scared of him while Mata is also steering the staff angrily but Dev Rishi asks her that will Indresh & Swati be able to tackle this situation.
Indresh calms the staff to wait & will arrange for his way out from here while Swati handles child’s mother taking her inside & trying to make her awake but she closes her eyes by which Swati feels scared.
Mata Santoshi is explaining Manoj that your mistakes punishment will be faced by your family hence to accept your crime & make them free from all obstacles or you won’t get any chance for repenting your mistakes also hence he falls in confusion but Devi Polomi comes instigating him against Indresh & Swati who should be blamed.

Precap : Manoj holds Swati at gun point blaming Indresh & her for doing all this game plan while Mata is watching him in anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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