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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shivangi Offers Help To Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anant tells Gehna that he has only 5 lakhs in his saving and without a job he cannot take 20 lakhs loans. She cries that he is also in trouble because of her. He asks her not to sign any contract without reading and says everyone are not good and kind hearted like her, this world is like a python which gulps good people like her. She asks how will they manage remaining 20 lakhs. He says they should speak to mom dad and seek loan from them, they will be angry on bhabhis and scold them, but it would be a good lesson for them. Gehna pleads not to inform Baa and Bapuji about bhabis and inform them just about her contract. He agrees. Next morning, family gathers. Bapuji says their morning is refreshing at it starts with Gehna’s tea. Paresh and Pankaj back him. Gehna serves tea to everyone. Hema tells Kanak that Gehna looks sad and hasn’t slept whole night, that means she hasn’t slept whole night as he hasn’t arranged money yet. Kanak says she can’t carrange such a big amount. Anant speaks to his contact and informs Gehna that he couldn’t arrage money. Door bell rings, Gehna goes to check and gets tensed seeing Shivangi. Shivani asks if she can come in. Gehna thinks why did Shivangi come here. Hema and Kanak get tensed seeing Shivangi and hide their faces thinking she may identify them. Baa asks who is she. She says she is their bahu’s modeling agency’s co-partner.

Anant with Gehna walks aside with her and asks why did she come here, she will get back her money in 5 days. Shivani says she came to help Gehna as she is also a woman, it will help Gehna both professionally and financially, whatever happened yesterday was not good, people consider women as mannequins, Gehna raised her voice and proved that nobody can force a woman. She further says she heard Gehna like stitching and handwork, so she has a garments side business and wants Gehna to do Gujrati embroidery on 100 gowns and if she completes her order, she will arrange 25 lakhs for her. Gehna thanks Kanhaji for sending help via Shivangi. Anant says they shouldn’t blindly trust anyone and asks Shivangi how to believe she came to help them as she is Amrish’s partner. Shivangi says her brother is also a good man and this time reacted as hurt his ego, they can do paperwork and only after fulfilling the rules, she can deliver consignment. Anant agrees and says Gehna will do stitching for her. She says they a right decision, wishes them all the best, and leaves. Gehna tells Anant that she did minor stitching till now and doesn’t know how to do Gujrati embroidery on western gown, and though she will get designs online, how will she make 100 gowns in 5 days. Anant says she is right, they shouldn’t inform Baa and Bapuji and finish the consignment silently. Gehna says she wants to inform them to seek their blessings. He agrees and asks how will they finish so much work in 5 days. She says Kahnaji will help them. They both walk in. Kanak with Hema hearing their conversation fumes saying only Gehna doesn’t have right on Kanhaji, he is even on her side as she is fighting for her dreams, modeling was her dream and now she will do something because of which Gehna ill have to back off.

Gehna while playing with football sees Gehna and Anant carrying a box and thinking they bought a gift for him throws ball towards them. Anant sees ball heading towards Gehna and holds it. A cloth falls on them. Sagar jumps and puts back remaining cloth pieces in box. Family gathers. Tia asks what is happening. They both get conscious, Gehna says ball was hitting her and hence Anant saved her. Tia jokes and asks why did they bring so many clothes. Anant informs since Gehna rejected modeling contract, she needs stitch gowns to compensate for agency’s losses. Gehna says she tried modeling but couldn’t, so if she completes this order, agency will not file case on her. Sapan asks when will she study if she does stitching. Paresh backs him. Baa says they always supported Gehna, she wanted to study and become a lawyer and hence they are eagerly waiting to see her as a lawyer, she took modeling in between and now wants to do fashion designing, she should first fulfill her responsibilities towards this house as wife, DIL, bhabi, etc., first. Hema tells Kanak that Baa is posing a hurdle for Gehna, what if she opens her mouth against them. Kanak says Gehna will not, but she cannot trust Anant. Bapuji tells Gehna that she will not perform stitching work as she is not made for that and he will pay modeling agency. Gehna says its his saved money, so she will repay money via stitching or modeling and just needs Baa and Bapuji’s blessings. Bapuji says his blessings is always with her. Kanak says whole family is with her and tells Baa that her 3 bahus can complete any task and together will complete this task. Hema thinks why Kanak wants to help Gehna. Kanka asks if they will or not. Hema says Desai bahus together will finish consignment. Whole family says they all support Gehna and holding each other’s hands walk around Gehna. Gehna gets happy seeing that. Kanak thinks Gehna’s happiness is short lived and family who is helping her will not help her when she goes to jail, soon Gehna will sing a song in jail.

Precap: Police arrests Gehna. Kanak and Hema get happy seeing that.

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