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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 48

Hello everyone i am back

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May be my exms will be there so i won’t post regular once in 3 or 4 days or in a week (jb chli jaungi tb yaad kroge isliye abhi comment kr dia kro😟)

@ananya happy birthday dear may your all wishes come true stay safe and happy always

Epi starts here

Scene 1

Vansh riddhima are sitting together and angre is sitting adjacent to both of them

Suddenly vansh gasps and left flabbergasted and freeze on his place

Ishani – what happened bhai

Vansh (stammering) – Not.nothing.

Dadi – Beta have your brkfst na

Vansh started eating by his left hand

Siya – Bhai!! Why are you eating with left hand

Riddima (teasing) – What happened vansh why are u eating with left hand

Vansh (in her ears)- leave my hand sweetheart

Riddhima (chuckles) – Enjoy Mr. Romantic raisinghania

Riddhima is holding vansh’s right hand tightly and squeeze it

Vansh pleads her with his eyes but she is giggling

After some time she left his hand and vansh started eating again

Vansh’s POV

You messed with wrong man sweetheart now wait what will i do
Whatever the situation is but your this version uff!! I am loving it..

Pov ends

Vansh removes his shoes and forward his leg and started rubbing his toe with riddhima’s leg

1 minute gone

2 minute gone

No response fron her😕

After getting no response from her he tilt his head near Her and whisper in her ears

Vansh (perplexed) – Sweetheart didn’t you do wax on your legs (i was laughing like maniac while writing this 😂)

Riddhima (shocked)- What the hell what type of question is this vansh i did that but why are u asking😒

Vansh – Then why i m feeling roughness on your legs

Suddenly angre tilt his head towards vansh and whisper in his ears

Angre (smiling sarcastically) – Because that leg is mine

Stop your romance here otherwise ishani will tont us that you are having extra marital affair with your ex girlfriend

Vansh quickly take back his leg and started eating silently and riddhima giggles

Scene 2

Riddhima is sitting in hall sadly

Dadi – What happened beta why are u sad

Riddhima – I am missing my daughter dadi .

In this 5 years i never stay awayed from her

Dadi – Vansh!! Take riddhima to vyom’s house it’s my order

Vansh – Ok dadi even i can’t see my sweetheart sad

Riddhima (happy) – Thnk u so much dadi !! I will take siya too my baby will be happy meeting her

Dadi – She is not at home beta

Riddhima – Ok then we are going

Riansh leaves

Scene 3

Riansh enters vyom’s house and anaisha comes running to riddhima and hugs her

Riddhima takes her in her lap and started kissing her

Riddhima (in tears) – mumma is sry baby!! But i missed you alot

Anaisha- I missed u too mumma

Suddenly anaisha started glaring vansh😒 (bacchi bhi glare de rhi ab kaha gya VR ka khauf 😝)

Anaisha (angry) – Why you bring this uncle here😏

I hate him he always hurt you and now he snatched you from me and took you away

Vansh bow down his head in disappointment (ab bacchi ko kya hi smjhau😣)

Riddhima cups anaisha’s face

Riddhima – Baby!! Don’t say like this
You know vansh uncle is best he loves your mumma alot and he keeps me so happy there

Anaisha(innocently) – He is not bad !!

Riddhima – No!! Now go to him and say sorry

Anaisha goes to vansh and sit in his lap and hugs him

Anaisha – I am sorry uncle

Riddhima – Baby!!now he is not your uncle call him papa

Vansh looks at riddhima but riddhima assures him by blinking her eyes

Anaisha – But how can he be my papa

I have my vyom papa na

Riddhima (smiling) – Baby you remember i told you that You are bappa’s special child that’s why you have 2 mothers me and sejal mumma

Same as you have 2 papa

Anaisha becomes happy and again hugs vansh

Anaisha – I am sorry vansh papa
I won’t hurt you again ( many of u were right itta paisa ni h mere ps me ni dungi😟)

Vansh hugs her back and kiss her forehead

Vansh – Don’t be sorry you are my daughter now

Riddhima – Vansh you play with her i am going to call vyom

Vansh holds her hand

Vansh (annoyed) – Why are you going he has legs he will come himself (vanshu is julious😂)

Riddhima (smiling) – Mr. jealous raisinghania stop being so jealous from my best frnd

And he leaves making vansh pissed

Vansh’s POV

Okok i accept i am jealous
But what can i do
I know she loves me but when there is love jealousy always takes place
Pov ends

Scene 4

Vyom’ s room

Riddhima enters

Riddhima – Vyom!!

Vyom (stammering) – Shi..shivanya…tu..tum ..yaha..

Riddhima – can’t i come to my home

Vyom – No no it’s nothing like that

Riddhima – What are you doing here lets go downstairs vansh wanna meet u

Vyom – You go i am coming in a minute

Riddhima – Ok!!

What she is thinking guess

(What is she thinking guess)

She leaves

After sometime riansh come back to VR mansion

Scene 5

Riansh’s room

Riansh and ishangre are chit chatting in room

Ishani (teasing) – So how was your first night bhai!!😉

Angre – Ishani stop yr don’t embarrass everyone 😊

Riddhima (frown) – You two ex bf gf are same (pointing towards vangre)

Both are unromantic

And ishani don’t ask about first night you bhai did so much of adventure with me😒

Ishani burst into laughing

Riddhima (pointing towards angre ) – And bhai!! I am extremely disappointed from you

You are seriously such a spoilsport

You didn’t even decorated our room for night

So boring (pouting)

Ishani and vangre left jaw dropped

(Did u also left jaw dropped 😂😂)

Vansh (facepalming) – Stop this sweetheart you are embarrassing me😊

Riddhima (angry) – Oh yes..i always do everything na😠

You are so saint and i am devil

And she storm out of the room angrily

Vansh’s POV

Now what did i do yrr!!

I m feeling so helpless

How people stay in marrige for this much years i got tired in one day only

Pov ends

Angre – Enjoy bhai!! All the best

Ishani (teasing) – Bhagwan apko sehen shakti de😉

And ishangre leaves

Scene 6

Ishangre’s room

Angre is thinking something deeply

Ishani comes from behind and hugs him

Ishani – what are u thinking jaan

Riddhu was right you are so unromantic😕

Angre (serious) – i am thinking about her only

Didn’t you notice her behavior since when she started behaving this much bold yr

Ishani – You are thinking too much angre you should be happy for her na that she is giving chance to their relationship

Angre – No!! Ishani my heart is not accepting the fact

Even bhai is unable to digest her behavior

What if they are pretending to be lovey dovey couple and hiding something from us

(What do u think guys)

Ishani – This is too much angre you are thinking so much now

But if you have doubt na!! Then i have an idea😎

Angre (curious) – What!!😒

Ishani – we will spy on them tonight

We will go to their room and see what they do in night

Angre (shocked)- ishani have u gone mad😰

I can’t spy on newly wedded couple’s room that too in night
And that too in my own sister’s room
No no no!!

The thought is itself so horrible

Ishani (grabbing his collar) – I am not asking you i am ordering you

We are doing this and that’s final
So that you can live peacefully and let me also

And she dragged him to riansh’s room

Scene 7

Outside riansh room

Ishani and angre are standing near door trying to listen what is happening inside

Angre – ishani plz let’s go what is anyone saw us here😟 what will they say

Ishani (glaring him) -they will say that we are spying 😓

Now You better shut up!😒

Let me listen what is going inside

Suddenly some voices started coming from inside

Ishangre looks at each other in horror

Done for today

Precap : your lie has been caught i know what are u hiding from us

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Luv uh all

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