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Hey guys !!! 🙂🙂

How are you all , as I already ended this FF , but still , AZY di , asked in the comment section , when I will upload this FF ?? , I think she liked this , but if she learns that this got to an end , she will be upset , so , I extended 1more part for this FF and who are interested to read it , they can .😌😌😌😌

So coming to the update , it was their romantic first night .

At Afternoon :

Riddima is sitting on the bed , when vansh taps her back

” What are you thinking sweetheart ??” He spoke

” Nothing ” she spoke

Here , angre enters their room

” What the , angre , you ?? , What happened ?? ” vansh spoke

” There was a meeting with Mr John . ” Angre spoke .

Vansh kisses riddima’s forehead and leaves .

Riddima’s POV

Hmm , he left me for a meeting , as our first night is stopped abruptly because of the ritual , he was sad of that matter. I met him after a long time , I don’t want him to be sad , so I decided to make today’s night special for us , hmm , but what to do ?? , Yes , that will be perfect , but what about the security ?? , Hmm , they will be away , so no problem .

Riddima’s pov ends

At Night :

Vansh enters in the bedroom , but sees none .

Vansh Pov

I entered in to see the room empty,

Where does she went ?? , My gaze then fell on the table near me . There is a letter . I went near it and took it and started reading .

” Vansh , I have a small surprise for you , come on to the terrace ”

I was happy and excited that what is in store for me on terrace , I went up and saw the moon’s beauty , I was left in watching it , when my gaze fell on my moon , I mean , my sweetheart !! , She too is watching the sky , I went near her and back hugged her , she realised my touch and smiled .

” So what do my sweetheart prepared for me ?? ” I spoke

She blindfolded me immediately and made me go towards a place , she unfolded my blindfold . I was surprised by the arrangements she made , a beautiful bed with white bed sheet and roses decorated well , just like , then my brain tube light turned on , I was shocked , I observed all the decorations well.

There are scented candles , frangransive flowers , with curtained bed . And the flowers on the bed are heart shaped . It was , it was like the arrangements are of,

Of , FIRST NIGHT !!!! , I was left flabbergasted . I once again took a look on everything . Now I saw my wife’s reaction . She was naughtily smirking and coming forward to me , I got a jolt when she pinned me to the wall . Seriously , like , I should do that , today I saw another shade of her , which is naughty and romantic , I liked it a lot , I took a look on her dress , she is wearing a sleeveless and knee lenghted black hot dress , she is applied  dark red lipstick thickly , and there is no much makeup in her . Her hair is in a bun , when I slightly pushed her towards my chest . She gasped . Then I made her bun into open hair and came near her ear and spoke huskily .

” Aise mujhe pasand hai , aadat dal do ” (I like you to be like this , get habituated )

Then I came near her and kissed her forehead , then her eyes , next her earlobes and then her cheeks , I saw her strawberry lips , which I want to taste from years when I saw her . I came near her lips and gently gave a peck . Just a peck . Then she spoke ,

” First dinner , next desire ” she spoke in a go , like a dialogue .

I understood her gesture and made her sit .I and she made each other eat and after feeding each other , our dinner got completed . Just then , to my bad luck , mocktail fallen on her dress . It just disturbed my night in a powerful way . She left from there to bedroom , to change herself. I was sitting at the terrace when I got a message from her .

” Come to our room ” I doesn’t understand what is the situation .

I went to our room and saw her struggling to tie her knot . I helped her in it . Then she gestured me to see somewhere . Then I saw my surroundings , to my surprise , it was decorated as the same as it was decorated on the terrace , then she huskily spoke

” I doesn’t want anyone to see or disturb our romance ”

She turned back , she is wearing a black saree with a sleevful blouse ,

Her hair was open . Damn it , she was looking hot man . I pulled her towards me , and started to kiss every part of her face , then coming to her lips , I with desires , kissed them . She can’t handle me anymore . As I was kissing her rashly , I felt to have some mercy and got back , she is unable to breath and then , once again my lips touched hers , but not for a kiss , but for breath , I gave her artificial breathing , she felt relieved and liked my gesture and she gave me a shock by kissing me, we are fighting and our force and power is in the ultimate position . We then lack of breath , backed off . I started kissing her collar bone , then I made her turn and removed her hair a side . I started peppering wet kisses all over her neck and back . She is moaning my name continuously. I then took off her in a bridal style and made her sit on the bed . I came near her and took off her bangles and kissed her hands . I then again kissed her collarbone but , suddenly she jerked , as I gave her a love bite , which represents that she is mine and just mine . She then spoke with a little anger ,

” How could I cover it vansh , well , your whole family , mostly my bhabhi’s , I mean your sisters , always taunt me and tease me , if they get a sight of this bite , then I am over ” she spoke to me with a bit of nervous feeling

I know well , that if they get a glance of this bite , then definitely they will embarrass her well , and she will definitely turn into a red tomato , hardly blushing .

” No worries sweetheart , I am here,

And this bite will not last long for ever , you could cover it with scarf ”

I spoke to her and I once again started my incomplete session of love .

I then took her sleeves off till her shoulder . And I started kissing her on her shoulder . She is holding my shoulder side shirt tight unable to control. I then kissed her once again , and she held by hair tight , I made her sleep on the bed , there is much proximity in between us and her breathes are heavy and her heart is beating rapidly . I , giving her a blush , untied her knot off . We both remembered a situation

Flashback :

It’s riansh’s sangeet , in which riddima is getting ready , but she is unable to tie her knot , at the same time , two cold hands touched her bare back , making her feel intoxicated and sending chills down her spine . She knew this touch very well .

” Vansh , you !!! ” Riddima spoke

” You guessed me well ” vansh spoke surprised

” I can understand your presence , and I remember your touch , as you are my soulmate , and will always be connected to my heart .” She spoke

He then again kept his hands on her back

” Vansh ” she spoke with little anger

” Don’t worry sweetheart , I was just tieing your knot , and in our first night , I will only untie it too ” he spoke huskily , leaving her in blushing .

She hit him softly .

Flashback ends

” You see sweetheart , I kept my promise , that I will untie your knot”

He spoke naughtily

She hit him playfully

And he untied her knot , he once again kissed her and explored all over her body , assaulting her skin ,

And she is moaning unstoppable.

He then dozed off hugging her and pulling her into his embrace .

I hope it’s long and you all liked it .

Note : it’s specially to azy di

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