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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Khanderao’s plea to Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying no one passes the test without giving the answer. Malhar says but you passed, am I right Gautama. Gautama nods. Malhar smiles. Khanderao says I didn’t understand, diya has blown off, Ahilya had to answer Gautama before time, how did she pass, when she left the test. Malhar says Ahilya gave the answer, what this old woman has given to Ahilya, her blessing, fruit of deeds, one we can’t see or buy, one that is earned, fruit of good deeds, blessing, fruit of bad deeds, curse. Ahilya asks really, did I pass in the second test. She happily cries. She hugs Gautama and says I m very happy, are you also happy.

Malhar says bravo Ahilya, you will face the third question tomorrow, you should have a diya of hope and knowledge. Gautama looks for Khanderao. Bana comes and says good I found you, I got an idea, I thought of a tough question, you won’t lose to Ahilya. Gautama says I didn’t lose to Ahilya, two questions are still left, say it. Bana says ask Ahilya about the number of legs of an insect. She laughs. Gautama asks how do you know the number of legs. Bana says no, we will tell some other answer. Gautama says its called cheat, you never listen. Yamuna comes singing. Gautama says Yamuna is also an example. She goes. Dwarka asks Yamuna to stop the singing. Yamuna says I know your worry about Ahilya, she didn’t know the answer, but still passed, I thought to end her game, I removed half oil from the diya to make her get less time, even then… Dwarka asks what. They see Gautama at the door.

Gautama says I asked you to stop Yamuna Bai, we should not make any mistake. Dwarka says I just got to know this, I didn’t ask her to do this. Gautama scolds Yamuna. Yamuna says no one gave me this instruction, I did this for you. Gautama asks what did you think, you think I will need your cheat to defeat a 9 year old girl. Yamuna says Ahilya is giving the answers. Gautama says still two questions are left, we will see, how can we cheat Ahilya, Malhar’s word about Ahilya will be true, then we can’t do anything, Dwarka explain Yamuna well, we are Malhar Rao’s wives, its not our values to back stab, we will make the questions tough, but not do wrong. Gautama leaves. Dwarka scolds Yamuna. She asks Yamuna not to do anything.

Ahilya prays to Shiv. Khanderao comes to meet her. She says I call Shiv when I m in problem, he always helps me. He cries and says there is no one such with me. He says I m ready to forgive you, forget everything and become friends again. She asks really, fine, we will become best friends this time. She thanks Shiv. He says but I have a condition. She asks what. He says you won’t give answers to Gautama’s questions. She asks what are you saying, I did a lot to get rights of education, you are asking me not to give tests, why. He says I can’t explain, you won’t understand, I don’t think I can do anything. She asks him not to worry, it happens. He says when you study, then what will I do, you will get everything, its all over.

She says no, you will also study with me, why do you think wrong, what will happen if I study, I will be your wife, I will not get equal to you. He says its my request, don’t give this test. She asks won’t be get happy for me if I get permission to study, husband and wife should be happy for each other. He asks her to leave her adamancy and not study, she has to understand his sorrow. She asks him what does he not like, she will never upset or hurt him. He says you can’t understand how I feel when people expect me to be the best as Malhar’s son, everyone thinks I m the prince, I m very lucky, ask me how I feel, when a son sees his dad expects everything from his bahu instead him, I can’t explain my pain to anyone. She says I didn’t understand. He says I told you, you can’t understand, till you understand, it will be too late, give the test if you want, education is imp than our friendship, as you wish, all the best for your tests. He leaves. Ahilya cries. Malhar has heard everything. He gets sad.

Gautama says bahu should know about Ramayan and Gita, this question is a puzzle, it will show if Ahilya is capable to take our Dharm ahead. She asks Ahilya about a thing which is a sign of Lord Krishna.

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