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Prachi and Ranbir (Pranbir) story Part 2

Prachi’s room:

She ran inside crying and soon someone else came in.

Rhea:”wow Prachi. What a characterless girl! How dare you go near Ranbir? Don’t forget that he is my fiancé. If i see you with Ranbir again then I will forget my promise of accepting mum. Because of you, I will hate mum. Don’t break my family. And remember this… all of this is mine. My family… You are no one to us. Why don’t you just leave and go somewhere else?”

Prachi looked on as Rhea left the room. She locked her room and went in front of the mirror.

She picked up something and smashed it on the mirror. She cried looking at her reflection through the broken pieces. She picked up a piece and stared at it.

After sometime:

Prachi came out of the washroom. Shahana called her.

Shahana:”what is this, Prachi? You didn’t come to meet me. I am missing you so much. Please come here.”

Prachi:”ok, ok. I am coming.”

Prachi went to meet Shahana who pretended to be angry with her. After a bit of convincing, Shahana agreed.

Shahana:”what’s happening there? Is someone misbehaving with you? Rhea?”

Prachi:”no, baba. Everyone is busy with Papa’s case. We are fighting together this time not against each other. We all want Papa to be free.”

Shahana:”then why are you so sad?”

Prachi nodded no.

Shahana:”Prachi, you won’t share it me as well?”

Prachi:”if there was anything, i would have told you.”


Prachi nodded.

They heard some noise outside and came out.

Tanu came to Pragya and was talking to her.

Tanu:”ohh, Prachi is also here, great. You took your daughter with you. I would not have tolerated her at all. Take your worthless daughter with you when you leave.”

Prachi looked on sadly.

After giving the invitation card, Tanu left.

Prachi:”maa, you are staying here?”

Pragya nodded.

Prachi:”i will also stay.”

Pragya:”no Prachi. You go back. Stay there.”

Prachi nodded.

When she was leaving, she saw Tanu talking to Abhijeet on the phone.

(Everything that Pragya heard in the actual episode)

Prachi:”who is he? Maybe he can help us.”

Prachi went back to Mehra’s house lost in her thoughts.

She was going to her room when she bumped into someone.

Rhea:”ahh, you came back. I thought you left. It would have been good but never mind.”

But Prachi was so lost that she didn’t hear what Rhea said and left.

Rhea, to herself:”what happened to her? Why should i care?”

During the night:

Prachi couldn’t sleep as she was thinking how to find out who is that guy to whom Tanu was talking.

Prachi, to herself:”how will i find out?”

She was thinking when she noticed someone passing her door.

Prachi, to herself:”who might it be at this time?”

She went out of her room to see. She followed the shadow till the kitchen.

Prachi thought that it was a thief. She took a water bottle and noticed two of them.

She was about to hit the one who had his back towards her and screamed.

He put his hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming while the other reached for the lights.

Prachi closed her eyes and bit her attacker’s hand. He screamed a bit but then covered her mouth with his other hand and spoke:” Prachi, it’s us.”

Prachi opened her eyes as she recognised the voice and saw that it was indeed who she thought: Ranbir and the other one Aryan.

She was confused.

Ranbir:”don’t shout. You will wake up everyone. And what are you doing?”

Prachi signed him about his hand but he didn’t get it.

Ranbir:”you were just shouting, and now that i am asking you something, you are not answering.”

Aryan chuckled next to them.

Aryan:”bro, she will answer you when you remove your hand from her mouth.”

Ranbir looked at his hand and moved it.

Ranbir:”sorry. What are you doing here?”

Prachi:”what are you both doing here?”

Ranbir:”I asked first.”

Prachi:”i saw your shadows and thought that someone broke in. That’s why.”

Ranbir:”you thought we were thieves. (Prachi nodded yes) So why did you come alone here? You should have come to wake us up. What if anything happened to you?”

Prachi looked at him.

Prachi:”if i came to you, the time you would have taken to wake up, the thief would have already stole and went away.”

Aryan:”that’s right.” And laughed.

Ranbir:”you shut up.”

Prachi:”what are you two doing here?”

Aryan:”we were hungry.”

Prachi:”at this time?”

Ranbir:”what to do? Hunger strikes anytime. And you might be hungry too, since you bit me so hard.”

Prachi glared at him.

Aryan:”now that you are here. Please make something.”

Aryan requested her.


Both nodded.

Prachi began making the sandwiches, while the boys were tending to Ranbir’s hand.

Aryan was trying hard to hide his laughter.

Ranbir:”don’t you dare laugh.”

And Aryan bursted in a fit of laughter.

Ranbir nudged him.

Ranbir:”shut up.”

Prachi came to them:”what happened?”

Aryan, still laughing:”no girl has behaved like this with Ranbir. Everyone falls for his charms and you… you bit him.”

Prachi:”is it hurting that much?”

Ranbir:”it’s ok. It will be fine.”

Prachi smiled lightly at him and handed them the plate of sandwiches.

Aryan:”Prachi, why don’t you join us? For sandwiches. (She was about to say no) Why am i even asking? (Aryan held her hand) let’s go.”

Aryan dragged her along and they went to the pool side.

The boys were eating and chatting happily but Prachi was just staring at the water and was uncomfortable.

Why? Even she didn’t know.

Aryan, on noticing Prachi’s discomfort:”Prachi… (she looked at him) you know, we use to come here a lot in childhood. And this used to be Ranbir’s favorite part.”


He nodded.

Aryan:”he wouldn’t wait for any of us and would come alone here even late at night.”

He took a cushion and hit Ranbir.

Ranbir:”bro… what was that for?”

Aryan:”for not waiting for us…”

Ranbir:”what…” he couldn’t complete his sentence because Aryan hit him again with the cushion.

Prachi chuckled seeing them.

Ranbir:”you are also laughing? You wait.”

Ranbir also took a cushion and lightly hit Prachi and then Aryan.

Aryan:”bro… you are done. It’s two against one.” And handed a cushion to Prachi.

Ranbir looked at them.

Both Prachi and Aryan hit him with the cushion while he tried to escape them.

On one side, Prachi and on the other side Aryan were hitting him.

Aryan’s phone rang so he went aside to pick it up.

Pranbir continued the cushion fight.

Ranbir held her hand and turned her around. Her back hit his chest and he held both her hands.

Ranbir:”you are having fun beating me, right? Now my turn.”

He released her hands only to tickle her.

Prachi started to laugh and at the same time tried to escape.


He continued and soon Prachi was out of breath.

Prachi:”Sorry, sorry…please stop.”

Ranbir stopped. He soon realized the position they are in.

He was hugging her from behind and Prachi leaned into him to catch her breath.

He stiffened for a bit but then relaxed in to the hug. He was enjoying his moments with her. The moments he longed for.

Prachi also realized their position. She grew nervous and was fighting against herself whether she should move back or just enjoy it.

Aryan:”sorry guys…”

Ranbir released her and both jerked away from each other.


Ranbir:”wh… who was it on the phone?”

Aryan:”no one…. come on. Let us sit for a bit.”

Ranbir nodded.

Aryan:”let’s have a blast here once Chief is released. Swimming the whole night. (Ranbir nodded) Prachi, you and Shahana should join us as well.”

Prachi also nodded.

Prachi:”it’s late. We should go to sleep.”

The boys agreed and they all left for their room.




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