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Pandya Store 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara falls sick

Pandya Store 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhara saying how did Gautam think that I don’t love him, he is my everything, I have to tell the truth to Suman. Rishita appears in her imagination. Rishita argues with her. Dhara says you all can stay as you want, I just wanted to keep you all united, I have to tell the truth to mum first. She imagines Prafulla laughing at her. Prafulla says I will get your family and store divided now. Dhara says no, this can’t happen. She cries. Prafulla thinks to make Raavi and Rishita friendly. She thinks then I can know the secrets of this haveli. She asks Rishita how are you. Rishita nods. Prafulla says I got to know about Raavi and your fight, Raavi should understand you are elder, you were worried also, I m sorry. Rishita says no need to apologize.

Prafulla asks Raavi and Rishita to come together, then Dhara will know her real place. Dhara gets dizzy. Krish sees her and thinks she is pregnant. He sings aloud. Everyone comes to see. Anita gets angry. Suman asks Dhara is this true. Prafulla asks Raavi and Rishita to stay friendly from now. She makes them hold hands. Shiva sees this. He asks Gautam what is Prafulla doing with them. Dev and Gautam look on. Suman asks are you pregnant. Dhara says no, you know that Krish tells anything anytime. Suman says then it should be true, we all will be happy, you both kept responsibilities for long, just think about having a child. Dhara says Gautam’s phone is ringing, Krish go and give the phone to him. Raavi says don’t get this headache, if Rishita feels you aren’t of her standard, then fine. Rishita says I say what comes in my mind, I told that to Anita thinking she doesn’t know cooking continental, I will listen to Prafulla when I know her, give our relation on time, maybe we become good friends later, don’t worry. Shiva says Prafulla is playing some game. Gautam says keep mind calm. Shiva jokes on Prafulla. He says we can’t trust her. Gautam says she is Raavi’s Maasi, respect her. Shiva says I can never respect her.

Suman asks Dhara what does she wants to say. Dhara says I need to talk in private. Suman asks Anita to go. Anita goes. Suman asks Dhara to say it now, it won’t work if you apologize, you have to leave the house if you spoiled anything. Dhara says Dev, Shiva and Krish…. I …. Krish comes and says manager came to meet you, Gautam is busy. Suman says wait, we will hear Dhara first. Krish worries and thinks Dhara will tell everything to mum and leave Gautam. He says no, you can’t listen to Dhara, Gautam said its imp to meet manager. He asks Suman to just come, they just have 10 mins. Suman says fine, I will come, keep tea ready for me. Dhara nods. Suman meets the manager. She speaks his boss on call and smiles. Manager says Gautam said I shall give this property paper to you, he wanted you to know this first.

She says yes, but why did Jethji give us 5 acres. Manager says he said its your right, you have always taken care of the property. He asks Suman and her four sons to come and sign the property documents. Suman says sure. Shiva and Dev load the truck. The man says its my work, let me do. Raavi and Rishita look on. Krish comes and says Taya ji had given 5 acres of land to Suman, he asked all of us to go and sign the papers. Prafulla says wow, great. The man asks Shiva to call the boss, he has to give the money. Rishita laughs aloud. Everyone looks on. They also start laughing. Gautam says he is our Seth ji, give him money. The man says he doesn’t look like the boss by his clothes. Shiva takes the money. Rishita says Shiva wears such clothes, he looks like a labourer. Dev says you… Shiva says let it be, its fine. Raavi cries and thinks he is laughing on his insult, he should be angry on this matter. Prafulla says Dhara made Raavi marry this servant, I curse that Dhara.

Dhara goes to Suman and massages her feet. She says I explained everyone, but they didn’t understand, I had to partition the house. Suman gets shocked.

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