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#Opposites Attract Each Other #12 Jealousy

First of all, I wanted to tell you that I’ve discontinued/deleted my story “The Story of Two Mafias” as I was losing interest in that so do you..Now, let’s begin with this one : 

Episode starts as..,

Riddhima accepts the rose with a tight smile, and everyone claps. Soon, the guests leave and only the two families are present there. 

Rajat : Riddhima, did you do your shopping for the wedding?

Riddhima shooks her head in a no. 

Rajat : I told you naa, now, go with Vansh for jewellery and clothes shopping..

Her jaw drops and she looks at Vansh. 

Rajat:  GO NOWWW!!

He almost roars and Riddhima leaves with Vansh.  

In their car : 

Vansh is in the driver seat and Riddhima beside him. 

Vansh : I told you naa, You’ll start loving me!!

Riddhima : Who told you that I  love you?

Vansh : You accepted the rose, didn’t you? 

Riddhima : I did! Just because I didn’t want to spoil our reputation..

Vansh : Oh! I see, then why did you come with me and not fight with Rajat Dad..

Riddhima : He’s the only person who can control me…

Vansh : So, you are scared of him?

Riddhima : Kinda!

Soon, they reached the showroom of Sabyasachi. As they entered inside, they were welcomed by a girl. The girl was watching Vansh which made Riddhima  jealous. She circled her hands around his waist.  

RiAnsh : We want some clothes for our wedding! 

And the attender gave them a tight smile and started showing clothes. The girl couldn’t recognise Riddhima as she had her shades on. 

The girl : Sir,  I think this golden one will look good..

Riddhima : No, he doesn’t like gold, go for a red one..

The girl  gave a tight smile to Riddhima and took a red one out.  Both selected clothes for each other. 

The girl : Do you want anything else, sir? 

Vansh : No Thanks..

The girl  : Sir, let’s go to the counter..

Vansh easily judged that Riddhima didn’t like the girl’s presence, so he thought to keep her away. 

Vansh : We’ll manage together, right sweetheart?

Riddhima : Yeah..

And they both came out from the show room. Vansh was expecting Riddhima to interrogate him, scolding him for calling her sweetheart, but she walked towards the car smoothly. He kept the shopping bags inside and sat. Riddhima cleared her throat. The car started moving. Riddhima opened the car’s window and the cool breeze entered inside. Her hair started flowing with the wind. She enjoyed the view. 

“Vansh, you know, this is after almost 5 years, I’m enjoying these winds” 

He got a little surprised as Riddhima least talked to him, he replied,”Want to get down?” 

Riddhima : We’ll get late, next time..

Vansh : As you say! 

And they reached the jewellers shop. Both entered inside and this time, there were both female and male attendants. 

Riddhima (muttered) : I don’t know why these shops keep female attendants!! 

Vansh : Did you say something?

Riddhima : No 

Vansh : Okay..

The female attendant : Welcome sir, I’m Tanishka 

The male attendant : And I am Vijay..

Tanishka : How can I help you? 

She looked at Vansh from top to bottom. 

Riddhima : Actually, we need jewellery for my wedding..

Tanishka : So, he’s your br-

Riddhima : Would be husband..

Tanishka gave her a fake smile while Vijay stood blank. Riddhima removes her shades.Tanishka gulps and moves a little side.  Vijay welcomes them inside. They sit on the sofa. 

Vijay : Which type of jewelry would you prefer, ma’am? 

Riddhima : A heavy necklace set..

Vijay : Okay..

He shows 2-3 sets to her and she sits puzzled. 

Vansh : What happened? 

Riddhima : I can’t decide..

Vijay : You can try them..

He moves closer to Riddhima, holding the necklace and tries to put it in her neck, eyeing her lustfully, which goes unnoticed by her, but Vansh notices it and tightens his fist. 

Vansh : I’ll help her, Vijay, would you show us the bangle set..

Vijay (with a tight smile) : Sure sir

He moves aside. Vansh helps Riddhima. 

Riddhima : Thank you!

Vansh : Never mind, sweetheart..

Riddhima opened her mouth to say something but closed it and thought,”I’m liking ‘sweetheart’ from his mouth…I’m not understanding these feelings…” 

Vansh : I know, Vijay, this is exclusive, but show something else..

Her thoughts were broken by his words. They shopped for all the stuff and came back home. 

That’s all for this episode..You need to comment to save these two ff’s, or they’ll also end, then don’t blame me for that!!! Just drop an emoji even and if you’re not liking anything, you can tell me; suggestions are most welcomed..Will update soon! Take care 🙂 



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