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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 8

My world is in your love Chapter-8

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From sejal, Vansh came to know about Riddhima’s past. Sejal shared her opinion about the VR mansion. As usual, Riddhima was praying at the Ganapati Bappa temple and told bappa that she got a job offer in London and thanked bappa. When she was about to return from the temple, Riddhima’s phone started to ring. It was Kabir. She tried to avoid Kabir and didn’t pick up the call. She went to hospital to see new patients. She was astonished to see Akash (Ishani’s ex-boyfriend). Akash had a fracture in his left hand and a sprain in his leg. Riddhima enquired to the nurse.

Riddhima: How did he get hurt?

Nurse: He has misbehaved with a girl. The girl’s brother has taught him a good lesson.

Riddhima: Do you know who attacked him?

Nurse: Yes… It is Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. Don’t tell anyone, Riddhima.

Riddhima was shocked to see the condition of Akash. Riddhima was tensed about Vansh. What will vansh do for her? Because she had hurt Kabir. Riddhima thought to herself: Mr. VR won’t spare anyone who hurts his family, Akash is the best example for it. What will I do now?

While Riddhima was about to leave the hospital. Riddhima’s phone started to ring. It was an unknown number. She attended the call.

Riddhima: May I know who is speaking?

Vansh: I am Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima: Mr. VR…

Vansh: Yes, Are you free today? I wanted to talk with you. Shall we meet at the park?

Riddhima: Mr. VR, I have important work. I will call you later.

Vansh: But, Riddhima. She had cut the phone call. Angre!…

Riddhima switched off her phone in fear. She had a nervous shivering feeling.

Next morning,

Riddhima was going to hospital. Suddenly a car came and two men pulled her inside the car. Riddhima began to shout inside the car. Riddhima was forcefully compelled to smell the tissue paper. Riddhima lost her consciousness. When Riddhima woke up, she realized she was in the dark room. She tried to move, but she was tied up by the rope in the chair.

Vansh came inside the room. She was in fear and angry with Vansh. Vansh untied the rope.

Vansh: Why didn’t you pick my call?

Riddhima didn’t listen to vansh speech. She thought to herself, “Vansh with a gun in his hand pointing towards the direction of her”

Vansh: I will kill you, Riddhima for hurting my brother and my family.

Riddhima: No, Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh understood that she was day dreaming.

Riddhima: No, please… No. Please leave me…

Vansh clenched Riddhima’s shoulders and shook her. Riddhima’s day dreaming came to an end.

Vansh: What happened to you?

Riddhima: Nothing…

Vansh: Okay, tell me why you didn’t pick my call.

Riddhima: I was busy yesterday, Mr. VR.

Vansh: Why are you lying to me?

Riddhima: No, Mr.VR, I was not in the mood to talk with you.

Vansh: Okay, I need to talk with you now.

Riddhima: Vansh, please don’t kill me. I am a little cute, innocent girl who has a lot of dreams and goals in my life.

Vansh: Riddhima… Will you allow me to speak?

Riddhima: Vansh, don’t break my legs and hands as you did for Akash. I am a physiotherapist. If you break my hand or leg, I would need another physiotherapist to treat me. Please give me some time. Within a month, I am moving to London for my job. I won’t come to Mumbai. I won’t hurt your family. Please leave me.

Vansh(shouted): What? Riddhima… Will you shut up your mouth and just listen to me?

Riddhima: OK. But you won’t kill me, right?

Vansh: I won’t kill you, Riddhima. I needed you to rejoin your job as sia’s physiotherapist.

Riddhima: This was the purpose to kidnap me. How dare you, Mr.VR?

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. Your phone was switched off, so I kidnapped you.

Riddhima: Mr.VR , I am going to London within a month. Sorry I can’t accept your offer.

Vansh: I will double your salary, or you need the same salary offered by the organization in London. I am ready to provide it to you.

Riddhima: Why don’t you understand me, Mr. VR? I don’t need money in my life. I want an identity in my life, and I have self-respect, Mr. VR.

Vansh: Okay, you don’t need money, right. Just come to the mansion, Sia is not happy, Riddhima. Sia is having a guilt feeling. I want Sia’s happiness back.

Riddhima: I can understand VR, but try to understand my situation.

Vansh: Do you like Sia?

Riddhima: Yes.

Vansh: Then tell me what bothers you.

Riddhima: It is you and Kabir, Mr. VR. Kabir is calling my phone daily for three times and torturing me. Now, you also joined with Kabir, and I am scared of your attitude towards Akash. I agree Akash has done wrong. But why did you punish him? There are certain rules and laws provided by the government to punish him. I am afraid, Mr.VR. Will you punish me for hurting your family?

Vansh just gave a smirk.

Vansh: you better be a novelist, Riddhima. Yes, I have punished Akash because he gave pain to Ishani. You didn’t try to hurt my family, you had given joy to my family. Kabir was the one who gave pain to you. Dadi, Sia and Rohan are missing you a lot. I promise you Kabir won’t torture you.

Riddhima: okay, I will come just for a one-month VR.

Vansh: But on one condition, you need to vacate your hostel and come to the VR mansion.

Riddhima agreed to stay in the VR mansion because Sejal was about to go to the USA for her higher studies.

At the VR mansion, Vansh called Aryan and Rudra uncle to the room.

Aryan: Bhai…Did you call me?

Vansh: Yes, you have completed your studies. What are you going to do next?

Aryan: I wanted to study Fashion Designing in the USA.

Rudra: Aryan, you are interested in Computer Animation and graphics. But what is the reason for choosing Fashion Designing?

Aryan: It has a larger scope in the future.

Vansh: I will tell you why Aryan is interested in fashion designing. Uncle do you know Transitive law, If a=b, and b=c then a=c. Like that Aryan loves Sejal and Sejal loves Fashion Designing So Aryan wanted to study Fashion Designing.

Rudra: Is that true Aryan?

Aryan: Sejal is my classmate. Yes, I love sejal. But mom won’t accept her, whatever happened to Riddhima will happen to Sejal. I love her, and I wanted to be with her.

Vansh: Sejal! You can come out.

Sejal was hiding and watching Aryan’s speech. Sejal had tears in her eyes.

Sejal: Aryan, why did you sacrifice your own dream for me? I like you, Aryan, but I don’t love you because I don’t trust you.

Aryan: Why can’t you trust me?

Sejal: you can change like kabir anytime. I wanted you to stand on your own leg without any one’s support like Rohan. I want you to think independently, Aryan.

Aryan: I agree. What should I do now?

Vansh: I will tell you. You should join Rishi Industries and work as an employee for one year. I assure that Sejal will finish her Fashion Designing course in the USA and come for you. You should think only about the company’s development. According to your performance, I will decide about your position in ARR groups. If you agree, you can sign the contract papers? Sejal has already signed the papers.

Aryan: I agree to your offer.

Aryan signed the paper. Aryan hugged Vansh.

Aryan: Thank you, Bhai, for understanding me.

Vansh: Welcome to ARR groups, Mr. Aryan.

Vansh thanked sejal. Vansh promised sejal that he would take care of Riddhima after she left for the USA.

Will Kabir torture Riddhima? Will vansh save her?

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