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My heart is with you- Riansh TS (two shots)

My heart is with you- Riansh TS (two shots)

Hello guys. I’m here with a Two shot story on Riansh requested by @Priyu di. So I hope you all like the starting of it and this will end in two parts, so the next one is the last one. Do let me know how you find it in the comments section. Please keep supporting in the comments section.

So here Riddhima and Vansh were best friends In their childhood and were separated because of an incident.


Riddhu: Thank you Vanshuro, this teddy bear is my best one! I will never throw or lose it anywhere!

Vansh: Riddhu, you liked it? (she nodded) That’s what I want then. This will always remind you of me (smiled) Let’s play something!

Riddhima: Hide and seek! (excited)

Vansh: Okay!

After sometime

Vansh: Riddhu, are you here? ( Running)

Riddhu: Find me Vanshuro! (hiding)

Vansh: I caught you Riddhu!!

Riddhima: You can’t catch me ever!! I will be gone! (running away)

Vansh: No!!!! (was a dream)

Vansh with a jolt wakes up from his bed. His dream breaks and he looks around to see the surroundings. He wiped his sweat off from his head and tried calming himself.

Vansh: The same dream! (panting) It doesn’t let me forget that day! Where are you Riddhu? Please come back to your Vanshuro! He is missing you a lot. 20 years have passed!!

Uma: (knocking and entering) Can I come in?

Vansh: Ma, since when do you have to knock? Please come in

Uma: I have to knock, you’re getting married today! (smiling then frowned) Why are you sweating so much? (touching his forehead) The same dream? (Vansh nodded) Vansh, please it’s been years now. Try forget it, what happened was meant to happen, you couldn’t have stopped it. I know you used do anything for her, it was your love for her. You both were best friends but beta that day we lost my friends and your dad too!

Vansh: I know ma, but I can’t. She was my everything, she was more than a best friend to me. I never knew what love was then, but now I do and I know that I love her and only her! I can’t think of anyone else! My heart is with her and only her!

Uma: I know beta, I’m not saying no to that but you have to think about your would be wife too! Avira, she has no fault in this!

Vansh: This marriage is just a deal, I hate that girl!! (anger) She hates me too!!

Uma: That’s because of your pressure on her relatives. This is a forced marriage.

Vansh: Exactly, just a deal with her uncle and nothing else. (he gets up and goes to get ready)

Uma: I wish that day never came in our lives, perhaps my son would have been happy with Riddhima, my friends would have been here and my husband would have been alive to witness his son’s marriage. I wouldn’t have had to marry another guy, I wouldn’t have had to remove the Rai Singhania name from Vansh’s and my name.

On the other hand, Avira the bride was fuming in anger. She hated Vansh as he forced her in to all of this. She never wanted to get married but having no other option she had to, for her uncle. She went to her cupboard and removed a teddy bear. She looked at it and tears welled up in her eyes. She then talked

Avira: Where are you Vanshuro? (crying) Why did that day have to come in our lives? Your Riddhu’s entire world collapsed!! (she hugged the teddy tight) I miss you!! Look at my destiny, I’m getting married to a person I hate the most, and his name is Vansh too!! But he’s no way closer to my Vanshuro, he’s so arrogant, rude and anger stays on the tip of his nose! (angry) Why did uncle have to do this to me? I’m not going to spare him! My heart only belongs to you Vanshuro!

(Yes she’s Riddhima, it will later be revealed why she’s called Avira)

The wedding hall

Everything was finely decorated and arranged. The business tycoon of India was getting married. The dais was decorated beautifully in white and pink flowers with lots of different lighting. Vansh had arrived in his blue velvet sherwani and sat down.

They awaited Avira who came dressed in a beautiful red lehenga with heavy jewelry. Vansh nor Avira glanced at each other once, hatred was taking over them completely. They wondered how they would live together if they couldn’t even stand each other for a minute.

The priest started reciting the mantras and asked them to stand up for the circumambulations (pheras). Not wanting it, they stood up forcefully. Uma did their (ghatbandhan) tied their knot together signifying their relationship would strengthen and they would get tied to each other for 7 lives. They took the rounds as the priest continued with the promises.

In their minds, they didn’t believe anything that the priest said but instead they said the opposite. To never support each other, to never love each other, to always hate each other, to never stay together in life. The marriage was successfully accomplished and the priest ordered them to take blessing from the elders so that their life would be led without any problems however Vansh denied everything and straight went up to his room.

Uma: Vansh!! (calling after him)

Avira: Aunty leave it! He doesn’t deserve it anyway! (anger)

Uma: I’m sure he didn’t meant to..(cut by Avira)

Avira: Aunty I’m sorry to interrupt but he means everything that he does. He forced me in to this and that is what he meant. This is never going to be the marriage you expect. He forced me to drop my studies, he forced me to marry him, he forced me to cut all ties with my friends just because of that stupid deal my uncle and he had!! (anger) I’m never forgiving him for that! (she left for the room)

Uma: I don’t know how everything will be sorted out? God please help them

Avira was walking to their room. She entered and saw him working, it angered her. Even though this marriage meant nothing she wanted to talk to him. She just entered and he sensed someone. He looked up and his anger started boiling.

Vansh: What’s your problem? (anger)

Avira: You!!

Vansh: Oh really? (sarcasm)

Avira: Of course, you’re the problem in my life! Everything was fine before you came.

Vansh: I can say the same thing!

Avira: What problems have I created for you?

Vansh: shall I make you count them? You’ll get a long list.

Avira: Start!

Vansh: Do i? Fine then. You entered my life, I didn’t bring you in. Whoever enters VR’s world can’t get out without his permission. Who told you to complain in the police about that murder?

Avira: Excuse me! You killed that man!

Vansh: Did you know the reason behind it? No right then why on earth did you have to interfere?(anger)

Avira: What reason huh?

Vansh: That man betrayed me! He told me he knew the whereabouts of my Ri……. (stopped) my best friend! He never told me at the end he just took the money! (anger) Rascal

Avira: So for that you killed him?

Vansh: For her I can do anything!! Get it!! Or I’ll shoot you! (he came near her and pointed his gun at her) Don’t you dare interfere in my matters!! If you hadn’t done that then you wouldn’t have been here!!

Avira: You think I’m going to give a damn to your threats!! Come on shoot me! Another murder charge on you (smirking) Maybe you’re the one behind your best friend’s disappearance, or did you kill her?

Vansh: Avira!! Don’t you dare go to that extent! She was my love get it….so you better stop there! This marriage is nothing more than a deal with your uncle!

Avira: Right, I was just a toy after all.

Vansh: Shut up! (he left the room)

Avira: I’m not going to let you live peacefully after you spoilt my life. (she sat on the bed) Vanshuro!! (she shouted) Why yaar? Why did that have to happen? I would have been living with you right now!! Vanshuro you always told me right, I should always fight for myself, and I’m doing that! (Smiling) give me the strength with that mantra (laughs) your weird mantra! (she closes her eyes)


Vansh: Riddhu you know when you want to be brave for something do this, say this ok

Riddhima: Ok Vanshuro!

Vansh: jab ice cream ho saath mein, tab hoti he Shakti hath me, jab vanshu ka jadu hota hai dimaag mein tab hoga sab kaam saath mein.

(😂 i know it’s nonsense but they were kids)

Riddhima: Vanshuro why is it so weird?

Vansh: Riddhu because it is meant for smarties like us, that’s why. Remember it and then say it ok. (she nodded)

P.S, Vansh was 7 yrs old and Riddhima 5

Flashback ends

Riddhima: jab ice cream ho saath mein, tab hoti he Shakti hath me, jab vanshuro ka jadu hota hai dimaag mein tab hoga sab kaam saath mein. (she giggles with tears escaping her eyes remembering him) I need to be strong and fight this devil!!

Riddhima goes to her bag and removes her teddy bear and hugs it tight while Vansh near the pool drinks alcohol both remembering their childhood unknown to them that they are still together.

the past
the truth

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do. I hope @Priyu di you like this part and it’s the way you wanted

Question: what do you think the reason for their separation be?

Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this one


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