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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 83

CHAPTER 83: More problems and no solutions

“It’s been two days and we still have not found any clue about Anika and Prachi”

Abir said keeping down the file in his hand…. Others also looked equally worried and confused….

Shivaay was looking outside the window remembering all the time he had spent with Anika…. Ranbir’s situation was no different; he was worried for Prachi and could not think anything beyond her…. Arjun was sitting on the chair thinking where his sisters could be….

Ranveer was also thinking about the possibilities; they had almost searched the entire city, all possible places where the girls could be and still could not trace Anika or Prachi…. The clue that led them to the Oberoi office had also been of no use….

*Flashback to two days ago*

Shivaay reached the office along with the others…. He quickly got out of the car and moved towards the reception…. If Anika and Prachi had come here and did not meet Ranbir or him, who else could they meet…. Ranveer and the others followed him…. Ranbir enquired at the reception and found that Anika and Prachi had come to meet Shakti…. All looked at each other confused, and suspicious if their doubt was true after all…. Did Shakti and Tej have something to do with Anika and Prachi’s absence….

Abir: We should talk to them before coming to any conclusions.

Others nodded and followed Shivaay and Ranbir towards Shakti’s cabin….

Shakti was sitting in his cabin going through a file when Shivaay entered along with the others…. Shakti was not surprised as he had seen this coming…. He was ready with the plan he had sketched with Tej and Shaantanu….

Shakti: Shivaay, tum sab yaha, any problem beta? (Shivaay, you all are here, any problem son?)

Shivaay: Dad did Anika and Prachi come to meet you?

Shakti: Yes, they both had come in the afternoon, we had talked for some time and then the two of them left.

Shakti knew denying facts would not help them…. If he lied now, it could be a problem later, so he admitted that Anika and Prachi had come to meet him…. Arjun and the others looked at each other….

Arjun: Why had they come to meet you, uncle?

Shakti: It was regarding Mr. Kapoor’s case, they had found some old insurance papers and they had some questions, that is why the two had come, I cleared all their doubts.

The boys were getting confused…. Listening to Shakti’s answers, they were unable to comprehend anything….

Shakti: But beta, why are you all so worried, is everything okay?

Ranbir: No Sir, actually Anika and Prachi both are missing for hours and we have been trying to find them.

Ranbir narrated all the events to Shakti…. Shakti acted to be shocked….

Shakti: Beta, don’t worry, we’ll find them, nothing will happen to them.

Ranveer nodded but still had some doubt in his mind…. Others were all thinking of what to do next….

*Flashback ends*

Without anyone finding it, Ranveer had also checked the CCTV footage at the Oberoi office…. The CCTV in Shakti’s cabin had not been working for a week, so it couldn’t be of any help…. And the CCTV at the main gate had shown Anika’s car entering the parking lot and after an hour or so, the car had left also…. Ranveer did not understand what was happening….


Om was working in his room thinking about Anika and Prachi and their absence after their visit to the Oberoi office…. Even though Shivaay had been convinced that nothing had happened to them at the Oberoi office, Om had doubts in his mind…. He was in his thoughts when he saw Tej going somewhere, and Tej looked angry about something…. Om had a doubt about Tej’s involvement in the girls being missing…. Om decided to follow Tej, he had to be sure…. He only hoped he would be proved wrong, Tej had already fallen in his eyes many times…. Om only wished it was the other way round this time…. He quickly grabbed his car keys and walked outside following Tej


Adhvik was sitting in his cabin thinking about Shaantanu’s plan…. He had learned from Shaantanu that the Anika and Prachi had come to know that Shakti and Tej were responsible for Mr. Kapoor’s death…. Knowing that it would take them no time to know the rest of the truth and they could get into trouble, Shaantanu along with Tej and Shakti had kidnapped the girls and kept them in the farmhouse the Malhotras owned, that was situated on the outskirts of the city near a dense forest…. He had told Shaantanu to stay away from the Oberois and their matters, but Shaantanu was too blinded by profits that he did not listen to him….

Adhvik: I have to do something; Prachi and Anika need to be saved, without anyone doubting my involvement in their escape.

Adhvik did not want to lose his brother just like he had lost his sister…. Keeping away from the matters and deeds of Oberois was the best for the Malhotras….


Tej parked his car outside the farmhouse…. He quickly got down from the car and walked inside…. Om had parked his car at some distance; he walked towards the gate and was surprised to see Adhvik Malhotra’s name on the nameplate outside the farmhouse…. He wondered what connection Tej could have with the Malhotras…. Om’s doubts on Tej were increasing now knowing that he had something to do with the Malhotras, who had done many things in the past, including killing Devika and Tia…. He looked around and saw the security guards scattered around…. Om knew he had to be very careful as he was not only entering an unknown territory but also a dangerous place…. Om took out his phone and typed a message for Ishana…. He knew even if he got into trouble Ishana would understand his message and come to his rescue along with some help…. He sent her the message and put his phone on silent…. He walked towards the backside of the farmhouse…. The wall was high and he had to use some help to cross it…. He looked around and saw a tree, the branches could help him…. He looked around and climbed the tree and with the help of it he crossed the compound wall…. He jumped inside and looked around….


“What do you mean by Adhvik isn’t going to help us?”

Tej asked Shaantanu who told him how Adhvik was against the entire plan of kidnapping Anika and Prachi….

Shaantanu: Bhai is against this plan, he clearly warned me two days back to stay away from you and your matters.

Shakti: How can Adhvik say this? We all had started this work together, now he cannot back out like this.

Naren: I understand your concern Shakti, but something is up with him ever since Pankhuri’s arrest and that girl Gauri’s entry into his life.

Tej: Gauri? You mean that wedding planner?

Shaantanu: Yes Uncle, ever since that Gauri Mehra had entered Bhai’s life, he has changed, now he doesn’t want to be a part of anything, nor our plans and not the business also.

Shakti: If he doesn’t want to continue, it is his choice, but he shouldn’t come in our ways.

Naren: Don’t worry Shakti, I’ll talk to him and make sure he doesn’t spoil any of our plans.

Tej: Adhvik ka toh thik hai, but what about those girls, Arjun wouldn’t sit in peace till he finds them and now even Ranveer is with them, the police will find them.

Shaantanu: We have to do something about them, we have to get rid of this problem before it comes back to us.

Naren: What are you thinking of doing Shaan?

Shaantanu: Wahi jo Tia ke saath hua tha.(The same thing that happened with Tia)

Shaantanu smirked thinking something…. Tej, Shakti, and Naren looked at him shocked…. Another murder….

Om who had entered the house from one of the open windows was shocked hearing their conversation…. He was looking around the house when he heard Tej’s voice and followed the sound…. He was shocked seeing the people present there but their talks shocked him more…. Om could feel land slipping beneath his feet…. He was about to go out and bring the truth out, but he remembered Shaantanu’s words for Anika and Prachi…. The girls were somewhere in the house, Om could not leave them alone, he had to find them and rescue them…. He had already messaged Ishana so he knew he had a chance…. He decided to look for Anika and Prachi…. He knew he had to be extra careful as there were many people who were in the house and were dangerous…. Om was thinking when he saw Shakti and Tej leaving along with Naren…. He was surprised as Shaantanu did not go with them and stayed back…. Om was carefully seeing what Shaantanu was up to…. He saw Shaantanu going upstairs and decided to follow him….


Anika and Prachi were sitting in the room thinking about how their life had changed in the past three days…. The first day no one had come and they had tried various ways to get out of the ropes but could not do anything…. The next morning two masked men had come with food and opened their ropes…. They had warned the girls not to try any tricks otherwise it wouldn’t be good for them…. They just left the food and locked the door…. Anika and Prachi were surprised as they did not tie them after that…. Looking outside from the window only showed land filled with forests till where the eye could see…. There was only one window to the room and even it was locked, also they were on the second floor, so escaping from the window was difficult…. Also, they could see the security guards spread around the vicinity….

The girls were lost in their thoughts thinking about how to get out of the place…. The door opened and the girls looked at the person entering and were not at all surprised seeing him…. Shaantanu entered…. Om who had been following Shaantanu felt relief on seeing Anika and Prachi, but he could not sit in peace till he took them out of this place….

Shaantanu: I hope hamari mehmaan nawazi mein koi kami nahi rahi hogi; hope you enjoyed your stay here. (I hope there is no mistake from our side in taking care of our guests, hope you enjoyed your stay here)

Anika: We are so not interested in your talks, Shaantanu. And don’t you think you’ll escape this time, our Bhai will not let you win.

Shaantanu: Happy to see this confidence, but it won’t last for long.

Prachi and Anika looked at each other hearing him…. Om knew he had to make a move…. He saw Shaantanu taking out a gun…. Om quietly walked towards them and caught hold of Shaantanu’s hand…. The other three were shocked seeing him….

Anika: Om….

Prachi: Om Bhaiya….

Shaantanu: How dare you?

Omkara: Girls, we have to escape, first we have to take care of him.

Shaantanu was trying to free himself…. He succeeded in pushing Om away but the gun fell from his hand…. The girls tried to help Om but even their bodies had very less energy left…. Shaantanu started punching Om, Om took some time to recover but soon he too started beating Om…. The fight was getting intense…. Hearing the commotion two other men came upstairs…. The men caught hold of the Om…. Anika and Prachi tried to stop them and free Om, but Shaantanu got hold of them…. Om tried to get out of their hold, however, one of the men hit him on the back of his head and Om fell down…. Anika and Prachi got shocked and worried for Om…. Om fell unconscious….

Shaantanu: I’ll see you, girls, later, first I have to inform about this Omkara to his father.

Shaantanu ordered his men to keep a tight watch on the girls and Om…. Shaan walked out of the room to inform the others…. The man took Om’s phone from his pocket and walked out locking the door…. Anika and Prachi sat beside Om and tried waking him up…. Om had come to save them but had put himself in the danger now….


The game was getting more intense….

All players were planning their moves but no one was sure of what would happen next….

Who would win or who would face defeat, only time would tell….


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So going to the Oberoi office did not help Shivaay and others much, what will they do now? Om wanted to help Anika and Prachi, but got trapped, what will Tej do seeing his own son in danger, will he still support Shaantanu then? Will Adhvik be able to save Anika and Prach in time?

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