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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 4

In the restaurant Prachi is waiting for Abhi. Abhi arrives at the restaurant and gets happy on seeing Prachi.

Abhi gets emotional- Prachi! How are you? And why did u call me here?

Abhi tries to hug Prachi but she moves away.

Prachi- I am not here to meet my papa, I am here to talk about maa.

Abhi gets worried- What happened to Pragya? Is she fine?

Prachi – Right now she is fine but very soon she’ll not be fine becoz of you.

Abhi- Because of me! What hv I done now?

Prachi – Wow! u are asking me what u hv done?

Abhi – Prachi say it clearly, I am notgetting what u are trying to say.

Prachi – Why are u marrying Meera aunty?

Abhi gets shocked on learning that Prachi knows the truth.

Abhi- Who told u this?

Prachi – What did u think if u will not tell me I won’t come to know. Do u really love Meera aunty? Maa loves u so much but u, u never loved maa.

Abhi – You don’t know the whole thing. U are misunderstanding me.

Prachi -I don’t the whole thing but I know that u are going to marry Meera aunty and u never loved my maa. U know today I was very happy that I’ll meet my papa but u snatched away my happiness. I was notexpecting this from u papa.

Saying this Prachi leaves. After Prachi leaves Abhi shatters down remembering Prachi’s words.

Abhi’s POV

What did I do? To get my one daughter I lost my another daughter. I did not think about Prachi while taking this decision, how would she feel when her dad will marry another woman in front of her. I am not a good dad in the eyes of Prachi. I lost my daughter once again..

Saying this he leaves for his office.

Prachi is on the way to the office and because of her anger she is not able to understand Abhi’s condition.

Prachi and Abhi reach the office. Prachi gets angry on seeing Abhi and leaves for her work place.

Ranbir who was already in the office is confused to see Prachi in anger and

decides to talk to her.
Ranbir takes Prachi in a corner and asks the reason of her anger.
Ranbir- Prachi u look a little disturbed. U can tell me the reason I’ll not tell anyone and moreover I cannot see u like this.
Prachi starts crying bitterly, Ranbir tries to calm down her.
Prachi(crying) -Papa is marrying Meera aunty. How can he do this to maa?
Ranbir- I know Prachi it is really painful for u but what can we do. Chief is not doing it intentionally, Rhea is behind the all problems in chiefs life.
Prachi- What do u mean, how is Rhea associated with it?
Ranbir- Don’t u know what Rhea did?

Prachi (gets worried) – No. I don’t know…
Ranbir describes the scene created by Rhea in the Mehra Mansion. Tears start scrolling from Prachi’s eyes and she runs away to Abhi cabin. She sees Abhi and hugs him tightly.
Prachi – I am sorry papa. I said many thing to u in anger, I am sorry. I was knowing that u love maa but still… I said these all things in anger pls forgive me. I was not awarethat Rhea asked u to marry Meera aunty.
Abhi – Don’t be sorry Pachi if anyone else would be in ur place then he/she would also react the same way as u did. In fact I am sorry I am bad dad for u, pls forgive me beta.

Prachi – No dad pls don’t say this..
But pls don’t marry Meera aunty maa will shatter on knowing this, u know na how much she loves u.
Abhi – Prachi I don’t want to marry meera but Rhea is forcing me to do so.
Prachi – Will u really marry Meera aunty?
Abhi – No beta, I’ll try to convince Rhea to accept Pragya and u
And I’ll not marry Meera, don’t u worry.
Prachi and Abhi emotionally hug each other.
Prachi- I need to leave papa.
Abhi – But why?
Prachi – Maa must be worried for me I lied to her that I came office when I actually came to meet you so I need to leave.
Abhi bids farewell to Prachi.

Abhi’s POV
Prachi and Rhea are poles apart. But Rhea was not like that what happened to her suddenly. Maybe becoz she thinks Pragya doesn’t loves her or it’s something else about which I don’t know.

In Mehra Mansion
Alia goes to meet Rhea in her room.
Alia- Hii! sweetheart
Rhea- Thank god buji u came?
Alia- What happened Rhea, u look worried. Is everything okay?
Rhea- No buji nothing is fine.
Alia- Just tell me everything clearly

Rhea- U know buji that I love Ranbir but if Prachi will tell dad that she also loves Ranbir then dad will get her married to Ranbir and I can’t let it happen.
Alia- Only this much, I thought u are worried about something else.
Rhea- But buji how we’ll manage Prachi?
Alia- I hv a plan for that..
Alia and Rhea discuss the plan and decide to execute it when Abhi will come home.

Rhea’s POV
Really nice idea buji, I was expecting this only from u. Now Prachi will easily agree to my deal, in fact she has to because after loosing dad, Ranbir and mom what will she do. Now Ranbir u will be mine.
Alia- So we will do everything according to plan, u should be ready Rhea. Everything will be dependent on u.

Rhea- Yes buji I’ll be ready but u hv to reach my room at time.
Alia- I will sweetheart.Anything, anywhere and anytime for u.
Alia and Rhea smirk at each other.
Rhea- Now buji u need to prepare for double engagement , if our plan will be successful.
Alia – Rhea it will be fully successful . Let bhai come then u see how he himself fix ur engagement with Ranbir sidelining Prachi.
Rhea- I am so happy buji, u are the best buji in the world.
Rhea hugs Alia … And then Alia aks Rhea to do everything according to plan and be ready.
Alia leaves from there along with Rhea for dinner.

In Pragya’s House
Prachi, Shahana and Pragya are having dinner. Shahana finds Prachi a little disturbed and lost in her own world, she decides to talk to her after the dinner.
Shahana- Prachi what happened is everything okay?
Prachi- Yes everything is okay..
Shahana interrupts her in between ..
Shahana- U don’t even know how to lie so u should not try it. Tell me what happened.

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