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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan hates Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan crying. Kartik comes to him. Ahaan asks what do you have to say now, maybe its my mistake, you warned me, you told me that I like that girl, you are my brother, if you could feel this, maybe she also felt it, I didn’t say it to her, I was drunk that day on the day of holi, I didn’t give any wrong idea, why did she think that I like her. Kartik cries and asks are you okay, you are hurt, are you sure that you didn’t give her any hint. Ahaan says Ishqi and I are different, I can give life for family, she doesn’t care for family, she ruined two families for love which didn’t exist. Kartik says love was there, love isn’t in control, love makes it way on own. Ahaan says you don’t understand, there can’t be anything between us. Ishqi looks on. Sonu cries. Chachi asks why are you crying, are you fine. She hugs Sonu. She says I know Ishqi’s marriage broke, but drama happened in your marriage.

Sonu says Ishqi fell lonely again. Chachi says I know she isn’t such a girl to break marriage without any reason, there is a big reason, do you know it. Sonu thinks I can tell truth to Chachi, she won’t tell it to anyone. Dadi comes and asks Ritu Chachi to go and handle Suman. Chachi goes. Dadi asks Sonu to go to her Saas. Ishqi comes to Ahaan. She sees Kartik and says I don’t remember what I told or did at the pool side, but it wasn’t a big thing, something bigger happened, and about my feelings, I just feel angry at this time, I should have broke marriage with Mayank before, I didn’t see a cheaper man than him, so much happened, if you think I m a nice girl, then trust me, if you can’t trust me, then its my fate. Ahaan thinks she is arrogant. He scolds Ishqi. He says one who goes against family goes against me, I hate family breakers. Ishqi leaves.

Dadi consoles Suman. Sarla says we shall go now, Raj. Raj and Sonu go with her. Riya gets water for Suman. Suman gets angry on Ishqi. Sonu says I want to meet Ishqi once. Raj says yes, I also want to know why she did this, it would be Mayank’s mistake, go and talk to her. Sonu thanks him. Mayank drinks. Kartik asks Mayank what happened, what was Ishqi saying. Mayank says I don’t know. Kartik asks him to say what happened. He gets a call. Chachi asks him to get medicines for Shekhar, don’t know where are Ahaan and Mayank. Kartik says coming. He says this conversation didn’t end. Mayank’s friend ask him to do something. Mayank’s hand burns by lighter. He thinks to control Ishqi. He calls Ishqi. She says I will bring out your truth. He says I didn’t do anything wrong with Sonu, I just clicked her pics, Ahaan had called me that time, you were arguing with Sarla at that time. Ishqi says you did wrong with everyone, you will get punished. He says she won’t listen this way, we have to play a big game with her. Ishqi hugs Sonu. Sonu cries and says sorry Ishqi. Ishqi says before anyone comes… Mayank called me to apologize, he said he didn’t do anything wrong with you, he just clicked your pics, Ahaan called her at that time because I was arguing with Sarla. Sonu cries. She says Ahaan and you saved me. She hugs Ishqi. She says nothing is fine, this happened because of me. Ishqi says don’t blame yourself.

Maasi comes to talk to Ishqi. Sonu goes. Maasi says I didn’t ask anything, I will ask you now, why did you do this, tell me. She cries and says I had one dream to fulfill the responsibility, tell me, if there is anything, we can’t get rid of this stain all life. She goes. Ishqi cries a lot and coughs. Savitri comes to help. She asks Ishqi to calm down, truth can fall weak, but it can never lose, you keep going ahead, you will win one day, truth never loses. Ishqi thanks her. Savitri leaves. She sees Dadi and steps back. Ahaan comes to console Suman. Suman says if anything happens to Mayank’s dad, then I can’t live. She cries. Ahaan feels sad. Riya goes to him. She says you should try to fix this, you are close to Mayank and Ishqi, try once please. Ahaan says I m just close to Mayank. Riya says yes, but she understands you. Dadi says Ishqi ruined Mayank’s life. Chachi asks but why did she do this. Dadi says I will ask Ahaan not to take her name. Ahaan asks did you see Ishqi, if my talking can fix this situation. Dadi asks him not to interfere in this matter. Mayank acts and says I want to talk to Ishqi. Ahaan and Chacha hold him. Ishqi comes. Mayank apologizes and does a drama. She thinks what’s this new drama. Mayank says I love you, I beg you, marry me. She asks him to not do any drama. He says I m ready to change myself, I always insulted you, I m really sorry, don’t punish me, you broke the marriage to take revenge for the insults.

Ishqi pushes him. Ahaan holds him. Mayank says you won’t marry me right. He cuts his wrist. He acts to faint. Everyone gets worried. Mayank’s friends come to take him to doctor. Ahaan asks what did you do. Ishqi says its his drama. Ahaan says he tried to end his life. They all go. Ishqi says how shall I prove his truth. Dadi consoles Suman. Suman says Ishqi ruined my house. Sarla comes and says its Suman’s mistake. Kartik comes. He says Mayank had a cut on the external side, nerve didn’t get any cut, he is fine. Chachi says we should focus on Sonu’s bidaai. Dadi says we can’t leave Suman in this state, we are with Suman, call the police, Ishqi will get arrested for provoking Mayank for suicide, we will give statement against her. Kartik says no. Ahaan says I called the police. Kartik says its wrong. Ahaan says no, its justice, she had hurt Mayank, I will ruin Ishqi like she ruined Mayank’s family. Mahiya….plays….

Inspector comes to arrest Ishqi. Ishqi says this waiter is wrong, he spiked the drink on Mayank’s word. Ahaan asks waiter is Ishqi saying the truth. Waiter says yes. Mayank’s friend informs him about it. Mayank worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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