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If Not Sayi, Then Someone Else – Upcoming Teaser

“I had married Ishita. Now she is my wife.”

“Virat, you can’t do this. Just to show that Sayi her real place, you didn’t had to marry this girl”, exclaimed Pakhi on top of her voice.

Virat : It’s not Sayi who should know her place, it’s you who needs to know your place in this house, Patralekha Salunkhe Vahini

All the family members are shocked to the core.

Virat narration :
Although it’s fake, but to act infront of everyone as someone else’s husband is piercing my heart. Not piercing, but breaking my heart. How could I even act of giving Sayi’s place to someone else. But Pakhi needs to realise that If Not Sayi, then Someone Else, but not her. Pakhi couldn’t love me now. She needs to stop coming between me and Sayi.

Sayi’s narration :
Pakhi didi always wanted me to be out of Virat Sir’s Life. But she needs to realise that if not me, then someone else will have right over Virat Sir, not Pakhi didi. She needs to realise that she should move on. But leaving Virat Sir, Aayi, Mohit dada and living in hostel is not less than punishment. But why am I missing Virat Sir? A lot? Do I really love him?

Kisi aur ki cheez par haq jatlana seekhaya na gaya humein
Par usse jise hum badshah keh sakte hai usse kyun bicchadna padraha hai humein
Yeh faasle itne gehre kyun horahe hai ke,
Koie dar toh nahi, phir bhi darr lagraha hai humein

We had not been taught to impose our rights on other’s thing
But why I had to be separated from the one whom I can say a king
Why this distance is getting more deeper and deeper
There is no fear, but still there is a scary feeling

Patralekha’s narration :
This is too much. Why? How? How did Virat married that girl? Just because that girl is rich, all the family members, even Badi mami, Ninad mama etc. All are supporting her. Sayi didn’t had value in family members eyes because she was not so rich. But I didn’t had problem with her poorness or richness. I had problem with Virat’s wife. Not Sayi. Whoever be Virat’s wife, I will hate her to the core. I can’t see Virat with any other girl. But If not Sayi, then Someone Else. Someone else will take the position of Virat’s wife. But I won’t accept it.

Kabhi mera tha na woh, phir bhi yeh dil bechain hai
Badua hai meri qismat ko ke Jaane na jaane phir bhi woh meri dhadkan hai

He was never mine, but this heart is restless
Knowingly or unknowingly he is my heartbeat because my fate is cursed


Hey guys, Giving you a teaser to give you a brief clarification for upcoming episodes and this fanfic. Hope you’ll like it. The next episode will be uploaded next week.

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