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Hamariwali Good News 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Akki reveals her pregnancy

Hamariwali Good News 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Devika saying Adi can stay here. Akki hugs Adi happily. Mukund gets angry. Akki says mom loves me, I told you that she will agree, come. Adi sees Ritvik and Navya. Ritvik asks Devika why did she change her decision. He holds Navya’s hand. He takes her. Devika says Adi will make me win. Mukund takes Meera to the room and argues with her. He says I know you have modern mindset, you want Adi to marry Akki, Adi to become Ritvik’s brother-in-law. He shouts on her. He asks how did your perception change about Adi overnight, why do you want Adi to marry Akki and stay here, tell me. She shuts her ears. She says let me speak, what shall I say, I know you are angry, I m doing this after thinking well. He asks what are you doing, I want to know.

He shouts tell me. She thinks he will get angry if I say anything. She argues with him. He asks what are you thinking, tell me. She says actually. Devika comes. She says I was just passing by, come to my room, I need to talk. She goes. Meera says what does she want to say. Mukund asks what do you want to say. Meera says I m doing this for everyone’s betterment, you won’t understand. She murmurs. He says you have a habit to murmur, I want to know this, why do you like Adi now. She says I m doing this for Navya’s betterment, its my promise to always protect her, its a promise of Meera Tiwari, no Meera’s, fine. She goes.

He says Meera Tiwari…. He smiles and says Meera ji is fine for me, but what’s the secret. Navya says I can’t stay here with Adi. Ritvik says you want to get rid of those feelings and go away from here. She cries and says you think I still have feelings for Adi, where did your love go, I got married because of your love, I knew my present will question my past, I can’t see my bad past in front of me always, I m leaving.

Ritvik stops Navya and says you won’t go from here alone, I will go with you, I won’t let the past come in our present. She hugs him. Adi says wow Akki, how did you convince Meera, what did you tell her, you are hiding something from me, say something. Akki says I will tell you everything, Meera asked me not to tell this secret to mom. He asks what is it. He shows some papers. He asks what, are you pregnant, how can you be so careless, what will they think of us, I didn’t expect this from you. Meera comes and slaps him. She says you want to marry such a man, its not too late Akki. Akki recalls going to Meera and telling her about her pregnancy. Meera says Akki can raise this child alone, love is blind. Adi says we both love each other a lot, I was shocked reading this, trust me, I also love her a lot, more than me. Meera asks is your drama over. Adi says no. Meera says no need to do a drama in front of me, I have no solution, I will need time to think, Devika shouldn’t know this, until you both get married, this matter shouldn’t get known to anyone.

Meera tells Navya that she got a pram for Bharat, she can take care of him everywhere she goes. Mukund comes and asks what are you ordering. Meera says its a baby monitor, I will know it if Bharat cries. Mukund says mum feels about baby’s cry on own, throw this away. Meera asks what an arrogant man, he can never praise me. She murmurs. Mukund says all day, she murmurs. Meera takes Bharat and goes. Mukund asks what’s a pram. Navya smiles.

Navya gets milk for Bharat. It falls over Meera’s hand. Navya says sorry. Devika asks Navya to see and walk. Ritvik comes. Devika says Navya has angrily thrown milk on Meera. Ritvik says what is this Navya, Meera is also like Bharat’s mum. Mukund scolds Ritvik. He says no need to say anything, I can see everything well, Meera changed her thinking for Adi, she wants Adi and Akki to get married. Adi looks on. Devika thinks to get rid of Tiwari family. She shouts on Mukund. She says you have come in my life as a curse, my daughter is mad for your son, its my house, no need to do any drama here. Meera worries. Mukund says don’t play this game with me, I won’t let Navya stay here. He asks her not to drag Navya and him in this matter. He says I can’t see Navya crying, I will break Ritvik and Navya’s marriage, its my decision.

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