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Falling for an alien episode 1 by attractiveuser

In the black streets of London emerged a diverging road with no source of light. A car was coming at a normal speed to the diverging road. The car headlights became the only source of light. The car started shaking seems like there is some problem in functioning of car. The car was moving ahead with sudden shakes. Soon the car hit a big tree leading to the car to move upside down. The car stood upside down on the lonely road. Two men were inside the car. The men due to sudden accident were pulled out of the car from the window. The car was totally broken. The men were in pool of blood. Then there was a strong light coming from the sky. Seems like sun in night. It was a real UFO coming down. The UFO landed on the lonely road. A beautiful girl came out of it. She was shocked to see the surroundings.


Girl: oh god where the hell did this UFO take me?


A butterfly came out of her pocket.


Butterfly: this is earth my gorgeous alien!


Yes she was an alien.


Girl: what..no how will I cope up with these aliens.


Butterfly: we have to because your UFO is broken.


The girl sighs.


Butterfly: Riddhima see that car there.


The girl was revealed to be Riddhima. Riddhima moves closer to the car. She sees the man lying there unconscious. She moves closer to the man.


Riddhima: wake up.. wake up!!


She says it innocently.


Butterfly: idiot! He is a human not alien!! He is bleeding! He is unconscious.


Riddhima: ohh..


She touches his face. She feels a strong connection with him. He sees his coat. There was a badge on his coat.


Riddhima: what is this VR??


Butterfly: VR??


Riddhima: it’s written on his badge! (Ab tak to samajh gaye hoge kon hai)


Butterfly: leave it!


She was feeling bad seeing him in that condition. She was feeling a stron connection with him. She used her magical powers on him. He started gaining consciousness. Seeing this she ran away but little she knew that her most precious device was left in his coat.


Butterfly: you saved him!!


Riddhima: yes..I felt a connection with him.


Butterfly: let’s find a place to live.


Riddhima nods. On the other side the man wakes up.


Man: I got out of the car then what happened. How I gained conciousness (confused)


He gets a call.


Man: hello!


Person: vansh sir the company..(he tells something)


Vansh: what!! Send someone to pick me and aryan up. We were passing by the XYZ street and met with an accident.


Person: yes sir!


Soon a person reached there and took both of them to hospital. Vansh was all fine instead of the dangerous accident. He wasn’t understanding the reasons. The reason of his wellness was Riddhima’s magical powers.


Riddhima was moving on the road and came across a small café.


Riddhima: what’s this place!!


Butterfly: go in and see!


Riddhima went inside and saw a lot of people sitting on the tables. She went and sat on one of the tables. She didn’t knew what was the place called or anything. Soon a waitress approached her.


Waitress: hello ma’am what would you like to have?


Riddhima: umm…


Riddhima(whispering to butterfly): mrini what she is asking!


Mrini(wow what a name of butterfly I decided🙂😂😂): idiot..how can I know everything about earth. I only know some things.


Riddhima: umm.. anything!


The waitress was confused. She brought a café mocha(I was drinking it while writing lol🙃😂) for her. Riddhima drank it and fell like heaven.



Riddhima: mrini..this..this is wonderful!!


She orders more and more glasses of it. After ordering nearly 50 glasses the owner of café came to her.


Owner: ma’am payment??


Riddhima: payment? (confused)


Owner: you have to pay total 2000 pounds for the number of glasses you ordered!


Riddhima: what are pounds?


Owner: ma’am if you dont have money then speak directly why are you talking like this!


Mrini: Riddhima on earth we have to pay money for the things we eat!!


Riddhima (shock): what.. why didn’t you tell me earlier!


Mrini: I forgot!


Owner (loud): you have money or not!!


Riddhima: I don’t have!


The woman(owner) holds her wrist and takes her to her cabin.


Owner: you can work here to pay your money which you didn’t pay now!


Riddhima: I am ready!


Owner: ok you can work from tomorrow! I am your owner. My name is Ms. Crechet.


Riddhima: ohk.. ms. Crechet but can I stay here only as I don’t have house to live!!


Ms. Crechet: what(shock) ohk you can stay in the small room.


Riddhima nodded.


Precap: Riddhima meets the biggest business man Vansh Rai Singhania. 


Hey guys..this is your writer gauri😂🙂you all very well know me and my all ffs and os🙃😂..I am back with this one as I completed secret superstar. I didn’t knew I have talents to write supernatural ffs also🙂😂😂! This is a ff for now but I don’t know if I would convert it into ss🙈😂! I will post the next episode as soon as possible! Till then take care and enjoy the story ❤️!





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