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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-36)

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 At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 11:50 pm:-

At Vansh’s Room:-

Riddhima- You sleep her I’ll sleep on the floor

Vansh- No you sleep on bed I’ll sleep down you might not be in the habit to sleep on floor

Riddhima- Wait…. I have an idea

Vansh- What?

Riddhima- Could you come with me……..?

Vansh- Yaa….But where

Riddhima moved to the window all way silently which made Vansh regret his action, he saw her jumping there, she again jumped on which Vansh patted her shoulder

Vansh- Why are you jumping in midnight like a monkey? Come let’s sleep

Riddhima- Wait a second….

Vansh- Ohk….. Time up now tell

Riddhima- Uhh…. Wait a min……

Vansh eyes were stuck on his wrist watch and as soon as the seconds hand on the clock crossed 12, he shouted

Vansh (shouted) – Time up….. Now tell

Riddhima (pissed) – Shut up, will you?

Vansh (frustrated) – Stop showing me your anger, I can even show you

Riddhima- I saw that….(jumping) No need to hurt you throat again

Vansh- Will you tell me what are you doing?

Riddhima- I want to take out the curtain

Vansh- It’s looking good here, leave it and come

Riddhima- Shut up and let me do

She jumps and catches the curtain and before she could land in the middle Vansh holds her waist she was floating in the air, she cranes her neck towards her face and saw him looking at her, both eyes were caught and in that the half moon was watching their love which has to face many hurdles and will be heard till eternity, cold breeze was passing from them filling the gap between them which soon will not be there

Vansh looks at her and his legs hit the sofa and he feel on floor with Riddhima over him and due to sudden pull the curtain which Riddhima was holding fall on them hiding their love from all those evil eyes of the world which they have to face

Vansh hand was on her waist and Riddhima’s head on his chest hearing to his heartbeats and she tilts her head to see his face and which gets connected to his  dark black orbs which was enough for her to lose her senses and once again they went on their dreamland

Moonlight was trying to seek the chance to peep in their love story, they felt an unknown closeness which used to attract them towards each other. Vansh was gazing her and trying to capture this beautiful moment in his eyes till eternity, he cups her face between one of his hands caressing her cheeks, Riddhima closes her eyes feeling the sudden shiver in her spine while he moves his hand to her eyes and then nose and then Riddhima keeps her head on his chest closing her eyes and soon Vansh and Riddhima slept in the same position and even moon hides behind the clouds to give clouds the access to watch the pure love of two soul

At 2 am:-

Riddhima and Vansh was sleeping in the same position and then a loud voice breaks Riddhima’s sleep, she slowly opens her eyes and saw a white cover over her face she tried to get up but as she tried a tight grip over her waist pulls her and she again laid on her most comfortable bed, she saw up and saw Vansh and as she again tried she again lands over him with a huge force which breaks his sleep and he opens her eyes to see the most gorgeous women sleeping on him, a loud sound again and Riddhima got scared she hugs him tightly

Riddhima- I’m innocent…. leave me…..I didn’t do anything……

Vansh holds her tightly

Vansh- Riddhima don’t worry I’m her….. Open your eyes….Riddhima….

But she kept on murmuring “leave me”

He got up while holding her tightly by waist, he removed the curtain from them and saw Riddhima’s eyes closed tightly he made her sit on his lap while she was hiding her face in his chest like a small child seeking protection from a danger

Vansh holds her even more tightly as if assuring her of his presence

Vansh- Riddhima….shush….. Don’t cry…. I’m here…..

Riddhima- Vansh….save me…..please

Vansh- There is none…..calm down…. Whom are you scared

Riddhima didn’t answered and Vansh got worried seeing her trembling in fear… Vansh took her in his arms for the first time according to them and she hides her head in his chest he sat on the bed while she was on his lap, she was scared to worst

Vansh- Riddhima….. I’m here…. Don’t worry… Nothing will happen to you…… Whom are you scared

Then a loud sound again breaks and Riddhima again hugs him even more tightly which made Vansh’s breath to stop but for now Riddhima’s health is considered. Vansh checked and saw it was thunderstorm outside

Vansh- So you are scared of thunderstorm

Riddhima (stammering) – No…I..I…I’m… scare…..sacred o…..o…of…..ra….rain…

Vansh- So you are sacred of rain (she nods) Why?

Riddhima (stammering) – I…I….don’t…. kn…know….

Vansh (caressing her back) – Riddhima calm down…. Take drink this water

She drinks the water from Vansh and takes a deep breath

Riddhima- Since last few years I’m scared from rain but before that I love to get drench in rain

Vansh- Any idea, why?

She just shook her head while keeping her head on his chest and he holding her by her waist a loud sound was again heard but this time Riddhima didn’t reacted as her thoughts were drowned in listening to best tune of the world that was Vansh’s heartbeat

Rain started outside, Vansh made Riddhima closer and said in a voice not more than a whisper which was enough for Riddhima to hear

Vansh (whispering) – Riddhima, Do you trust me?

Riddhima crane her head to see Vansh’s face and she saw affection and care for her in his eyes and then she just nod her head

Vansh- Come with me….

He told her while making her sit on the bed and he himself got up

Riddhima (getting up) – Where?

Vansh- Come Riddhima

She holds his hand and followed his footsteps like a student following his biggest aim of life

Vansh opened a door which lead to terrace, where it was raining they entered inside and Riddhima held his hand more tightly he saw her face which was showing her tensed look

Vansh (to himself) – Riddhima it’s time to remove your fear, living with Vansh you can’t be scared of rain

Vansh took his one of the free-hand and moved it a bit out of the hideout which made his hand drench in rainwater and then he moved it back and tried forward his another hand but Riddhima held it tightly. Vansh made her look in his eyes and while she was looking in his eyes he forwarded both of their hands in the rain and both of their hands entangled with each other got wet, he using his another hand holds her waist and pulled her towards him without breaking the eye contact, He still holding her and maintaining the eye contact came out of the hideout in to the open….. Vansh removes the grip and both get drench but Riddhima was lost in his eyes while he Vansh admiring her in which the water was falling on her hairs giving it a perfect massage falling on her temples and then on her eyelids then nose making it ways kissing her lips and caressing her cheeks in a tempting way and then soothingly falls on the floor through her chin and which made her top and jeans stick to her as a second layer of the body

Riddhima was just lost in Vansh’s eyes forgetting about the world and once again a huge blast was heard and this time she wasn’t having that heart touching tune she immediately hugged him with a jerk, he balanced himself, she realized they both were drenched and again her fear clouded her brain and she immediately broke the hug and was moving to the hideout, Vansh noticed this and pulled her towards him using their bracelet which was by God grace still attached and he holded her wrist and pulled her making her hairs fall on her and she on his chest Vansh holds her hand at her back and by another removes her hair strands from her face to reveal her tempting face

Riddhima- Vansh please…. I’m scared

Vansh- You’ll fight from this fear of yours

Riddhima- Vansh we can’t fight with any of our fear for lifetime

Vansh- But we can try once in lifetime

Riddhima again saw his eyes but again moved to go to hideout but this time Vansh didn’t pulled her rather her bracelet didn’t let her go and her back hitted his chest and as she lied on his chest, Vansh ran his hand on her arm sending shivers through her spine and then holds her hands and then he lifts her in the same position

Vansh (whispering in her ear) – Feel this rain, Riddhima, feel this smell of wet mud, you will fall in love with it

Riddhima leans on his shoulder in the same position closing her eyes and taking the deep breath filling her nostril with the smell of rain and wet mud which made a small smile crept on her lips, watching that smile Vansh also smiles and the put her down, she turned towards him

Vansh twirls her on the tune of their heartbeat and she again leaned over him and they kept their rain romance which made even rain shy as after watching their pure love where there was no place for lust or desires just love pure love

Rain slow down and Vansh ask

Vansh- How is your fear now?

Riddhima (shouting in excitement) – I’m not scared of rain now anymore…. Woaah…. Woaah….

Vansh- Riddhima slow everyone is sleeping….

Riddhima (smiling) – I’m so happy Vansh, today I overcame one of my fear….. Thank you so much Vansh

Vansh- Idiot there is no sorry no thank you in friendship

Riddhima chuckled and then “ Acchuuu” and again “Acchuuuu” she looked up and saw Vansh sneezing

Riddhima- Vansh are you okay?

Vansh- Yaaa… Accchhuuu…. See because of your fear I got cold….. Acchuuu….

Riddhima- Sorry…. I mean no sorry… No, Sorry….

Vansh- Aray…… Accchhhiii…. Let’s go in yr….

They entered in the room Riddhima took the towel from cupboard and from other hair dryer and made sneezing Vansh sat on the couch and from one hand dried his hair through towel while he was looking at her as she was completely drenched she was looking too cute like a child, she plucked in the hair dryer to the switch and then started drying his hair while he was again and again sneezing and missing the hot air from hair dryer which irritated Riddhima

Riddhima (Irritated) – Vansh, sit straight

Vansh- Ziddhima, You haven’t said a proper Thank you and ……. Accchhuuu ……then too showing me your anger

Riddhima- Vansh, I got a name for you

Vansh (Excited) – Really What? Tell…..

Riddhima- Vancchi….. Yaa… Good one

Vansh- Is it a name Riddhima, you are….. Acchhuuu…. Teasing me…. Accchhuuu….. See how beautiful name I kept for you…… Accchhuuu….. Ziddhima…. Vancchi… Is it a name…

Riddhima- I thought it would be the best…. Anyone…. I did your naming ceremony now tell what we will wear…. By your grace we are drenched remember and with that this couch to…..

Vansh (talking to himself) – Yaa…. Yesterday order came I guess… Or not…

Riddhima- Vansh, You know one fact

Vansh- What?

Riddhima- That who talk to himself

Vansh- Who?

Riddhima- Mad person (he glares her) why are you talking to yourself

Vansh- Actually remember at lunch I got a call

Riddhima- Yaa…

Vansh- I ordered dresses for everyone and it came after lunch and I gave everyone there packets but yours had I given or it’s didn’t arrived…. If not what will you wear

Riddhima- Vansh, I’ll kill you….. If I have to wear this then I will catch cold and then fever and after that bed rest and then pneumonia and then I’ll die

Vansh (shouting) – Shut up….

Riddhima flinch back

Vansh- Don’t you dare to talk about death in front and if clothes are mattered na… then come

He holds her hand and took her to her room which was last her and then he opened the cupboard and gave her the dress

Vansh- In lunch it came I asked Sejal and Ishani to arrange in your room as you were preparing lunch….

He again holds her hand and took her back to the room and close the door

Riddhima- How will I change?

Vansh didn’t said anything and just closed the light and blindfolded himself and Riddhima smiled at him as he was showing his back and she changed and tapped his shoulder and opened the lights and stretched the knot of his blindfold making it open

Riddhima- You also changed

He took his clothes and she turned back and closed her eyes while blindfolding herself and closing the nights

They changed and then made a boundary from pillows and keeping their joint hand on the pillow

Riddhima- Vansh, I’m sorry

Vansh didn’t replied and she turned to see him sleeping like a child and she smiled and slept

Moon smiled and again went behind the clouds to show them the new day of togetherness

Episode ends

Precap- Vansh fear

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