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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Maharaj in trouble!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gopal hugs his mother. Everyone was happy to see him recover. Gopal’s mother comforted hi with tears in her eyes. Gopal asked for forgiveness, he promised not to leave her mother again, he has learnt that nothing can be learnt by running away from your home. Ramji was blessed to see this day, he told everyone that as idealized by Gopal they will open a shoe making shop. Gopal thanked Bhim Rao for helping him, he didn’t consider Bhim Rao’s cast members human until he ate and sit with them, but he was wrong.

A fruit seller was selling mangoes, Bala stopped him to buy some for Rani. He paid the fruit seller but questioned his relation to spend on her. He asked the fruit seller to return the money, the fruit seller refused. Bala took the mangoes and left.

Gopal told everyone Maharaj’s truth. He said that he was used by Maharaj until he was needed then poisoned by Mangesh. Bhim Rao wanted Gopal to speak the truth in Panchayat until then his recovery and his mother’s reality will be kept hidden from everyone. Meera was curious on how they will gather the villagers. Puranjan informed about Maharaj’s new drama of some prayer. Tulsa and Manjula considered it an opportunity, they said to utilize the time in spreading the news of Maharaj committing some sin in his prayer which will gather ultimately people will start gathering around him. Anand questioned if people would believe them? Bhim Rao replied that the villagers are blind believers, they will listen to anything said. Puranjan agreed to do so.

Bala saw Rani coming out of the house, he leaned towards her and gave her the mango. Rani delightfully took it. Bala saw Sandesh coming, he snatched the mangoes from Rani’s hands. Sandesh told Bala that Rani loves these mangoes, he took a few and gave it to Rani. With sad eyes Bala saw her then left.

Gopal was sitting along, Bhim Rao asked him what he was thinking. Gopal said that he was wondering how people meet. Bhim Rao said that maybe he was destined to meet her mother in Satara. Gopal will never forget meeting Bhim Rao hear. Bhim Rao questioned what Gopal said in the afternoon about not leaving the house for becoming a Sanyasi. Gopal replied that sometimes when a Sanyasi is in search of something or someone, he considers everyone around him a hurdle in his quest, in few circumstances some are. in this situation, some leave like Gopal or some stay and find a way to function like Bhim Rao. The situations are right what matter is to know who the person thinks. Ramji listening to all this sat beside them and said that Bhim Rao must always remember to sportsmanship in him, his ability to question his once opponent Gopal is a skill Bhim Rao must always hold onto. Meera called everyone for dinner. Ramji left. Bhim Rao stood up. Gopal hugged him whilst remembering their friendship. Gopal said that after telling Maharaj’s truth he will leave tomorrow. Bhim Rao said that according to Guruji life is a long path, if they keep following it, they might meet again. Gopal was anxious to reveal Maharaj’s reality.

The next morning, Maharaj was performing his prayer. Pandit and Sethji were roaming outside. Bhim Rao called for Maharaj. Sethji questioned. Bhim Rao wanted to meet him right now. Sethji refused to let him meet. Maharaj was curious to know Bhim Rao’s urgency to meet him. Pandit asked Bhim Rao not to disturb him, he will not come out to answer his call. Bhim Rao told them that Maharaj will come outside, he will wait till Gopal and his mother arrives. Maharaj was in shock. Sethji questioned, Bhim Rao replied that Gopal has recovered, and his mother is in Satara. Listening to this Maharaj came out. He said that it doesn’t matter if Gopal recovered. Gopal came from behind holding his mother’s hand. Mangesh informed that the villagers are coming, Ramji and his sons are misinforming everyone that Maharaj will be distributing Prasad. Gopal said that once the people came, he will inform everyone about his reality. Bhim Rao said that he asked Maharaj to leave Satara, that day has finally arrived.

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