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Choti Sardarni 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab sees Kulwant in the truck yard

Choti Sardarni 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sarab says can I see that truck? Kulwant slaps Bitu and says answer him. She says these two losers were dong losses every month. I sold 6 trucks last month. Sarab says who did you sell it to? She says Sao named guy. It got stolen later and I filed a police report. Why do you want to see that truck? Meher says yes. Sarab says we can solve a lot of things with that truck. Meher says you are right. Kulwant says we have to sold it together. Meher and Sarab leave.

Meher asks Sarab should we involve the police? Sarab says I will find a way out. Seher calls Meh and says you both missed the dance class and you both are not even home. Meher says sorry. Seher says be back in 30 minutes. Sarab says we are coming. She’s just like her mother. Bitu says what if Sarab finds the truck? Kulwant says he can’t.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab come home. They see village-based decorated. Everyone says surprise. Karan says we planned all of this for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Harleen says we will do all that we missed last time. Sarab says why this theme? Sehr says I never saw Punjab’s vilages. So we thought we will have the theme of our Punjab. Are you erady? Sarab says yes.

Sarab and Meher do photoshoots with the family wearing village-like attires. Everyone dances and enjoys. Sarab gets a call. He goes out. Kulwant sees him. Sarab says to Meher we know where to find that truck. We have to go wherever all stolen trucks go. I can’t miss this change. Kulwant hrs all this. Meher says I will also go. Sarab says no you stay here with the kids. Meher says it isn’t safe to go alone. Kulwant says I have to stop Sarab. She says to Meher I am not feeling well. Meher says you should rest in my room.

Scene 3
Sarab comes to the ground. He checks the truck’s models. Meher kees calling Sarab. She’s worried for him. Meher says I should talk to mummy ji. Kulwant is following Sarab there. She says I have to remove this chassis number. Meher goes towards her room. Ginni and Jeeto take her back to the function. Kulwant finds the truck ad throws a remove on the number. She tries to clean it. Sarab sees someone.. He runs after her but doesn’t see her face. Kulwant runs. Sarab sees the truck. There is no name on it.

Meher calls Sarab. He says someone came here and removed the proofs. Sarab looks at the tire and matches the number. Meher says who is there? Who would try to remove the proofs. I am really worried about you. Sarab hears a noise. He runs after Kulwant. Her dupatta gets stuck. Sarab comes near her. Kulwant runs.

Meher wonders who would try to remove the proofs? Bitu asks Rana where is Kulwant? Kulwant runs. Sarab tries to stop her. He sees her back. Sarab sees her side and says mummy ji. He’s shocked. He sits down.

Bitu asks Meher where is mummy ji? Sarab say she’s resting in my room. Sarab looks at the registers and finds out accident happened on 27th and the truck was stolen on 28th. The attacker sold it on 27th after the accident. Sarab recalls everything. Sarab connects all the dots.

Scene 4
Meher comes to the room and looks for Kulwant. Kulwant comes. Meher says where did you go? Kulwant says kitchen. Meher says you should rest.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant massages Meher’s heard. Sarab is shocked to see her home. Meher asks Sarab who was it? He looks at Kulwant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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