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Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 41

“Ridhima wake up now, it’s 8 already. We should be heading towards our schedule now. At 10 am exact we were supposed to gather and leave to the road trip. Get upp!” Vansh whines for the nth time while shaking Ridhima’s sleeping silhouette.

The later sleeping as if she is not in this world.

“Hell with it now, if you won’t get ready then you will not come with us.” He shouts loudly and rushes out of the room having an encrusted mood.

“Here I wanted to make the tour special for her and she just wants to sleep. Ahh!” He groans before heading towards the farthest room located in the floor.

Once reached, his knuckles strike the black door instead of pushing the bell. He loves to irritate his brother always but right now he just wants to see him.

“Wait.” He couldn’t stop himself even after listening Sampath’s refusal and pushes the door wide open. He knew Sampath always forgets to lock the door.

On the sudden incursion, Sampath swiftly turns back and his gaze falls the grumpy Vansh. As soon as Vansh looks at him, his eyes narrow at his posture and when reality strikes he gets taken aback.

Sampath is only in his towel that too hung lowly to his torso.

“You are naked!” Vansh shouts making Sampath flinch at his tone. Sampath gets shocked and rushes towards him. Before anything, he closes the door after looking outside and finding none.

“What the hell? Why did you come in when I told you to wait?” He grits out at Vansh who was still dazed in shock.

“You should have told me that you were naked.”

“Are you mad? First of all, I am not at all naked. Can you see this towel at least?” Sampath points at his towel while Vansh chuckles nervously.

“What’s wrong with you today? You are behaving like a kid.” Sampath turns around and goes towards his closet while Vansh shakes his head trying to stop over thinking. Once done, he too walks towards the recliner and stretches himself on it.

“When did you come back?” Vansh asks, his tone held some warmth.

“It was too late so didn’t bother to wake you up.” Sampath says while looking through his closet.

“How was the meeting?”

“It was good and I think one more meeting is enough to crack the deal now.”

“No Bhai! Not about that meeting. I was asking about another meeting.”

Sampath turns towards Vansh at his words while his face holds confusion.

“Meeting with Meera.” Vansh whispers lowly, trying to read his brother’s expression. Sampath’s confusion totally vanishes away and something strikes in his mind.

“Do you know that she was the one?” Sampath asks little surprised, he knows that Vansh already knew about his love, Meera.

Vansh smiles heartily at his words and nods his head.

“You made her join in this company, didn’t you?” Sampath asks smiling heavily wanting for the answer to be yes. And when Vansh nods at him again, he rushes towards him and hugs him tightly. Vansh shouts in pain when Sampath literally falls on him while hugging.

“Thank you! I love you soo much.” Sampath says while kissing him on his cheek.

“Eww! What the heck? Why are behaving like this? Let me go, Bhai.” Vansh tries to struggle from his grip but Sampath holds him more tightly. Upon being so close, Vansh notices the slights whimpers of Sampath showing that he was emotional and is trying to control his rapture.

“Bhai! Hugging you without clothes is so embarrassing for me. Please, stop it.” He says to lighten the environment and then slightly chuckles.

“Really thank you so much, I can’t even properly frame my words. I-I don’t know what to say also. You didn’t only bring her back but also my warmth, soul and most importantly you brought me back. I can’t even thank you enough for what you have done.”

Vansh blinks his tears back which were formed after seeing his brother’s contentment. He wanted to do this because he wanted his brother back. The brother who once always cheered him up when faced any difficulties, who made sure that no one would suffer for amenities, who always nurtured them with love.

Vansh knew that Sampath was lost eight years ago when he had absconded from his love, Meera. Sampath was so lost in all the emotions that his presence became a void in everyone’s life.

It took Vansh more than a year to collect the information of Meera. He was so excited when Meera opted for a job in his company. Even in the first meeting, he made sure that Meera accepts this job and could join the office.

“I know Bhaiya, how much her return has changed you! The smile on your face shows it all. You deserve every ounce of happiness after all the hardships you have faced. I wanted to make sure of it and brought her back, for my Bhai.” Vansh says causing Sampath to laugh heartily.

“Sampath, I wanted—

Sampath frowns at the voice and looks at the door, finding Meera standing at the now opened door with the door’s knob in her hand.

Vansh moves back with a jerk and turns towards the door, being shocked.

“Vansh..” Meera stands shocked upon finding him in the room.

Vansh smiles before waving his hand at her. He then looks at Sampath who was lost in his thought too.

“Bhai” He nudges Sampath, breaking his reverie and points at Meera.

‘Why did she come?’ Vansh raises his brows trying to know the answer from his brother.

‘I don’t know.’ Sampath denies his head not knowing the answer.

Meera notices all this and stands there feeling awkward.

After an eerie of silence, Vansh decides to break the awkwardness and speaks up.

“I think Ridhima will be waiting for me, I will be back.” He nods at Sampath who hums in response.

“Have a good time Bhaiya and soon to be Bhabhi.” He grins childishly before making a way out the room leaving the other two shell shocked.

The sound of the door makes Meera come out of her thoughts followed by a confusion.

“Bhabhi? Did he just called me that? He knows about me?” Meera shouts in confusion making Sampath go numb.

I am dead


Vansh opens the door and enters the room, smiling maniacally at the previous gesture he made for Meera. He is now so sure that Sampath would be in a tight spot answering Meera’s doubts.

“Vansh.” He turns towards the left and finds Ridhima standing there all dressed up, looking heavenly. His smile grows more looking at her.

Ridhima smiles at him and gestures him to come near her. Vansh nods, following the route towards her and popping himself beside her.

“Have it.” Ridhima points the plate filled with breakfast, lying on the table in front of them.

“Have it and we will leave after the breakfast. Sanjana and Siya are already waiting for us.”

Vansh nods at her and starts eating the food. Once done, he gets up along with Ridhima and the both head towards the reception of the hotel.

Upon spotting everyone already present over there, Vansh calls the manager and speaks about the arrangements. After the guidelines, he shakes hands with him and everyone settle in the tempo they have reserved for the rest of the day,

The tempo was huge and spacious, looking elite and bright with few accessories and all. It was a 8 seated one fitting for everyone.

Siya and Sanjana sit on the front row not wanting to see the romances of the couples from back. Ishani and Aryan take the seat back of them.

Ridhima moves to the last row and sits on her seat followed by Vansh.

Meera walks by the seats and finds that only the seat beside Sampath is free. Her smile drops instantly and she feels jittery. She just didn’t want to face him after knowing that even Vansh knew about their relation.

“Sit, I won’t disturb.” Sampath says lowly, only audible for her. She knows that Sampath was hurt due to her hesitancy, but she just dind’t want to struggle with her feelings and with his presence, it will be difficult.

Meera nods at him and sits beside him making some space between them which didn’t go unnoticed by him. He frowns at her gesture and turns his head outside the window.

Ridhima shuffles through her handbag wanting to find something. She turns when finds someone seated beside her.

“Why are you sitting here?” Ridhima speaks being puzzled finding Vansh sitting beside her. Vansh gets baffled and looks at her confused.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Why should you?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Why should you?”

“Oh-god! Stop now, I am your husband. So, I can sit beside you. That’s it.” Ridhima smiles at his words and nods her head whispering a faint ‘clear’.

Vansh winks at her making her blush profusely.

“Will you forever accompany me?” She asks lowly being cautious of the surroundings.

Vansh smiles before tucking her hair back and leaning towards her, making her shiver under his touch. He caresses her cheek and whispers the answer she was waiting to listen.

“ज़िन्दगी भर”

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