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Arrange marriage with unacceptable feeling. #Riansh OS Part 2

Hello guys. Here is the second part of this os. I hope you could like it and do tell your opinion on it on the comments.
So let’s start.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
It is morning now and we are on our way to VR mansion. This place that it is supposed to be my home after just two days from now.
The house that it is for me just a cage and I will never accept to be locked on it.
It is supposed to be my engagement with this Vansh Rai Singhania, but I will not allow this to happen.
He doesn’t know what I’m planning it to destroy with it this engagement and this whole marriage.
I will not allow any forward rituals to happen on this marriage.
Just wait and watch Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Aryan’s POV starts:
I wasn’t understanding what is going on with Riddhima.
Yesterday she was so upset and crying and being very shattered after her arrange marriage got confirmed from Vansh Rai Singhania.
So how she is now smiling that much.
Yes, Riddhima is smiling now while we are being at the car on our way to VR mansion.

I don’t know what is that thing that has got changed from yesterday’s night to today’s morning.
I’m sure that Riddhima is planning something and I have to know it.
I know my sister and I know that she will never give up and she will never allow anyone to destroy her life.
I know that she will never accept such an arrange marriage.
She is cooking something I’m sure.
I was sitting beside her at the car.
So it was easy on me to talk to her without making anyone inside the car notices that.
I have pulled her cheeks in a joking way.
Me: I could observe a smile on your face my cutie pie. So could I know the reason behind this lovely smile? Does the bride has accepted the groom or something? Does the bride has accepted this arrange marriage? Or there is something else that is being planned.
She has looked at me in a smiling and confident way.

Riddhima: Do you think your sister will give up that easily?! Do you think that she could be able to accept this arrange marriage?! Of course not bhai. Riddhima Rudra Singh Rathour unknown as Riddhima Rathour will never marry this Vansh Rai Singhania. This marriage will never be completed.
I have looked at her in a speculating and proud way.

Then I have started playing with her and trying to make her tell me what she is planning.
She was just enjoying her time with me without telling me anything.

My curiosity was very high.
So I was keeping asking her without getting bored.
Me: Riddhima, you need to tell me your plan. I really want to know what you have planned to destroy with it this marriage. I also want to help you in that so yeah please tell me.
She has looked at me in a hiding way.

Riddhima: Keep it is a surprise bhai. Of course if I will need a help I will tell you. Let’s just reach there so I could get rid of this marriage forever.
I didn’t has insisted more than that.
I wasn’t wanting to disturb Riddhima and I was wanting to just see her happy and excited.
I was sure that Riddhima will never allow this marriage to be completed.
Aryan’s POV ends.
Afterwards, Riddhima and her family have reached to VR mansion.
All VR family were waiting for them and they have welcomed them in a very good way.
Actually, Vansh wasn’t with them.
When they have gotten inside, they have found Vansh there sitting on the chair and doesn’t giving them any attention.

He was trying to do anything that could make them be sure that he isn’t good for their daughter so they could call off the marriage.
Riddhima was being very annoyed from him and from the way that he was reacting with it.

Riddhima to herself: He is a very arrogant guy!!! He isn’t giving any attention to us as if we aren’t here!!! He is a very rude man! How they are making me marry to such a guy?! Never. I will never marry him. This arrange marriage will never happen.
Riddhima and Vansh weren’t happy with this marriage at all.
None of them was talking with the other.
Each one of them was just concentrating on the plan that could destroy with it this marriage.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima in a very strict way.

Vansh to himself: I will never make you be Miss Vansh Rai Singhania. I will never marry a girl with such an attitude like you. I will never marry in an arrange marriage never ever.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a very challenging and cooking way.

Riddhima to herself: You don’t know what I have planned it to destroy with it this stupid marriage and this stupid engagement Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. I will make my won family to be the one who call off this marriage.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I have to destroy this marriage and not make this engagement occur and this will happen if my family got to be sure that Riddhima isn’t a good girl so I have to do something that could low her state in their eyes as they are liking her so much without any reason for that.
Because I’m not seeing her that precious and special!!
I’m just having half an hour before this engagement could occur.
I have to implant my plan now.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I’m just having 30 minutes before the engagement could start.
I have to make Vansh be so embarrassed in front of my family which makes them end this marriage and I could be rescued from marrying this rude man.
I just have to hurry as I don’t have any time.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Both Vansh and Riddhima were planning and thinking in the same way.
They were hurrying up.
So they didn’t have felt on themselves when they have crushed with each other.

Riddhima was going to slip, but Vansh has succeeded in holding her protectively.
They got to have an eye look.

Riddhima to herself: What is that feeling that I have felt it?! Why I’m feeling connected to him?!!!
Vansh to himself: Why I’m feeling that comfortable while holding her?! What is that weird feeling?!
They have gotten away from each other.
They got distracted and confused, but they didn’t have cared.
They have ignored each other without saying anything.
Aryan was noticing them and he was smiling.

Aryan to himself: I think that something has happened at this crushing. Does this arrange marriage could turn into something else?! Let’s see. I think I will enjoy a lot.
Vansh and Riddhima were going to leave to finish their plans when they have got stopped by Vansh’s mother.
Chanchel: Where are you going my children? Your engagement will happen now.
Vansh has got shocked.

Vansh: What?! How mom?! It is supposed to be after 30 minutes.
Chanchel: And what is the problem? It got early as we have got to know that this time is more auspicious so why not to do it now?
Riddhima was being shocked from what Chanchel was saying it.

Riddhima to herself: Oh shit!!! So what I will do now?! I have to stop this engagement and by the early in doing the engagement I will not be able to implant my plan. What shall I do now?!
Riddhima was standing above Vansh while both of them were surprised.

She was trying to make any excuse to not make the engagement happen at this early time.
So she could be able to stop the engagement by implanting her plan.
Riddhima: But auntie I have supposed to get ready during this time especially that I also didn’t has eaten or drank anything since morning and I was going to drink my juice as this time.
Vansh also has supported Riddhima in this thing and it was the first time for both of them to not debate about something.
He was giving an explaining face reaction.

Vansh: This is the same thing that I was going to do it mom. I also must have my coffee now. So please let’s make it at its time.
Rudra has came at this moment.
Rudra: It is okay guys we could get you all what you want to drink or eat it while having the engagement so this doesn’t prevent you both from doing the engagement at the time that we have arranged it.
Riddhima has looked at Rudra in a influencing way.

Riddhima: But dad I w..
Rudra: Riddhima, just go with your well be fiance to exchange rings.
Riddhima has got forced to go with Vansh to exchange rings.
Riddhima was so confused.

She wasn’t knowing what she should do now to stop this engagement with it.
This was also the same thing that was happening with Vansh.
He was trying to think about anything to make him be able to succeed in his plan.
They got forced to sit together to start the engagement ceremony and exchange rings.

Then at this moment, the lights went off.
Riddhima to herself: Thank God Aryan has done it at the perfect time.
Flashback shows Riddhima signing to Aryan to turn off the lights while she was going with Vansh to sit together and exchange rings.
Then Aryan has done what he has understood it and turned off the lights.
Flashback ends.
Riddhima has taken the rings from the boxes and have putted them on her purse without making anyone notices her.
Riddhima to herself: Hiding the rings is a plan b if the powder didn’t has given its effect. Now, I just have to find Vansh’s cup of coffee to put this powder on it. This powder will give the same effect as if he is drunk and he will start doing a very weird behaviors which will never make mom and dad tolerate it. I just must hurry up as the lights could went on at anytime.
At the same time, Vansh was doing exact the same thing as Riddhima.
He also was having the same idea and the same plan.
He also was having powder to put it on Riddhima’s juice.
He was being so strict and concentrating.

He was doing that in a silent way to not make anyone notices him.
Vansh to himself: The turn off of the light have helped me a lot. I think that God also doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Now, the ego and self respect of Miss Riddhima Rathour will be vanished after drinking this juice.
Vansh and Riddhima have putted the powder to each other.
None of them was knowing that the other was thinking in the same way.
They weren’t knowing that both of them are sharing such same ideas.
At that moment, the lights went on.
Vansh and Riddhima were being relaxed after they have implanted their plans.
They were just waiting for the result of their plans.
Riddhima was happy with her success.
So she has taken the glass of her juice and she starts drinking it.
Vansh was smiling seeing her drinking the juice.

Vansh to himself: Now, this arrange marriage with unacceptable feeling will end. This arrange marriage will never happen and this engagement will never occur.
He was being so happy so he has taken his cup of coffee and starts drinking it to enjoy his success.
Both of them have got under the trap of the other which none of them was expecting it.
The powder starts to have its effect on Vansh and Riddhima.
They start to see things that aren’t true.
They weren’t talking in a proper way as they weren’t concentrating at all.
They were really looking as drunk people.
Aryan has noticed that.
So he has got succeeded in taking them from there with the excuse of the searching about the rings that everyone has known about it when the lights went on.
He has made them sit near the poolside.
Aryan: I don’t know what has happened with you both, but you are both looking as drunk people and our both families must never see you both in such state so keep being here until I could get you both anything that could wake you both up with it.
After Aryan has left, Vansh and Riddhima start laughing without any reason.

They were just keeping laughing.
Riddhima was smiling so much and Vansh was just looking at her.

Then she has got up.
He also has got up with her.
Riddhima: Look there are so many sparkles here.
Riddhima was seeing stuff that wasn’t there.
Vansh: But where are those sparkles? I’m not seeing it.
She has came closer to him to make him see those sparkles.

Riddhima( in a smiley tone): Look upwards and you will find it.
Due to Riddhima’s instability, she has lost balance and she was going to fall.
But then Vansh has succeeded in holding her by making her so close to him.

They have got into an eye look.














The end of the second part of this os. I hope you liked it. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. Let’s see what Vansh and Riddhima could do after being in that state. Let’s see what will happen in their arrange marriage and would their engagement happen now or not. To know more wait for the next part. Still don’t know what exactly parts I will need it to end this os, but let’s see what will happen. All of yours respond on the first part was so overwhelming that has made me so encouraged to write the next part. I hope you have liked it and enjoyed it. I will be waiting for all of yours comments. The respond here is what will make me know if I will write the next part or not. I will be waiting for all of yours so many comments. I hope that you all could make me reach to more comments than the previous part. I also need all of yours prayers. My health got very worse since the past week and it gets more and more terrible. My breathes are so low and I’m not able to get it well along with that my whole body is paining and I’m not able to move, eat, or do anything well. I’m just holding my mobile and trying to get out of the mood by reading all your lovely comments. It is just some words for you, but for me all your comments are so precious to me. I will be waiting for all the comments of yours as this what encouraged me to write more and more. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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