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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer starts doubting Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rajeshwari shows the edited video to Veer. Veer says who sent it? It’s fake. It’s edited. Tell me the number who sent it. I know Birju and Rani. I have stayed with them. They are just good friends. Don’t trust this. Birju doesn’t wear clothes like these. Delete this. And you aren’t going anywhere. Please don’t worry. Sit here, let me get you something to eat. Rajeshwari says I will only be at peace when you ask Rani where was she last night. With you or with that.. Veer says in heart for Rani sa’s peace of mind I will talk to Rani. Veer says I will talk to Rani. Rajeshwari says my game would kick Rani out of this house.

Veer looks for Rani. Jai says to BIrju nice clothes. He’s wearing formals like Veer (in the video). Birju says yeah I used to dress lek this in Dubai. Then came back to the village. I was bored of the kurta. Veer recalls the same clothes in the video. Veer says I have to speak to Rani before there’s a big confusion. Vikram stops Veer and says do you have anything to say about the mandap? You and Kiara are getting married? When will you realize you can’t live without Rani? Fate united you people. Don’t you fear losing your love? I know you can stop all of this. Please do. Vee recalls what Rajeshwari said. Veer says I will speak to you later.

Scene 2
Rani says to Birju why are you doing all of this? You are ruining my plan. Vikram and Kiara are coming close. He says you are risking your life. Rani says everything is fine. He says your MIL is planning your destruction. I went to speak to her last night. Rani says are you crazy? Birju came to Rajeshwari’s room and said what’s going on in your evil mind? I am here to warn you if you do anything to Rani, I will destroy everything. Rajeshwari says when a big car stops on the road, the dog barks but when it opens, the dog runs. Birju says do whatever you want to me, don’t dare to harm Rani. Rani says are you crazy? Why did you say all that without any basis? Birju says she’s planning something. Rani says no matter what happens, don’t tell Veer what happened last night. Veer only hears this line. Veer says Rani.. Rani says I hope he didn’t hear about Birju and Rani sa’s argument.

Veer says I wanted to ask something. Where were you last night? Rani recalls last night. Rani gets shy and says I was with you in your room. Veer says in heart why is she lying? I wasn’t in my room myself. Rani says in her heart he doesn’t remember the last night. How do I tell him? Veer says did you speak to Birju? Rani says I haven’t seen him since the morning? Veer says in heart why is she lying? Rani leaves. Veer says what is happening? What is Rani hiding? Why is she lying?

Scene 3
Nandini says will this plan work? Veer and Rani trust each other. It’s not easy to party them. Jai says I even kidnapped her. Rajeshwari says that was a fail plan. I made the plan this time. Get ready to celebrate.

Rani says to Birju I think Veer is doubting. He’s asking what happening last night. Don’t do anything that will convert his doubts into truth. Veer is hearing all of this. Rani says he gets to the root of everything. He’s asking me what happened last night. Don’t anything that will convert his doubts into truth. Birju says did you handle it? She says yes. He trusts me whatever I say. But that doesn’t mean we can carry on with this. Keep it a secret or it would be a huge problem. Birju says Veer won’t know anything. This will remain a secret Veer is shocked.

Rajeshwari says what else is left to listen to? Veer says I will speak openly to Rani. Rajeshwari takes veer from there. Rani says someone was here. Birju says it’s all cool. Veer says why are you stopping me? Rajeshwari saysthis friendship is a lie. The real truth is behind it. Rani says Veer shouldn’t.. Birju says don’t worry. He won’t know anything. Whatever his mom is like, he’s a very good huan. Rani says what? You are appreciating him for the first time. Birju says he proved me wrong. he changed my opinion. He cares a lot for you. Rani holds his hand and says I am so happy. My best friend likes my husband now. Veer sees them holding hands. Rani says looks like everything will be okay now. Rajeshwari says do you trust me now? And that video is the truth. Birju wipes Rani’s tears. Rani says Veer cares so much for me. He says don’t cry or I will ask Veer to give you an injection. Rajeshwari says they kept fooling me. I am ashamed. It’s our mistake that we trusted the servants. See this.. I found Rani’s photo in Birju’s wallet. Veer is shocked. Rajeshwari says truth is bitter but it’s important. Rani leaves. Rajeshwari says I wish I warned you when BIrju came. He would lose his mind when anyone would say a word against his mind. We should have gauged then that it isn’t just friendship. It’s a lot more than that. Veer recalls how Birju was against him and was always around Rani. Veer trips. Rajeshwari says handle yourself.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says to Birju Veer isn’t in the room. He must be coming. She decorates the flowers. Rani is shocked to see Veer and Kiara together. Veer says I have married Kiara. She’s my wife now. Vikram and Rani are shocked.

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