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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 6)

I really appreciate the love and support you all have given me. I hope you all enjoy reading this episode as well. 

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Episode 6: 

Sejal was about to board the school bus, but then Vansh called her.

Vansh: Sejal, please listen to me. I know what I did was wrong, but at least you hear me out.

Sejal: No, I don’t want to talk to you and I am already getting late.

Vansh (begging): Please Sejal, I am begging you now.

Sejal: Ok, fine. Quickly tell me.

Vansh: You know already that Riddhima is upset with me and I have tried a lot to apologize to her, but she is not even looking at me. I know what I did was very wrong, I am feeling really guilty about this. Even, I was upset, when I saw tears in her eyes.

Sejal: I know what you did was wrong, but I can help you. But promise me that you will never repeat this in the future. I am only helping you because I want to see Riddhima happy.

(Pragya was the only one to guess it right, so here is your 1 crore rupees 🤣😂)

Vansh: Yes, I promise I will never do this again.

Sejal: So I have an idea that. Riddhima really likes surprises, so I think you should surprise her. It would be a wonderful plan and I think she might also forgive you.

Vansh: Wow Sejal you are the best. I can do anything for Riddhima. By the way, can we be friends, you have helped me so much.

Sejal: Yeah sure. But I hope you never break my or Riddhima’s trust.

Vansh: Yeah, I promise and you can trust me. I am actually planning about decorating a room full of balloons and flowers and have cake and chocolates. Also, today no one would be at my home because everyone is going out on a function. So no one would disturb us. (Vansh getting to excited) Do you this would work?

Sejal: Wow, that’s an amazing idea. I am sure she would love it. But how are you going to make her come to your house?

Vansh: That’s easy, she’s my buddy. So I can call her to work on the project.

Sejal: That’s even great. I hope she comes. But lets go home first and then you call her.

Vansh: Thank you so much Sejal for helping me. Can you also give me your phone number, so I can call you and tell if the plan worked or not.

Sejal: Ok, my phone number is **********.

At Vansh’s house.

Vansh (to himself): Ok, first let me decorate the room, then I will call her. I am doing so much for her, so I really wish she likes it.

Vansh was busy in decorating the room. It took him half an hour to finish it. Afterwards, he called Riddhima. But Riddhima didn’t pick the call, so Vansh had to try multiple times.

Vansh (on call): Where are you, I am calling you since so long.

Riddhima (on call): You know that I am not talking to you, so if you have any important work, then quickly say it. I am busy.

Vansh (to himself): Only I am free here.

Riddhima (on call): Hello?

Vansh (on call): Ok, can you come to my house right now, to finish the project?

Riddhima (herself): Oof, I totally forgot about the project. But I really don’t want to see his face and there’s no choice, so I have to go.

Riddhima (on call): Ok, I’ll reach by 15 minutes.

Vansh (on call): Bye.

Vansh (to himself): Let me inform Sejal about this.

Vansh (on call): Hi Sejal, the plan worked she is coming.

Sejal (on call): Oh that’s awesome. Now the real plan will only start after she comes.

Vansh (on call): Yeah, I’ll call you later, as she can come any minute. Bye.

Sejal (on call): Bye.

Riddhima reaches Vansh’s house. As soon as she entered, Vansh blindfolded her, so she can’t see the surprise plan.

Riddhima (shouting): What are you doing Vansh? Why have you even blindfolded me?

Vansh: Wait a moment, you will know everything soon.

Riddhima & Vansh reached the room. Vansh opened Riddhima’s blindfold. She was very surprised to see all the decorations. The colourful balloons, the pretty flowers, the delicious chocolate and the “Sorry” cake.

Riddhima (confused): What is all this?

Vansh (smiling): This is a surprise for you, I know I have made a huge mistake. Please forgive me.

Riddhima (crying): No, you can’t be forgiven. I am leaving.

As Riddhima was about to leave, her foot hit the table and she was about to fall. She closed her eyes, however, Vansh had caught her by holding her waist. She both share an eyelock. Vansh saw tears in Riddhima’s eyes and wiped it with his hands.

Vansh (on his knees and folding his hands): Please Riddhima accept my apologies. I promise I will never ever do this again.

Riddhima (crying): Promise me that you will never do such a mischievous prank ever.

Vansh: I truly promise.

Riddhima (wiping her tears): Alright, but I am forgiving you for the last time. Also, promise me you will never break my trust.

Vansh: I promise that I will never ever break your trust.

Precap: Vansh & Riddhima’s enjoyable moments. 

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