Ranveer was sitting in a corner of the mansion…. He sat down as tears filled his eyes…. And for the first time in the past fifteen years he let his tears flow…. He didn’t even try to wipe them as he knew that these tears weren’t going to stop…. The scars that he had kept hidden from the entire world were now bleeding again and he didn’t have the courage to sooth that pain…. He who always stood as the shield for everyone on his missions was so vulnerable today…. The flashes of the past that haunted him were now replaying in his mind…. He couldn’t do anything then and he couldn’t do anything now…. For the entire world he was the brave and fierce ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa but here at this point of time he was the vulnerable and scared Veer…. Ranveer just buried his head between his legs, covered himself with his arms and cried…. He wished to drain out all his pain…. Not wanting to keep any of the pain inside him anymore….

He was crying when he felt a soft touch on his arms…. He looked up with his red swollen eyes to meet a pair of eyes that were filled with concern and love…. He without thinking anything just hugged her tightly…. Priyanka was shocked by his state and by his sudden action…. But keeping everything aside she hugged him back tightly giving him assurance that she was with him in everything and that she won’t let him suffer alone….

Finally after about an hour Priyanka broke the hug…. She made Ranveer face her, and gently wiped his tears…. She had many questions in her mind seeing Ranveer’s state but she understood this wasn’t the time to demand answers but the time to be his support…. She very well knew that something major was the reason that led Ranveer to this state…. For the first time in these years had she seen Ranveer so broken and vulnerable…. Keeping aside all her thoughts Priyanka looked at Ranveer with love and concern…. She again wiped the new tears that had filled his eyes….

Priyanka: Ranveer…. Let us go to our room….

Ranveer just nodded and then they both walked to their room…. Priyanka made him sit on the bed…. She brought a glass of water and made him drink it…. Ranveer drank the water and composed himself…. He wiped his final tears…. Priyanka kept the glass on the side table and sat beside him…. She didn’t say anything as she was waiting for him to tell her…. And by looking at his eyes she knew that he would tell her….

Ranveer knew that Priyanka had many questions that he had to answer but he also knew that she wouldn’t voice any of her questions…. She would wait for him to tell her everything on his own…. He had to tell her today…. It was already very late but now he shouldn’t delay further…. He turned and sat facing Priyanka….

Ranveer: Priyanka…. Today I am going to tell you a truth about my life that will change our lives forever….

Priyanka kept her hand on Ranveer’s hand assuring him that she would listen to him patiently and that she trusted him…. Ranveer took a deep breath and started talking….

Ranveer: Priyanka…. My actual name is Ranveer Rana and Siddharth Rana is my step brother…. (He looked at Priyanka to see her reaction but she was calm)…. I was only five years old when dad died in an accident…. Maa was alone and our situation was very bad…. We had nowhere to go…. Dad’s brother had taken all of Dad’s property and we were just thrown out on the roads…. Maa didn’t know where she would take me and Ishika, my sister who was just two years old…. We were walking aimlessly on the road when a car was coming speeding towards us…. Maa was scared and didn’t move…. But before the car could hit us the brakes were applied and it stopped…. And Pradeep Rana got down from the car…. He was concerned and looking at our state he asked if we needed any help…. Maa told him everything and then he took us to his house…. There we met Sid….

Ranveer took a pause and wiped his tears remembering that day…. Priyanka was calm…. She hadn’t said anything so far…. Ranveer looked at her….

Priyanka: Then what had happened Ranveer?

Ranveer: Sid and I were the same age so we bonded very quickly…. Sid had also lost his mother two years ago so he would spend time with Maa…. Even Maa would shower love on
all three of us equally…. We were all happy together…. Maa took care of the house and us…. And Pradeep uncle looked after the business…. Years passed by…. Then one day Sid’s Dadi suggested that Maa and Pradeep uncle get married…. We all were very happy…. Ishika and I got a father and Sid got a mother…. It was a simple court marriage and very confidential family matter…. We all were very happy family but….

Ranveer had new tears remembering that fateful day that changed everything in his life…. Priyanka wiped his tears….

Priyanka: Ranveer…. You don’t have to tell everything today itself…. If it is hurting you…. You need not tell me….

Ranveer: No Priyanka…. Let me tell you everything today…. I have gathered this courage after many years to say the truth….

He took a breath and then continued again,

Ranveer: We never thought it necessary to tell the world about our family…. We were all happy in our little world…. Everything was fine until fifteen years ago…. That day changed everything…. Maa and Mr. Rana were out of town…. Sid and I were busy with exams and were at a friend’s house…. Ishika was alone at home…. Sid and I were busy with studies when I received a call from home…. Sid and I immediately started for home…. When we reached home…. We were shocked and broken seeing the scene in front of us Ishu was lying lifeless in front of us…. Her clothes were torn and there were wounds on her body…. Sid stood rooted at his place but I gathered courage and walked to her…. I checked her breathing and could feel her breathing lightly…. Sid also came out of his state and immediately called the doctor…. The doctor checked Ishu and we….

Priyanka: And what…. What had happened Ranveer…. Tell me….

Ranveer: We were told that someone had raped her…. (Tears flow from Ranveer’s eyes and Priyanka was shocked)…. I was so angry that I swore to God that I’ll kill that person who did this to my Ishu…. When Maa and Mr. Rana got to know they were devastated…. Sid and I tried to find the person but couldn’t…. After few months Mr. Rana, Maa and Sid, all of them asked me to leave finding the culprit…. And that I should look after Ishu and move on…. How could they even think that we should move on…. I had to find the person who had put my sister in that state…. Ishu was full of life but after that day she just became quiet…. Her silence killed me every day…. I couldn’t look at her…. My guilt of not getting justice for my sister didn’t let me stay in peace…. And so I decided that I won’t stop until I find that person and punish him…. I left that house and that family forever…. I had only one aim and that is getting justice for Ishu…. I left Rana Mansion and the Rana surname…. I became Ranveer Singh Randhawa again…. The son of Purab Randhawa…. I missed dad a lot that day…. If he had been there he would have fought for Ishu…. I joined the police force…. And after five years I found my Ishu’s culprit…. And he got the punishment he deserved….

Ranveer took a pause and Priyanka looked at him with love, concern and pride…. She was so proud of her husband and of his love for his sister…. There was a silence for some time…. Both Priyanka and Ranveer needed some time to reflect back on their thoughts…. Then after some time Priyanka spoke….

Priyanka: So how is Ishika now….

Ranveer: I wish Ishu could have lived enough to see her culprit getting punished…. (Priyanka was shocked and tears in her eyes flowed now)…. Ishu died one year after that incident…. Sid asked me to come back home but how I could go there…. How could I go and live my life there and move on…. That place would always remind me of the nightmare Ishu had lived…. I just couldn’t….

Ranveer couldn’t speak further and tears were flowing from his eyes…. Priyanka hugged Ranveer and he hugged her tightly…. She just caressed his hair and let him vent his pain out…. She herself was so much shaken from the revelation without even knowing Ishika…. Then how much would have Ranveer been hurt and broken Ranveer…. She was also the sister of three protective brothers…. She could very well understand how Ranveer was feeling….

After sometime she calmed Ranveer down…. She again made him drink water…. She made him lie on the bed…. Gently caressing his hair…. She started humming a melody…. Ranveer closed his eyes…. Slowly with time he drifted into sleep…. Priyanka kissed his forehead and continued caressing his hair…. Sometime later Priyanka too fell asleep….


Everyone except Priveer had assembled at the dining table to have breakfast, they all took their seats, and started serving each other breakfast,

Dadi: Where are Prinku and Ranveer…?
Omkara (thinking): I don’t why but I feel something terribly wrong with Ranveer…. I have to talk to him…. Whatever I saw yesterday on his face was something I have never seen in the last twelve years that I have known him….
Anika: Dadi, I’ll go and call them….

Om got up from his chair,

Omkara: Bhabhi, you sit and eat…. I’ll go and get them….

All of them were surprised by Om’s sudden behavior as he walked away.

Janhvi: What has happened to Om now? He looked worried….
Shivaay: Don’t worry Badi Maa…. I’ll talk to him….

Saying so Shivaay also got up from his place and followed Om towards Priveer’s room.


Ranveer opened his eyes, he sat on the bed rubbing his eyes, he was Priyanka was getting ready, she saw him and smiled at him,

Priyanka: Good morning Mr. ACP….

Ranveer was surprised by her behavior…. He had thought that after yesterday night’s conversation…. She would be upset and angry that he had hidden such important matter from her and her family….

Ranveer: Priyanka…. Are you fine…. I mean…. After whatever I told you yesterday…. I thought you would be upset and angry that I lied to you….

Priyanka stood up from the seat and walked towards the bed…. She sat in front of him…. Then she took his hand in her hand and looked at him….

Priyanka: Ranveer…. It takes immense courage and strength for a person to share their past and especially the past that haunts you and hurts you…. I know you would have wished to tell me this earlier also but you just couldn’t gather enough courage…. But yesterday you did and then you told me everything…. I am not at all upset or angry as I understand you…. I trust you Ranveer…. And I know if you didn’t tell me a few things then you have reason to do so…. Ranveer…. You are very brave and I am proud of you…. You left everything to get justice for your sister and I am sure wherever Ishika is, she would be happy seeing how much her brother loves her…. Ranveer…. You gathered the courage to revisit the darkest day of your life so that you could tell me everything…. All that matters is that you trusted me to share your pain and that I trust you…. And nothing changes between us…. You were, are and will always be my Ranveer and I was, am and will always be your Priyanka….

Priyanka kissed his forehead and smiled at him…. Ranveer couldn’t express what he felt at that moment…. He never thought that he would get someone like Priyanka in his life…. What good deeds he had done that she was in his life…. Ranveer’s thoughts were broken by the knock on the door…. He looked at the door as Om and Shivaay entered…. Priyanka stood up from her place….

Priyanka: Good morning Bhaiyas…. (She smiled at ShivKara)….
ShivKara: Good morning Prinku…. (They smile back at her)….
Ranveer: Good morning guys…. (He too smiled)….
Shivaay: Good morning yaar…. (Shivaay smiled at Ranveer)….
Omkara: Ranveer, are you okay…. (Om was concerned)….

Shivaay and Priyanka looked surprised at Om’s question, while Ranveer didn’t know what to say,

Shivaay: What has happened to Ranveer…. Om, why are you asking this?

Omkara told about the phone call and how Ranveer was worried and went away.

Shivaay: What has happened Ranveer…. You know naa you can tell us…. We are friends….

Ranveer looked at Priyanka and she just nodded her head.

Priyanka: You guys talk…. I’ll go downstairs….

Priyanka left as she knew that they were friends before and relatives later…. She knew they would handle each other….

Ranveer: Guys sit down…. I need to tell you something really important….

ShivKara nodded and sat down on the couch.

Ranveer began with his talks and told them everything that he had told Priyanka.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I hope that all Priveer fans will like this episode. I always wished that IB could do some justice to Priveer but that didn’t happen as expected. So thought to write an episode for Priveer.


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