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Woh Apna Sa and Kaleerein Mahasangam 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Doctor Declares Meera as Pregnant

Kaleerein 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com


Meera calls Woh Apna Sa serial’s actress Jia and asks if she is fine. Jia asks what about her. Meera says she decided to sign divorce papers, but is in dilemma. She asks if baba is found, what did Rano do now. Jia tells Rano’s evil deeds. Meera asks to keep faith on babaji, he will solve their problem. They wish each other to solve their problems soon.

Vivan asks Meera to get divorce papers. Meera says no. Roma provokes Vivaan to get divorce papers from Dolly. Vivan walks to Dolly and Biji and asks to give divorce papers. Sheri reaches outside home holding gun. Dolly says she will not give divorce papers. Roma yells and asks if she is daring to confront her. Dolly says no, but she will not

give papers as Meera is pregnant and does not want her to get divorce. Roma runs behind Dolly to snatch papers. Vivan says Meera is not pregnant. Daadi says she is. Roma tries to snatch papers, Daadi snatches from her and says she will not let Meera’s life ruined. Vivan says she can call doctor and get Meera checkup, if she is not pregnant, she should give papers. Biji says if she is not, then it will be Meera’s wish, if she is, then she will not give divorce papers. Vivan agrees. Roma thinks men can slip always. Laali signals her not to worry. Daadi hears Laali and Roma talking about manipulating doctor and thinks already she had 1 Laali to trouble, now she has one more, she has to keep an eye on Laali now.

Meera closes Amaya’s room’s all windows and doors to protect her from Sheri. Vivan enters and asks if she is still adamant, doctor will come and declare her not prengnant. Meera asks what if she is really pregnant and asks to remember if they really did not consummate. Vivan reminisces holding Meera many times to protect her or some other reason and says no. Meera says he was 100% sure some time ago and came down to 80%. She reminds when he injured his hand by breaking glass, he took medicine and fell unconscious, she found herself sleeping on his chest, what if they had consummated in sleep. Vivan gets more nervous and she cannot be pregnant. Meera says she is sure she is pregnant.

Laaali waits for doctor outside house while constables ask her to get inside home. Daadi disguised as her fake husband enters and flirts with her. Laaali warns her to get away, so old cannot be her husband. Constables reminisces Daadi pleading for help as her daughter troubles her a lot. Daadi continues flirting with Daadi. Daadi sees lady doctor entering and diverts Laali’s attention. Once doc gets inside house, she escapes.

Doctor checks Meera and comes out. Roma asks if Meera is not pregnant. Doctor after a long speech asks what does she think. Roma says Meera cannot be pregnant. Doctor says Meera is pregnant. Family celebrates while Roma thinks Vivan slipped on Meera like his father slipped on Roma, men thinks from somewhere else than brain always.

Vivan walks to Meera and asks what was that. Meera asks not to scold pregnant woman and asks what he will keep their son’s name, chunnu munnu. Vivan says shut up. Meera asks what about chunni munni. vivan leaves fuming. Sheri watches them hiding, waiting for 12 midnight. Meera removes gun from cupboard and reminisces Vivan keeping it for securty and saying tycoons keep it. Meera says she needs just her slippers to protect herself. At night, Sherri enters holding knife thinking Pammi ordered to kill Vivan and Meera wth knife and not gun. She lifs blanket. Meera wakes up and points gun at Sheri.

Precap: Meera tells Vivan that Sheri is at home and shows knife, asks where is Roma. Sheri walks in pointing gun at Roma.

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