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Porus 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivdutt Challenges to Kill Bamni And Anusuya In Front of Citizens

Porus 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivdutt tortures Anusuya pulling her hair and says he told she will be near Bamni, but will not be with her. He will make her from queen to a servant and mistress. Bamni warns Shivdutt and says he respected him always, but he is insulting womanhood by insulting a woman, they always respect woman in Pourav rastra. Shivdutt says Bamni is right, they respect Pourav women, but he does not consider Anusuya as Pourav woman, she is of a bad Takshashila blood and he wanted to eliminate her, but she returned 21 years later with a child, her child is illegitimate and she is called a pr*stitute according to him. Bamni warns to shut up. Anusuya stops Shivdutt and cutting her hand takes oath that she will kill him from her own hands. Shivdutt points sword on her and asks what if he kills her right now. Bamni pleads

to not kill Anusuya. Shivdutt says he will not now and will show whole Pourav rastra tomorrow what it is to confront him, he will kill her in the middle of city.

In Bactria, Ruksana walks into Alexander’s base camp and hiding reaches his tent. Olympia notices her. She runs away. Alexander follows her. She hies. Alexander comes from behind and points sword on her. She turns and gets afraid. Alexander asks who is she. She says she is Bactrian king Bessus’ nobleman’s daughter Ruksana. He says Roxanne. He says she can call him Roxanne and says Bessus has sent a gift to him. He says he will let her meet his family and takes her along. Barsine and her family worriedly wait for Alexander and hope he has not killed Darius. A head falls in front of them and they are shattered seeing Darius’ head. Alexander walks in with Ruksana and says Bactrian king sent this gift for him. Ruksana says king has extended friendship hand to him and wants to meet him. Alexander says he will meet Besssus, but wants to see her face first. She says what is there in face and removes her veil. Alexander gets mesmerized with her beauty.

In Pourav rastra, Kadika confronts Kanishk and asks if he is not ashamed to prison his own father and snatch is crown to become a king, if he can face mirror and look into his soul. Kanishk warns to not cross her limits. Kadika says he crossed limits already, she did give him a betrayer’s blood and milk, where did he get a traitor’s blood from. Kanishk warns to stop, he is a king and can punish her. Shivdutt walks in and says now they have to decide what to do with their ex-king Bamni. Kadika gets more worried for Bamni.

Puru with his team sails boat towards Pourav rastra when storm hits sea and boat shakes. Hasti and Laachi get worried.

Bamni hits his hands on wall and punishes himself for blindly trusting Shivdutt and risking Anusuya’s life because off his overconfidence, he says she always warned him against Shivdutt, but he was so blind. Anusuya asks not to blame himself, it is not his mistake, he is so kind hearted. Their bonding continues…

Precap: Bamni and Anusuya hold each other’s hand with great difficulty and hear guard announcing king Kanishk will punish ex-king and queen.

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