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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa takes medicines captive.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha saying mother this gopi doesn’t understand anything. Radha says kaki, I am not lying, kanha was burning like fire. Kanha says see mother you only check me, nothing has happened, this gopi is always imagining everything. Radha says then how did allth sun rays stop kanha? Kanha says mother you wont believe but I saw, devi yog maya turned huge in her size and then she pushed the vindhyachal mountain under the ground, she saved us all, not me. Yashoda and all people are amazed and say is that true? Kanha says yes. All people say the burns have hurt us. Nand says yes, the people need to be treated, we need medicines and we will get those medicines on khatri mountain. Everyone go to khatri mountain and get inside the cave. In the cave, all people sit and are having

pain. Kanha gos to yog maya. Yog maya says shri Krishna, all the medicines on the mountain have gone and I am not able to find them. Kanha says devi, where did they go? I think the medicinal plants are protecting themselves, they must be hiding somewhere in the mountain. Yog maya says no prabhu, I found everywhere they are not here.
Kanha says then devi where did they go? suddenly the human form of khatri mountain comes, he groans in pain and is having cuts on his body. Yog maya says khatri mountain? What happened to you? Lhatri says devi, you don’t know what happened here after you all were gone. Kanha says what happened? Khatri says, prabhu, all the medicinal plants had come here running from the heat to protect themselves, but kansa’s 2 commanders came here, pralapt and janur. In flashback, pralapt and janur come and laugh, the medicinal plants get scared and call for help. Khatri comes and roars in anger. Janur steps in and using his sword he lands cuts on the body of khatri. Khatri falls down and moans in pain. Pralapt and janur take the medicinal plants captive and go.
Yog maya gets angry, she says this adharmi kansa shall be punished. Kanha sayi have to tend the wounds of the people. Kanha goes to the people and he thinks, he then tells yashoda to bring ingredients for panch amrit. Yashoda brings and kanha starts making the panch amrit, radha says kanha why are you making panch amrit? Kanha says radha, it will calm down everyone’s body. Radha says but how? We need medicine and not panchamrit, what medicinal properties are there in this? Kanha says radha, this panch amrit calms the body of any person, the people are having burns and the burns will be calm down if they drink panch amrit. Kanha makes and starts giving everyone panch amrit. Nand says kanha, we don’t know what the disease is so we shouldn’t give this panch amrit. Kanha says father whatever the disease, panch amrit can never hurt anyone. Damodar says let me help you. The people start drinking panch amrit, soon they start vomiting and people get hurt even more. Nand gets shocked and he says kanha I had told you not to give anyone panch amrit, but you still did, you never listen. Nand goes in anger. Kanha says father’s anger is genuine, I should have listened to him. kanha goes to yog maya and says devi what do we need to treat the people? Yog maya says we need kunani medicine but even she has been taken captive, they have to be saved from kansa. Yog maya says now enough, I am going to kansa. Kanha says but devi.
There kansa says to keshari, see my plan devi, yog maya is the goddess of medicines and she has to protect them, so she will come for sure to protect the medicines. Keshari says yes bhagwan, but what if Vishnu must have cheated again and is using another way to help them?

Precap: yog maya takes the form of mata kali and she attacks kansa and his soldiers. Kansa attacks yog maya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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